Movies and Tea #18 – The Shape of Water

The final episode of Season 2 for Guillermo Del Toro’s directorial work, The Shape of Water is here as we discuss this Oscar-winning fantasy romance to wrap up this mostly creature-filled filmography before we head into our After Hours episodes.

Head over to Movies and Tea blog to check out the episode. Be sure to share your thoughts on the film in the comments over there as well.

Movies and Tea

Born out of a failed attempt to remake “Creature From The Black Lagoon”, The Shape of Water saw del toro question what would have happened if Kay had actually gone off with the Gill-Man.

Unquestionable a unique romantic movie, here we find Del Toro at his most sympathetic for his own gil-man creation while also crafting some of the most visually arresting footage of his career somthing the academy reward his efforts by awarding the film the best film and director awards at the 90th academy awards.

On this episode we dive into this most unlikely of romances aswell as Del Toro’s most explicit film to date, to find out how he made us all believe in his vision, question the obsession with green aswell as what the intended black and white cut of the film could have offered. We also wrap up the season revealing our favourite, most hated…

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Ultimate 2000s Blogathon Conclusion

Its time for the official closing of the Ultimate 2000s Blogathon! Head over to Drew’s as we give our thanks to all and the list of entries!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hello, friends!

It has been a blast hosting this year’s Ultimate Decades Blogathon spotlighting the 2000s. As always, my co-host Kim joined me for the ride and have enjoyed reading and hosting everyone’s posts. If you’ve missed any of them here they are:

Tranquil Dreams – SPL: Killzone 殺破狼

Drew’s Movie Reviews – EuroTrip

Movie Reviews 101 – (500) Days of Summer

18 Cinema LaneQueen of the Damned

Riley on Film – Cast Away

John RieberEnter the Void

Plain, Simple Tom ReviewsThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Stop Button2046

Movies and Tea – Hellboy and Hellboy II (Podcast)

MovieRob – The Dark Knight

Rhyme and ReasonMiracle

Asian Cinema Film ClubThe Twins Effect (Podcast)

The Hypersonic55’s Realm of Reviews and Other StuffThe Bourne Ultimatum

Starry Traveler’s RoadLilo & Stitch


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Ultimate 2000s Blogathon Wrap-Up: Pixar Triple Feature by Tranquil Dreams

As the blogathon starts drawing to a close, I share my Ultimate 2000s Blogathon wrap-up post first. As usual, I look at animated films. Straying away this year from the animated Disney features, I went for the computer-animated Pixar films and did a triple feature for Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up.
Head over to Drew’s to see my triple feature review!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Things are winding down here at the Ultimate 2000s Blogathon as today is the penultimate day of the blogathon. Kim begins wrapping things up with reviews of several Pixar films. I think you all know who she is by now so there is no need for an introduction. Let’s just jump right into her reviews!

In the 2000s came a change in Disney, the classic animations took a turn for some less appreciated titles with a few exceptions like Lilo & Stitch (that was covered by one of our entries HERE). However, the quality and creativity of Pixar took a turn for some excellent and memorable films within one decade. Before Pixar released the three films in this feature, they took us into a company run by monsters, an underwater search, a family of superheroes  and finally a group of talking cars. Today’s triple feature is one that was…

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Ultimate 2000s Blogathon: Miracle (2004) by Rhyme and reason

Check out today’s entry as SG from Rhyme and Reason share his thoughts on 2004 biopic Miracle and wrap up Week 2 of Ultimate 2000s Blogathon.

Drop by my blog on Monday as we head into Week 3! 🙂

Drew's Movie Reviews

Welcome to the final entry of week 2 of the Ultimate 2000s Blogathon! When creating a blog, coming up with a unique concept will help distinguish you among your fellow bloggers. SG from Rhyme and Reason combined his two favorite things, movies and poetry, to create a truly unique blog within the film blogging community. Go check out his one-of-a-kind format over on his site. But before you head over there, here is his review of Miracle, the biopic of the 1980 Winter Olympics gold medal US men’s ice hockey team.

Miracle movie poster

A loss is a cross that the loser must bear,
In danger of letting it lead to despair.
He may have excuses of why it’s not fair,
But nothing will change while it’s there.

To shed it in favor of triumph and pride
Depends on the hope they can muster inside,
And winners emerge when their hope is…

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Wine Recap – January 2019


The first Wine Recap of January is here!

January is always a month of sickness and overtime so suffice to say, this month didn’t have a whole lot of drinking. It was really just for tasting lightly and you’ll see from the choices we made as something more light and sweet.

Let’s check it out!

Des Glaces Recolte Hivernale 2014


Producer: Cidrerie du Minot
Location: Hemingford, Quebec
Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Taste Tag: Fruity & Light

Welcome my big investment during the Salon des Metiers d’Art of Montreal which is this winter harvest (aka recolte hivernale) edition. Winter Harvest ice ciders are usually reserved and limited so they always cost more and because of it, they also have stored a few more years and its gives it a richer taste. Cidrerie du Minot has a wonderfully rich Recolte Hivernale one. Its a beautiful balance of its flavor and has this maple syrup sort of finish that I absolutely love a lot.

Mille Bois Ambre


Producer: Mille Bois
Location: Compton, Quebec
Alcohol Content: 14%
Taste Tag: Bold & Rich

Mille Bois is an alcohol company that focuses on making maple syrup alcoholized drinks. We’ve looked a few other ones which were alright but nothing amazing. This is the last one from our trip and its the Ambre which is the darker variety. This one is exactly as they promised: bold and rich. For those of you who know maple syrup, its already fairly sweet and rich so with that said, especially with the fermented maple syrup, this one is a type of drink that you drink one glass only and put it away because its very sweet. It tastes delicious and just like a dessert but doesn’t stop the fact that its for slow consumption and enjoyment and usually not in huge portions either.

Cryo De Glace Recolte  2017


Producer: Cidrerie Cryo
Location: Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec
Alcohol Content: 10.7%

Cryo’s ice cider also has a few varieties. This one was the one I liked the most out of the choices I tried at the Salon des Metiers d’arts. Its one that is less sweet but still fairly rich. However, this one is a little more peculiar. My husband and I had varying likes on this one. I thought the not so sweet was pretty good and had its own type of balance. Its not my favorite ice cider but my husband  didn’t enjoy it much. It had to do with the taste in general. What I do have to say is that Cryo isn’t a big company but it does have some good products. I’ve had it before but another ice cider variety but I just can’t remember which one. I might be in one of my previous haul posts. I feel like a previous year batch tasted more outstanding than this one, but that just happens.

That’s it for this Wine Recap for Janaury 2019!
Its not a whole lot of drinking but overall, it was a pretty nice ice cider and Made in Quebec month.

What have you been drinking? Any recommendations?

Friday Film Club

Over on Movies and Tea Podcast’s blog, my fantastic co-host Elwood and myself has decided to start up our Friday Film Club where we each recommend a movie. No themes and we don’t even know each other’s choice until putting together the banner so it could be some odd pairings. However, head over and check out this week’s kickoff recommendation and share in the comments over there what movie you’d recommend.

Follow us over there to make sure you don’t miss our Friday Film Club!

Movies and Tea


Hi folks and welcome to the The Friday Film Club where both myself and Kim will be highlighting a film which we feel is worth checking out. At the same time we would love to hear your own selections whether your choosing to just name them in the comments section or join us in arguing the case for your film on your blog, let us know and we will share it below.

Elwood’s Pick – The Tripper (2006)


While David Arquette might be best known as a goofball actor and occasional wrestler even winning the WCW Heavyweight title in 2000 while promoting Ready To Rumble. However one of his lesser known achievements is his work as a director for which this fun slasher currently sits as his sole credit as a director with all of Arquette’s other work as a director being limited to directing episodes of CSI: Miami

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Movies and Tea #13 – Blade 2

Our next podcast is here as we continue through Guillermo Del Toro’s directorial efforts and we head back with Del Toro’s return to Hollywood as he helms Blade 2. Joining us this episode is guest, D.J. Valentine from Simplistic Reviews. Head over to the Movies and Tea blog to listen to the episode and head over to check out D.J.’s site!

Movies and Tea

Despite failing to make an impact on the Hollywood system with “Mimic” Del Toro’s work as a director was certainly getting him noticed with his Spanish language films Cronos and The Devil’s Backbone both finding their fans including producer Peter Frankfurt and writer David S. Goyer who invited Del Toro to work on Blade 2 after Stephen Norrington turned down the opportunity to direct the sequel.

Now without the meddling of the Weinsteins, Del toro was finally free to bring his visual style to the Hollywood but was he capable of producing a film which would appeal to a more mainstream audience?

On this episode we are joined by D.j. Valentine (Simplistic Reviews) to rank action heroes, talk comic books and the hunt for a decent video game movie plus much more!!

Further Viewing

John Wick
The Crow
Big Trouble In Little China

Music on…

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