Movies and Tea #20 – Lost In Translation

The next episode for Movies and Tea is out! Season 3 continues forward with the second film of Coppola’s directorial career as we look at Lost in Translation, a film that was one of the defining points of Coppola’s career. Head on over to Movies and Tea blog to listen to the podcast discussion and leave us a comment on your thoughts of the film as well as Coppola’s career

Movies and Tea

After the success of The Virgin Suicides for her follow up Sofia Coppola drew inspiration from her father filming a real Suntory whiskey commercial with Akira Kurosawa in the 1970’s to crafts a tale which is not only a love letter to Tokyo but also one of two lost souls in a city were neither of them speak the language while generally confounded by the world around them leaving them to dwell on their own personal issues.

It’s a premise which you hardly expect to turn into a huge hit for Coppola not only with critics but more surprisingly with the general movie going audiences who for some reason really warmed to the film.

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In The Mood For Love

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Movies and Tea #19 – The Virgin Suicides

Welcome to the third season of Movies and Tea. This season, the director in our spotlight is Sofia Coppola. Its a change in gear for us as we move away from the horror, action and thriller elements into something more dramatic and indie and in the hands of a female director.
Kicking off is her debut feature film The Virgin Suicides starring a few stars that have become fairly familiar faces in today’s films and TV.

Head over to check out our discussion of Sofia Coppola and The Virgin Suicides and while you’re there, give us your thoughts on what is your favorite Coppola film or what you think about The Virgin Suicides?

Movies and Tea

Season 3 is here and kicking off our season long re-evaluation of Sofia Coppola’s filmography we  look at her 1999 debut film “The Virgin Suicides” as she builds upon her first short “Lick The Star” as a group of boys attempt to solve the mystery behind the Lisben sisters from the effect they had on thier lives through to the girls taking thier own.

We not only look at the film and question who Coppola intended the film for but also establish the key themes of her work aswell as how she was able to stand out in her family’s film making dynasty.

Further Viewing

The Wolfpack
Blue Velvet
Stand By Me
13 Reasons Why – Season 1
Girl Interupted
Sucker Punch

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Kim’s Winter Holidays Activities in Movies: Christmas in July Blogathon 2019

In the midst of the Fantasia Festival coverage is Drew’s annual Christmas in July blogathon. Probably not as Christmas-y as the other entries but I went with winter activities in holiday films for this year!

Head on over to Drew’s Movie Reviews to check out which movies made it on my list as well as check out all the other awesome entries this year!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hello, friends!

This is the final guest post of the 2019 edition of the Christmas in July Blogathon. Many of you should be familiar with the next guest. She has been on my site many times before, even co-hosting the annual Ultimate Decades Blogathon in February/March. That’s right, it’s none other than Kim from Tranquil Dreams! She shares the happenings of her life, her favorite recipes, and posts movie and game reviews. There is a variety of content on her blog so be sure to check it out. Kim always has unique entries for the Christmas in July Blogathon and this year is no exception. This year, she is talking about her favorite winter holiday activities in movies. Let’s get to it!

Christmas in July is here! After a really long deliberation between what to talk about, the heat in town has made think a little of some cooler…

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Montreal Comiccon 2019 – What to Do and See

Montreal Comiccon

I’ve been covering Montreal Comiccon for the last few years mostly for Game Warp and shared some of the cosplay and hauls over here but have never really talked about Montreal Comiccon in depth. This year, I’m thinking that there are some fun little bits to highlight as a beginner’s guide to Montreal Comiccon, in case you are in town and might consider it a fun event or think its one that you’d like to check out at some time in the future (just a guideline since guests and such change every year, as expected).

The 11th annual Montreal Comiccon starts today on July 5th and runs throughout the weekend to end on July 7th at Palais de Congres in downtown Montreal. Over the three days, there are over 200 activities including panels, workshops, concerts, masquerade, improv, board games, screenings, autographs sessions, photo ops and more related to all things pop culture: anime, movies, TV, comic books, gaming.

On interesting fact to know is that all kids five and under go in for free all three days, while kids ages 6 to 12 get free admission on Friday and Sunday.

Here’s some of the highlights of whats to come over this weekend, for further info, you can find the schedule HERE.


Set in the vibrant game development scene of Montreal where not only multiple AAA studios has their offices or headquarters, there are even more independent game developers lurking in every corner. One of the big highlights of Montreal Comiccon for gamers is the Indie Gaming Zone. Indie Gaming Zone will have many game developers showing off their games recently released and in development along with their playable demos so that you can experience it and share your thoughts with them as well.  We will be  having coverage for the Indie Game Zone over at the Game Warp Blog (as well as on That Moment In) during this weekend.

In other gaming highlights: Dreamhack doesn’t hit Montreal until September but before that, you can get a taste of it at the Dreamhack Gaming Zone where there will be a VR station to try out some VR games while also having a PC Freeplay Zone. You can also find the Tabletop Gaming area where there will be an assortment of board games to try out with your friends. While if you are in a more competitive mood and up for a challenge, there are activities for Combat Archery and Rage  Academy (Axe-Throwing) that you can check out.

Gaming also has a good few panels. From the more technical game concepts like Fantasy Map-Making to Narrative Nightmares & Lessons Learned which will talk about writing video games to the basics of launching your game via crowdfunding, Crowdfunding 101. There are also panels on specific games like Jurassic World Alive, Overwatch and Watch Dogs 2.


Movies is a big part of the pop culture with multiple franchises having their cast show up to talk in Q&A panels. At the same time, they are also available for photo ops and autographs. Some of the highlights would be Harry Potter franchise has James & Oliver Phelps and  Tom Felton. Set in the same universe, Dan Fogler from Fantastic Beasts movies is also there. Star Wars fans can see Ray Park.

Disney fans will be happy to find Jim Cummings, the voice actor of Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing Duck as well as Paige O’Hara, the voice actress of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. You can also find Ethan Peck from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (who might be there for the more recent Star Trek: Discovery) while in the superheroes movie world, Shazam!‘s Evan Marsh is also present. Fans of Highlander and Mortal Kombat can see Christopher Lambert in a panel. For fans of Quentin Tarantino films, you can also check out the panel with Michael Madsen.

The guest of honor does have to go to Elijah Wood who has not only TV series under his belt but also The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as various indie horror films in his filmography.

This year’s TV-related guests has an incredible line-up. There will be The 100 panel with Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor and Tasya Teles. The much more recent The Umbrella Academy has Robert Sheehan and Cameron Brodeur also in a panel together. Lana Parilla will be there if you are a fan of Once Upon A Time.


Of course, that is just touching on the categories we cover here. Anime, cosplayers, comic book artists (Dan Parent, Kevin Eastman, etc) as well as wrestlers, MMA (Georges St-Pierre) and kickboxing figures will also be there this weekend. If you need a break, the Artist Alley and Exhibition Hall is always a nice place to check out a ton of cool merchandise and of course, some great art from different artists based on pop culture in their own style.

That’s it for this general guide!
We’ll be covering Montreal Comiccon and will be having Day 1, 2 and 3 recaps.

Movies and Tea #18 – The Shape of Water

The final episode of Season 2 for Guillermo Del Toro’s directorial work, The Shape of Water is here as we discuss this Oscar-winning fantasy romance to wrap up this mostly creature-filled filmography before we head into our After Hours episodes.

Head over to Movies and Tea blog to check out the episode. Be sure to share your thoughts on the film in the comments over there as well.

Movies and Tea

Born out of a failed attempt to remake “Creature From The Black Lagoon”, The Shape of Water saw del toro question what would have happened if Kay had actually gone off with the Gill-Man.

Unquestionable a unique romantic movie, here we find Del Toro at his most sympathetic for his own gil-man creation while also crafting some of the most visually arresting footage of his career somthing the academy reward his efforts by awarding the film the best film and director awards at the 90th academy awards.

On this episode we dive into this most unlikely of romances aswell as Del Toro’s most explicit film to date, to find out how he made us all believe in his vision, question the obsession with green aswell as what the intended black and white cut of the film could have offered. We also wrap up the season revealing our favourite, most hated…

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Ultimate 2000s Blogathon Conclusion

Its time for the official closing of the Ultimate 2000s Blogathon! Head over to Drew’s as we give our thanks to all and the list of entries!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hello, friends!

It has been a blast hosting this year’s Ultimate Decades Blogathon spotlighting the 2000s. As always, my co-host Kim joined me for the ride and have enjoyed reading and hosting everyone’s posts. If you’ve missed any of them here they are:

Tranquil Dreams – SPL: Killzone 殺破狼

Drew’s Movie Reviews – EuroTrip

Movie Reviews 101 – (500) Days of Summer

18 Cinema LaneQueen of the Damned

Riley on Film – Cast Away

John RieberEnter the Void

Plain, Simple Tom ReviewsThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Stop Button2046

Movies and Tea – Hellboy and Hellboy II (Podcast)

MovieRob – The Dark Knight

Rhyme and ReasonMiracle

Asian Cinema Film ClubThe Twins Effect (Podcast)

The Hypersonic55’s Realm of Reviews and Other StuffThe Bourne Ultimatum

Starry Traveler’s RoadLilo & Stitch


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Ultimate 2000s Blogathon Wrap-Up: Pixar Triple Feature by Tranquil Dreams

As the blogathon starts drawing to a close, I share my Ultimate 2000s Blogathon wrap-up post first. As usual, I look at animated films. Straying away this year from the animated Disney features, I went for the computer-animated Pixar films and did a triple feature for Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up.
Head over to Drew’s to see my triple feature review!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Things are winding down here at the Ultimate 2000s Blogathon as today is the penultimate day of the blogathon. Kim begins wrapping things up with reviews of several Pixar films. I think you all know who she is by now so there is no need for an introduction. Let’s just jump right into her reviews!

In the 2000s came a change in Disney, the classic animations took a turn for some less appreciated titles with a few exceptions like Lilo & Stitch (that was covered by one of our entries HERE). However, the quality and creativity of Pixar took a turn for some excellent and memorable films within one decade. Before Pixar released the three films in this feature, they took us into a company run by monsters, an underwater search, a family of superheroes  and finally a group of talking cars. Today’s triple feature is one that was…

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