After Hours: The Shallows

Season 3 main season has wrapped up and we’re in our After Hours segment. The first to kick off as always is our seasonal Shark Week pick. This time, we’re taking a look at The Shallows! Head over to Movies and Tea to listen to our discussion of the film. While you are there, let us know your thoughts on this film as well as what other shark films you love.

Movies and Tea

Shark Week #3 is finally here and this time it’s the turn of “The Shallows”

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who despite giving us films such as Orphan and Non-stop is also the director responsible for the likes of “Goal 2: Living the Dream” and “The House of Wax” remake which so memorably was sold on the prospect of seeing Paris Hilton die.

So with the prospect of a bikini bottom clad Blake Lively cashing in the pretty girl dollars alongside a rather large shark as selling the movie you might expect the same sort of throw away summer fodder with all the dramatic depth of an Emma Watson performance…..I mean it couldn’t possibly be good….could it?

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I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story

The next episode of Movies and Tea is here! This time is a special episode as we take a look at a documentary called I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story. Our first time diving into a documentary and one that is a rather fun topic talking about the “Boyband Theory” as well as what 4 women liking 4 different boybands came to fall in love and be rather obsessed over them and what it has meant now that they have grown up.

Head over to listen to our discussion of this documentary on Movies and Tea and give Elwood’s review of the documentary a read!

Movies and Tea

Is there a point were you outgrow boy bands? This is just one of several questions posed by director Jessica Leski in her debut film as she attempt to explore not only the appeal of boy bands but also what sparks such devotion in their fanbases. This she achieves by following four intergenerational women who all consider themselves to be obsessed fans of their chosen boy band.

First up we have Elif who s the youngest of the particpants and an obsessed One Direction fan to the point were she went viral when a video of her breaking down during the announcement of their concert DVD was posted online. Next we have Daria an obsessed Take That fan, we also have Sadia representing the fans of the Backstreet Boys and finally we have Susan who at 64 and still an obsessed Beatles fan even being one of horde of Beatles…

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Movies and Tea #24 – The Beguiled

The next episode of Movies and Tea is here as we wrap up Season 3 with Sofia Coppola’s latest film, The Beguiled. Its been no doubt a season of discovery and very much toned-down director as herself.
Other than the discussion and review of The Beguiled, we also do our normal routine and share our Best, Worst and Hidden Gem of her filmography.
Head over to Movies and Tea to listen to the podcast and leave in the comments over there which movies you think are best, worst and hidden gem in her filmography!

Movies and Tea

Season 3 and our re-evaluation of the Sofia Coppola filmography comes to a close with her remake of The Beguiled.

Using the Civil war as her backdrop Coppola with The Beguiled continued her evolution in style with a remake of Don Siegal’s original 1971 film only this time shot from the women’s point of view than the man’s as the arrival of Colin Farrell’s solider of fortune at a girls school begins to stire feelings in both the students and teacher alike.

The film being viewed by Coppola as a way to cleanse herself after 2013’s The Bling Ring from what she terms was “Such a tacky, ugly world”

We also discuss her use of the “Female Gaze” aswell as the changes that shooting from the girls perspective brings to the story aswell as highlighting our favourite, worst and hidden gem of Coppola’s filmography

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The Virgin…

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Movies and Tea #23 -The Bling Ring

The next episode of Movies and Tea Podcast is here as we dive into the next film on the Sofia Coppola films list and land on 2013’s The Bling Ring. This time, we bring in a guest, Norman from Flick Hunter!
Head over to Movies and Tea to hear the episode and share your thoughts on the film and Sofia Coppola’s directoria career in general!

Movies and Tea

“The Bling Ring” saw Sofia Coppola drawing inspiration from the Vanity Fair article The Suspects Wore Louboutins here as Coppola joined the mini-trend of movies based of magazine articles alongside Michael Bay’s “Pain and Gain”. The film would also mark Coppola’s first experiment with shooting on digitial as she charts the crime spree of a group of teens who broke into and robbed the homes of thier favourite celebrities.

Norman from Flick Hunter joins us once again to the discuss the film aswell as question Emma Watson’s rumoured Oscar nod, reveal our favourite Coppola soundtracks aswell as a voicemail from The Vern (Cinema Recall Podcast )plus much more!!

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Marie Antoinette
The Fanatic
The Perks of Being A Wallflower
Mean Creek

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Dreamhack Montreal 2019: Day 1 Recap

Hey everyone! The last few days have been a mini hiatus on my part. Its just a mesh of things that has hindered the posts over here. The first of course is what I’m sharing here.

This past weekend was the Dreamhack Montreal event! If you aren’t following Game Warp, I did coverage for it with still one more post to go!

The next is that, after Dreamhack, I got caught up in some heavy rain and unfortunately has caught a cold, being plagued by a pretty bad cough so I’m not exactly in the right mindset to write too much. I’ll be taking most of my concentration on wrapping up the Dreamhack coverage over at Game Warp.

This is the Day 1 recap. Day 2 and Overview is also live already with an indie game zone recap coming up soon (hopefully tomorrow)! Enjoy! Things will be back on track gradually this week!

Game Warp

Dreamhack Montreal 2019 is around the corner again. Like last year, its retained its location at Olympic Stadium for this weekend, September 6 to 8. Since its a LAN party, the 3 days passes get to stay 24 hours. The expo opens until 8pm while the festival hours open until midnight, all this applies except for Sunday which is the last day open. You can find all the info HERE.

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Friday is the first day of the event! With a little of issues, it became a full day event of coverage, which is great. There was time to take a look at the expo hall and other events going on. Indie Game Zone recap will be done in a separate post as Day 1 didn’t quite get around to everything yet.

At the first look at the event, it has changed a little with some new game tournaments as…

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Movies and Tea #20 – Lost In Translation

The next episode for Movies and Tea is out! Season 3 continues forward with the second film of Coppola’s directorial career as we look at Lost in Translation, a film that was one of the defining points of Coppola’s career. Head on over to Movies and Tea blog to listen to the podcast discussion and leave us a comment on your thoughts of the film as well as Coppola’s career

Movies and Tea

After the success of The Virgin Suicides for her follow up Sofia Coppola drew inspiration from her father filming a real Suntory whiskey commercial with Akira Kurosawa in the 1970’s to crafts a tale which is not only a love letter to Tokyo but also one of two lost souls in a city were neither of them speak the language while generally confounded by the world around them leaving them to dwell on their own personal issues.

It’s a premise which you hardly expect to turn into a huge hit for Coppola not only with critics but more surprisingly with the general movie going audiences who for some reason really warmed to the film.

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In The Mood For Love

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Movies and Tea #19 – The Virgin Suicides

Welcome to the third season of Movies and Tea. This season, the director in our spotlight is Sofia Coppola. Its a change in gear for us as we move away from the horror, action and thriller elements into something more dramatic and indie and in the hands of a female director.
Kicking off is her debut feature film The Virgin Suicides starring a few stars that have become fairly familiar faces in today’s films and TV.

Head over to check out our discussion of Sofia Coppola and The Virgin Suicides and while you’re there, give us your thoughts on what is your favorite Coppola film or what you think about The Virgin Suicides?

Movies and Tea

Season 3 is here and kicking off our season long re-evaluation of Sofia Coppola’s filmography we  look at her 1999 debut film “The Virgin Suicides” as she builds upon her first short “Lick The Star” as a group of boys attempt to solve the mystery behind the Lisben sisters from the effect they had on thier lives through to the girls taking thier own.

We not only look at the film and question who Coppola intended the film for but also establish the key themes of her work aswell as how she was able to stand out in her family’s film making dynasty.

Further Viewing

The Wolfpack
Blue Velvet
Stand By Me
13 Reasons Why – Season 1
Girl Interupted
Sucker Punch

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