My Weekly Adventures: Birthday Post!

Welcome to the weekly adventures!

I’m 33 today! Just taking it easy like every other year. Some plans are postponed to next week and some keeping to this one. However, this post might seem a bit long although very suitable that its a food heavy post seeing as I love to try new things and hang out with friends over meals.

Festival G: Perles et Paddock

perles et paddock

Kicking off was the replacement for Battle of Ingredients in March and we went to check out Perles et Paddock and their menu for the Festival G, a new festival in Griffintown area of Montreal. I’ve already talked extensively about it in a post before so I’m not going to talk too much about it.

You can find the post HERE.

Casino de Montreal: L’Instant

L'Instant Casino de Montreal

My office move finally happened after much delay. Its a whole lot of adapting and such. I have no pictures as I don’t really want to share that part of my life. However, after that early start, things wrapped up a tad early as well and my friend who eats some expensive meals at the casino wanted to redeem some points so picked me up from work and we went to eat at the deli there called L’Instant. I hadn’t been there since it had been renovated. I got the pasta quattro which is a fairly good deal at $15.95 for pasta (where you can choose out of 4 types of pasta, 3 kinds of sauce and 4 groups of ingredients), soup, garlic bread and a drink. I like the whole having a choice to DIY your own pasta.

March Birthdays Group Celebration

Last Saturday, we had a big family party as the whole in-laws side (almost) has their birthdays in March, just like myself. We got together for a delivery chicken meal like previous years and spent time just catching up and chatting. Its always a nice time with family to just hang out. We’re all busy with our own lives so we take these moments when we can.

Plattsburgh US Grocery/Snack Haul

Market 32 by Pricechoppers



Last Sunday, I headed out with my friend to Plattsburgh to do a little grocery run. It was more for snacks and such and it was to pick up some goodies for the husband’s birthday. We had an early start so came back fairly early as well. We went to Target where I stocked up on some Spring & Easter Oreos, Easter Lindt bunnies, some L’arabar flavors that we don’t have in Montreal and some Pressed Coconut Coconut Water. The coconut water isn’t here either the last time I checked. Next stop was Walmart where I kept it fairly tight as I picked up unfrosted Pop Tarts (which I don’t get why isn’t in Montreal), Birthday Oreos (they are my husband’s favorite), and some Love Crunch granola which are super expensive and much smaller package. Last stop was Market 32 by Pricechoppers where I picked up some discounted Kind bars. They were $10 for 10 which is, even after exchange, a better deal. I’m stocked up for snacks for at least 2 to 3 months now.

Restaurant: Le Belle et La Boeuf

Le Belle et La Boeuf

For the husband’s birthday, I took him out for a long-awaited date together. We rarely go eat out together unless its for film festivals or something so we wanted to go try something new. I already posted about La Belle et La Boeuf HERE.

Birthday Breakfast & Marché Jean Talon

Le Cartet

Every year for my birthday, my friend takes me out for a big meal. Although I get to choose any breakfast place, I can’t seem to get past going to Le Cartet which is super delicious. My fave is their Brunch Canton which I absolutely love. The ham is so awesome and the sausages are good. Its really great. I probably talked about it in previous posts but still, if you are in Montreal, like breakfasts and want somewhere delicious in the Old Montreal area, this one is definitely one to consider and probably go to.

Marché Jean Talon



After that, we had some parking left so we headed to a new bakery that opened around the corner that I walk by to go to work called Westrose and picked up a loaf of bread for my husband. We took a quick run to Marché Jean Talon. I haven’t been there since at least 15 years ago. I remember going when I was really young so it was nice to head back. I didn’t buy a ton of food since we still had stuff at home but got so beautiful looking brussel sprouts and since I can’t eat most cakes and don’t want to bake a cake for myself, I decided to pick up a strawberry-rhubarb pie at Creations Madeleine. Its a really delicious pie.

Its my Birthday so shameless selfie time 😉

That’s it for this Adventures post!
It was a bit overloaded with stuff but hey, promise April will be much less adventurous!

My Weekly Adventures: Shopping Hauls Recap

We’re already halfway through December! Its kind of crazy to think there’s only 16 more days and its 2019. I’m pretty happy to see 2018 go away because it seems to have been a tough year for everyone that I’ve talked to. I know on my end that as bad as things are, when I look back, I see that things did turn out to have the best results out of a bad situation, so glass half full, right? Its how I stay positive. I’ll do a year in review in the next weekly adventures. Not sure together or separate post yet. I guess it depends on time and how I want to structure it. Its a lot of housekeeping behind the scenes going on for the blogs and projects right now. However, there were a few little things that went on this past 2 weeks so let’s check it out! If you follow my Instagram, then you might have seen some of this…

Salon des Metiers D’Art de Montreal

smaq 2018 haul

The Salon is back in town and smaller and shorter than previous years. However, I am now a veteran at this place. There are places that I haven’t tried before and some cool ideas but somehow I ended up picking up stuff from the usual and some returning stalls that weren’t there last year (or I missed it? I don’t remember). So let’s take a look at what I picked up:

  • Cidrerie du Minot – Ice Cider
  • Cryo – Ice Cider
  • La Nougaterie – Nougat – Christmas, Lavender, Chocolate, Classic
  • Coach House Shortbread – Sugar Plum, Rose and Almond, Ginger flavors
  • Nutra Fruit – Dark Chocolate covered Cranberries
  • Courtesy of my friend’s honey wine purchase, a gift of Confit of Onions

Most of these are either gifts or things to share for upcoming festivities with family and friends.

Signé Local – Square Dix30

Signe Local Dix30

The husband and I finally went to Signé Local in Quartier Dix30 which is a store full of local artisan products. Its like Salon des Metiers d’arts everyday. I’m really trying to support more local products because I’ve bought some really durable and great stuff so I’ve been wanting to go see this spot since it opened earlier this year. Its nice that we went because I found a few things:

  • Oomph Popcorn Seasoning- Vegan Maple BBQ Flavor
  • Les As Du Fumoir – Smoked Salt
  • U’nhiver – Handmade Winter Hat + Extra Pompom

Ooomph is one that we’ve bought before and its pretty nice. The sales rep there told us that some people actually use the seasoning for other things. It is a pretty good idea. As for the hat, its pretty cool because you can remove the pompom. It has a snap button (is that what you call it?) and the second pompom was an extra $10. Its pretty nice because not only is being able to change the pompom pretty fun but whenever these hats go into wash (which this one needs to be handwashed anyways) its nice to remove the pompom because its what wears out the most.

Grocery Trip to Plattsburgh, USA



  • Winter Oreo
  • Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts
  • Frosted Nerds
  • Quaker Oatmeal Medleys
  • Lacroix: Passionfruit, Cran-raspberry, Tangerine
  • Sierra Mist
  • Candy Cane
  • Larabar: Snickerdoodle, Strawberry Chocolate Chip



  • Fresh Bagels
  • KIND Granola Bars
  • Popcorn (because it was on sale and we needed it)



  • Cape Cod: Wave Reduced Salt, Waffle Cut
  • Crunchy Rice Rollers: Mixed Berry
  • Larabar: Mint Chip Brownie
  • KIND granola bars 12-bar value pack
  • Ritz Bacon

I haven’t gone across the border (a lot, like once earlier this year) for many reasons in the past few years. Mostly it is because of the fact that our exchange rate is absolutely stupid low. After I saw the foreign exchange on my transactions, I kind of regret it again but then it had some cool vegan snacks and whatnot, flavors and such that aren’t sold here. Most of the stuff I bought aren’t sold in Canada or else I would feel that it wasn’t exactly worth it. However, it was a nice trip.

Holiday Marathon Update

We’re two weeks into the holiday marathon. Its been going pretty on track with posts related to Christmas every other day. Its been quite a batch of stuff from books to movies to TV binges. You can find it all updated as the reviews go up on the page HERE.

We have another 10 days to go and a few other things in my plans. Hopefully you’ll stick around and keep checking out what I’ve dug up from Netflix and my Kindle and such.

Housekeeping/Planning Ahead/Catching Up

December also brings on a bunch of housekeeping. You will see that most of my indexes are being updated and should be all ready by the time we hit the new year. They are all currently updated to the end of November (if I remember correctly). As for planning ahead, I’ve talked about a few things here and there between this and the What’s Up posts so I’m debating a few structural things but unsure about how committed I will be to a fixed schedule because that is usually when things fall apart. Considering that sort of thing and figuring out how to fit everything I want to keep and maybe what I’m not so dedicated to anymore because I added a good few new segments last year and revived a few as well. Suffice to say, taking everything into consideration, I also have a lot of catching up and backlog. I’m fairly confident that by the end of the year all the movie backlog will be done because its all double features that I’ve already paired off. And books is all done except for one which I can’t figure out how to do for the past few months and ended up rereading at least 2 times. The main thing is TV series and the fact that I’m debating something really ambitiously stupid or doing something more sensible but something I had wanted to do for the past few years but never figured out how to structure it around what’s here. A lot of thinking going on but 2019 overview will talk about all of that and we’ll even go back and talk about some of the achievements this year in 2018 in the next weekly adventures to wrap up the year (if not in a separate post).

I’m sorry to keep talking about this if I’ve talked about it before. To be honest, I don’t remember much sometimes and this adventures post has felt slightly empty so I just wanted to use this space to share some vague thoughts.

Cute Kitty Pics

**I realized that I forgot to post a cute kitty pic in the last weekly adventures so here’s two this time to make up for it! My cat is enjoying the fireplace and basement hangout time a lot to say the least. **

That’s it for this Weekly Adventures!
What have you been up to? Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

Plattsburgh Finds & Lunch at Applebee’s!

One of the best moments is being able to reconnect with good friends.  Its been a year or so that I haven’t spoken with one of my friends.  Sometimes, its just one of us taking the first step.  I guess thats a problem for me because I always assume everyone is busy with their own life and I don’t like to disturb them.  Long story short, one of my good friends who is also my best travel buddy is around again.

Our new plan from hanging out again was setting up our trip in advance.  We decided to do a short Plattsburgh food run.  The perks of living relatively near to the US border is that we can go and do food runs and explore all those options Americans get that we don’t in Canada. We were joking as we were looking at the different flavours that Canada gets on who  makes these decisions on what Canadians like rather all those other ones that’s there.  Seeing as it is across the border and one day, it all dials down to getting a whole lot of food…or when they asked our reason, Pop Tarts, Iced Tea, Oreos and Chips… What more can we say, right?

Our first stop was Champlain Centre for a Target run. Then across the street to Hannaford, lunch break at Applebee’s and finally, ending it off at Walmart.

Lunch at Applebee’s

This is the second time I’ve been here.  My stomach was a little wonky that morning so I tried to not eat too much.  We ended up sharing these samplers where you can choose 3 choices. Our choices were: Pork and Shrimp Dumplings, Honey BBQ Riblets and Sweet Potato Fries.




Let me tell you: these samplers are really good! I loved the riblets the best but they were all tasty and just enough to share for something light.  Its a pretty good idea to have this on the menu 🙂

Now that we have food out of the way, lets check out what I got.  Keep in mind that other than the movies and book, most of this stuff, I can’t get in Canada.

1. Sobe Life Water

Its like a vitamin water, I guess.  I’ve never seen it in Montreal but then I never try to seek it out either.  I figured it’d be something new to try when I don’t feel like drinking water or tea 😉 But I have tasted some of Sobe’s juices and they are pretty delish!

2. Movies: You’re Next (Blu-ray), Snitch (Blu-ray), Takers (DVD) & Land Before Time 8 & 9.

I’ve been collecting the Land Before Time series since I was a kid and they are still incredibly fun to watch.  Don’t judge…

3. Book: Paper Towns by John Green.

I saw the trailer for this movie and it reminded me a little of Eleven Reasons Why minus the manipulated feelings while I was reading that book so while I want to catch it in the theatres when its released, I also wanted to read it before.  Here’s where Target is fantastic because it has 20% off the regular price and that’s awesome.

4. Chips: Cape Cod Chipotle Barbecue, Lay’s Wasabi Ginger, Lay’s Mango Salsa, Lay’s Garlic Cheesy Bread, Frito’s Twisters.

Junk food galore right here and its just the start as you can see.  As of now, I’ve only tried the Wasabi Ginger and that tastes pretty good.  Usually these ones are pretty hit and miss but something about it tastes a little like ramen powder with gingery and mild wasabi hotness 😉 Garlic Cheesy Bread is my boyfriend’s since thats his favorite appetizer choice.

5. Cereal: Froot Loops with Marshmallows!

Excuse me, I love marshmallows and I love froot loops.  It was this one or the Fruity Pebbles with marshmallows, I think.  The cereal aisles in the US are just incredible!

6. Pop Tarts: Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Wild Berry Bloom (Limited Edition), Frosted Cinnamon Roll

I love these unfrosted Pop Tarts.  Mostly because its just the perfect sweetness.  When its fully frosted, it gets a little too much for me.

7. Slow Cooker Sauces: I don’t get why we don’t have these in Canada.  While I’m all about homemade food, this is really great backup dinner solutions.  All I need to do is buy meat the night before.

8. Iced Tea: So I’ve never seen this and it had some nice flavors.  I love hibiscus flavored stuff and I’m trying to find the one I had tasted on my travels a few years back, till today, still no luck.  I haven’t tried this one yet so who knows, right?

9. Lactose-free Ice Cream: The choices for gluten-free and lactose-free or anything allergen free in Montreal is miserable.  I mean, its limited choices and outrageous prices that I kind of want to forego eating these things so I got a nice little cooler bag and bought three tiny tubs of ice cream.  You see two up there, yeah, that’s because there’s also a raspberry sorbet in the freezer 😉

10. Fruit Roll-up (not shown here): Look, we only have Fruit by the Foot here.  While I enjoy that, there’s always 1 out of 3 trips to Plattsburgh that I pick up some Fruit Roll-Up.  I’d definitely think about getting Fruit Gushers eventually.  Its pretty tasty and for the most part, nostalgia wins over me 😉

I guess that’s all there is! Crossing the border, I could see the customs not really caring when they asked us what we went to buy.  Its probably one of the smoothest border crossings I’ve had, as in not a lot of questions and not even a lot of cars.  It was a quick food run but it was tons of fun just catching up and buying random stuff.  At least, I’m stocked up for snacks for a few months (or I hope I will).

Do you have travel buddies? Are you a fan of doing day trips? What are your favorite snacks?

My Weekly Adventures!

December has been hard to get anything up.  Its really funny because I’m not particularly busy or going out but rather I’m just sitting around binging on series and movies and kind of getting life back to a healthy routine.  Trust me, that takes up a lot of time and then blogging falls behind. I try everyday to get something up and for the most part, its working out. I just wish I could compile these Weekly Adventures because seriously, I’ve had a few interesting things to talk about. I just get tired and lazy…when in doubt, blame the weather so I’m going to do that 😉

Anyways, I haven’t completely been blog-less, I think about stuff for here all the time.

1) TV Binge!

witches of east end

So, I’m done all of the two seasons of Witches of East End and of course, this show is recently announced to be cancelled by Lifetime which really sucks because they ended the second season so strong and at such a good place for this to just kick ass. Maybe it’ll get picked up by another network? I just regret that I didn’t find it earlier. It does get a little frustrating in the second season and plus, there just wasn’t enough of the handsome Killian (played by Daniel diTomasso).

witches of east end

My boyfriend is rolling his eyes as I talk about this…again! Daniel diTomasso gets extra points other than being brooding and handsome for being from Montreal and loving the Habs 🙂 Although Eric Winters is not quite the same, he is quite good-looking as well but in this unknown evil sort of way.

life unexpected

Since I finished this now, I have a bunch of series ending in January on Netflix. I chose the easiest one to finish with only 2 seasons: Life Unexpected. I’m almost done Season 1.  I really love Britt Robertson and wish she would have more stuff.  This show is really fun to watch with lots of funny moments mixed with some drama.

What shows are you watching right now?

2) Black Friday shopping!


I haven’t really gone Black Friday shopping like physically at a store and last year was just stupid deals all over the place.  This year, its a completely different story.  There were some good buys.  Now, for physical purchases, I got these movies.  Along with some Yurbuds earbuds for women which are fantastic because they actually don’t fall out even when I run for the bus.

Aside from that, I ordered Sharknado, A Good Day to Die Hard and Fast and Furious 6 for a pretty awesome price on Amazon.  On Cyber Monday week, there was a one day deal for the complete series (5 seasons) of Flashpoint for $29.99 and that was THE BEST DEAL! 🙂 My boyfriend’s still not in the Sharknado thing but I say he should because its just epically bad but awesome at the same time.  Haha!

Did you do any Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping?

3) Salon des Metiers d’Art du Quebec (aka arts and crafts fair in Quebec)

I’ve been going to this show for many years. Its a great place for unique gift ideas and as I got older, its a great place to try out new ice ciders/ice wines/food, etc.  We went last weekend to check that out.  Its gotten a lot smaller throughout the years but the food/wine area was still great.

I figured now that a bunch of family is on Facebook, I won’t post up the pictures because then everyone will know their own gifts if they land on my post and that kind of ruins the surprise. But, some very nice finds includes:

I’ve linked up some of the ice wines so you could check it out if you’d like 🙂

4) Day Trip to Plattsburgh!

Last weekend was all about shopping and getting all those gifts covered. After a little bit of discussion, my girl friends and I decided to head to Plattsburgh last Sunday. I didn’t really spend a lot since my day before at Salons des Metiers d’arts was pretty intense totalling at about $200. I ended up spending mostly on groceries and got myself some knee wraps for workout. Target had these awesome Slow Cooker Sauces which I’ve never seen in Canada. Plus, I bought two candles at Bath and Body Works and some car freshener at Yankee Candles.

My goal was to scout to see if Chromecast was cheaper but with the exchange rate, it actually wasn’t. Plus, Canada has a $20 Google Play credit in addition for the same price so I’d say that pretty much seals the deal 😉

Still, I tried out Applebee’s for lunch and that was pretty alright. Here’s what I had:


Boneless Chicken Wings


Double Crunch Shrimp

Applebee’s has a pretty nice atmosphere to it. You know, nice cozy family joint.  Me and one of the girls took the 2 for $25 meal which includes an appetizer to share and each of us a meal.  The Double Crunch Shrimp was a bit oily and heavy but I guess thats to be expected, right? I ended up getting a cup of tea at Starbucks and it helped settle my stomach a little 😉

5) Christmas wreath! 🙂

wreathGenerally, its the same wreath as last year.  I added a few more ornaments to spice it up a little. I’m still figuring out how to use my ribbons to tie a nice bow to finish it up. My girl friends just give me a really good tip on how to do it so I just have to go get some nice ribbons and then it’ll be all good to go 🙂

6) A few blog recaps (in case you missed it)

  • Advanced Screening of Serena (review HERE)
  • 007 Blogathon entries for MovieRob HERE and HERE (click on MovieRob to go to his site and check out other entries)

To wrap it up, lets end with a quote that is absolutely awesome.


I need some of that, well, more of that, to be so masterful.  🙂

This week has been exceptionally long and I actually think weekly adventures will change to biweekly adventures soon. I think I have next year pretty much set with a few projects so expect something going up soon.  Every year I wait till the last 2 weeks and then its all Christmas and New Year’s celebrations so not so much feedback.  I’ll try it earlier this year and hope for more feedback ;).

Happy Thursday, my lovelies!

Its Friday tomorrow! YAY!

Spring Came! Just in Time for Easter Weekend! :)

It has been a rather crazy week especially weather wise.  Can you believe last weekend, I went for a jog and then during the week we had snow fall with a little accumulation (which melted the next day) but the temperature dropped again.  Thank goodness, by the time we hit this Easter weekend, things got back to normal spring weather.

I’m going to try and keep it short with my recaps.  I can only sum up being busy with work and my new house so much before I bore you all out 😉

On Wednesday, I had my chiropractor session and then went out for a spontaneous dinner with my friend at our neighborhood joint that I’ve talked about over and over again called Mrs. Amigos. That place is awesome!

Vegetable Soup Mrs. Amigos

Vegetable Soup at Mrs. Amigos

Mussels in White Wine

Mussels in White Wine

Spaghetti Fried Chicken

Spaghetti with Fried Chicken Thigh and Tomato Sauce

I had my normal fave, Spaghetti with Fried Chicken Thigh with some vegetable soup and we shared some very delicious Mussels basted in White Wine 🙂

Being a four day week, Good Friday came by really fast.  Normally, I’d have the day off but because its crunch time and my boss took on a new client, I had to go in to wrap up some work and ended up doing a bit over half a day.  After that, I met up with the same friend and we made a spontaneous trip to Plattsburgh, NY to do some shopping.  Luckily, we dodged the pile up at the border and got through as we normally would with just a bit of waiting.  Thats pretty good considering it is long weekend.

I tried to minimize my spendings there and it was pretty successful.  Only ended up damaging my wallet by $100, so not too bad 🙂 The most notable ones are probably these:


Berry Oreos & Fruit Punch Oreos

I love trying out these new flavors of Oreos.  I need to divide them with my friend so that I don’t eat them all.  Whats great is that Oreos are the only ones without any milk in them unless its the Birthday Cake ones.  I bought a pack of those for my boyfriend because its his fave.

The Fray Movies

Music, Book & Movies

As for this, The Fray is because I’m too cheap to go buy tickets to their concert.  The book is the final book to the Sookie Stackhouse series and I REALLY want to finish that up because its been dragging way too long and plus, isn’t it the final season of True Blood this summer? And movies, I didn’t buy Frozen in Plattsburgh as you probably figured with the French title but I bought that last weekend.  And Ender’s Game was Bluray combo for $13 and I think thats a good price since I’ve been looking forward to watching that and well, I’ve heard so much about Europa Report that I wanted to check it out 🙂 That pretty much sums that part up!

Saturday came around with some wonderful weather.  So wonderful that I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep till relatively later and ended up forgetting to set my alarm to wake up to help with the painting at my new place especially since I had a ton of chores to finish at my own place.  Thats okay, I still accomplished all that I had to and the walls were all painted. If you are wondering, my bedroom is painted in THIS COLOR. The trimmings will be an off white.

Now, Saturday wasn’t completely useless because I started shifted some of my items to the new place and slowly, I’ll be getting there.  I did manage to also get a jog in after everything was taken care of, sometime in the afternoon.

Doing my jog!

Doing my run!

My boyfriend went for a walk so he took a picture of me doing my run. My point is not me but look at the beautiful weather 🙂  I had to keep it short since I had to pick up my mom from the airport and because my boyfriend came with me, I was able to take pictures of the beautiful Montreal driving on the Champlain Bridge.

Sunset in Montreal

Sunset in Montreal!

The zoom on my phone makes it not so pretty but the sunset was very nice when you look at it like this.


Sunset on the highway

Aside from that, it was a pretty peaceful yet efficient weekend, I took a few random pictures here and there of flowers and cat paws.

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers (I don’t know the name)

Cat hind paws

My cats hind paws as she slept on my lap

Now, before I leave you and run off to finish off some more stuff before I go to bed, I’d like for you to go welcome one of my childhood friends, Phoebe (who I was the maid of honor recently in March for HERE, HERE, and HERE) to the blogosphere.  She’s super awesome and has some pretty remarkable talents, one of them including gardening which she has been sharing with me quite a bit.  She just posted her first “real” post after her initiation one for the Weekly Photo Challenge with some lovely pictures. Please check it out HERE and show her some love.

Before I wrap this up, lets bring you to a song I’ve been pretty obsessed with and then one thats an oldie but a goodie in my book.

I used to not into Max Schneider but his original music has really impressed me.  It all has some sweet beats and very fun to listen to.

Funny one about this one is that Bodyrox came back into my life because of a movie I watched (review coming up) and this song used to play every time I got in my boyfriend’s car when we weren’t an item yet and just on dates and in the beginning of our relationship because of his car’s CD or MP3 system or whatnot and starting at the first song of the playlist.

Last song is a Chinese song with a pretty classic singer and his song is “Friends”.

Its an awesome song just about long time friends. The lyrics roughly translates to this:

Through all these years, smooth or rough times, I always think of my friend,
When we are sad in our journey, we realize who can share our problems with.
Through all these years, time flies by, the people in our lives come and go,
Past events flash through our minds like an old song, and we reminisce a little.

Friend, oh, Friend, we both yell together as we cross through the hilltop.
What we believe in our hearts, we keep for always, we don’t need to say out loud.
Friend, oh, Friend, we lift our heads and have a drink together.
In the future path, we walk together. No matter how long, we’ll be by each other’s side.

Maybe its not a great translation since I did this pretty quickly but you get the idea, right? I love songs like this.  Its just so meaningful and the man has an awesome voice! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend and maybe some of you still have tomorrow off!

Which movie should I start with from the new ones? Which Oreos are your faves? Do you know the name of the flower up there?

Burlington (and Plattsburgh) Finds!

I put “and Plattsburgh” because after a day of shopping in Burlington, we realized we had done most of what we were interested in and decided to head out to take the girls to see an American Target before it hit Canada.  So off we drove to Plattsburgh for the afternoon and do some shopping there.  Most of what you see is in Burlington with the exception of the books and movies that were cheaper in Plattsburgh Best Buy and Target.  Woohoo! I have bought all the movies I had intended to this year which are already released 🙂

Movies and Books...A sneak peek at whats coming up!

Movies and Books…A sneak peek of whats coming up!

Some of them are for my boyfriend but still they are purchases intended for both of us watching it together.  Are you excited? I’ll be reviewing lots and lots of horror 🙂 That side of my blog has been a bit slow. Plus, 3 books that were on special and I’ve been wanting to check out. I`m looking at this and it looks like a weird mix: animated versus horror.

Fancy Oreos!

Fancy Oreos!

There are always cool and different Oreo flavors. Last time for Christmas there was a lot more. My boyfriend loved the Limited Edition Oreos for its birthday.  I guess those were super successful so now we have them in Golden Oreos but with Birthday Cake fillings which tastes like cupcakes.  I ate 2 when I got home and gave the rest to my boyfriend.

Oatmeal Pop Tarts ?!?!? with funky marshmallows!!

Oatmeal Pop Tarts ?!?!? with funky marshmallows!!

The marshmallows and fun flavors will do well for baking or making some sweets.  I’ll see what I can do with them.  I love Pop Tarts.  But the ones I liked Brown Sugar Cinnamon or something are my faves but they were same price as in Montreal so instead, I bought these ones which are not available to me in Canada.  Haven’t tasted them yet but I’m hoping that it’ll taste awesome 🙂

Baker's Dozen of Bagels from Panera Bread! Good to share with family!

Baker’s Dozen of Bagels from Panera Bread! Good to share with family!

13 bagels to share between my mom and my boyfriend’s parents. Food is always a good gift.  I have other gifts as well but I’m not showing off everything I found..or else this post would be crazy.  I have some ornaments as well and some sample Yankee Candle which were on special.  Back to the bagels, I took one of every kind with Cinnamon Crunch being doubled.  I had the blueberry one yesterday morning and it was delicious!

My favorite soft drink: Sierra Mist! Yummy!

My favorite soft drink: Sierra Mist! Yummy!

Now for my favorite soft drink. I always pick up one bottle when I got to Plattsburgh–Sierra Mist.  Its like 7up or Sprite but its not as sweet and more natural.  I personally like the taste more.

I even got a baking tray, a workout sleeveless top and some granola (for baking) and two DS games, one of them I’ve been searching for EVERWHERE: Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Oh right, and I got some sweat pants and capri sweat pants and actual pants for work (not black too).  Success! I love productive trips like there where I can get better prices and fulfill my wants and needs 🙂

Plus, I managed to get some really nice shots of the scenery in Burlington.  That will be up tomorrow! And the drive to Plattsburgh was pretty nice, but no pictures since I was driving..haha!