Awards mean a whole lot to me.  Its not because I’m all these things or if I believe in that all those wonderful attributes other bloggers associate me with.  Rather, its a sign that I’ve done something right over here and encourages me to continue with the work I’ve been putting out.  Every day, I think about some way or another to make it a little more interesting and at the same time, having some fun for myself.  Tranquil Dreams is not only for me now, but I do care about what you all think about it as well and if you enjoy it, that makes me even happier 🙂

Thank you to these people for showing me their appreciation with these awards.  I’ve thanked them a thousand times on these posts.  Click there to see my post thanking them and the blogs that I nominated! Remember to click through to show some love to fellow bloggers 🙂

one lovely blog award

MY FIRST AWARD: Aan @ Sigoese  (October 2012)

Ddog @ Gamerscene(January 2013)


Mridubala @ My Scribbles (November 2012)


Lasesana @ lasesana (December 2012)

That’s Life and Then You Sigh (January 2013)

DJ Matticus @ TheMatticusKingdom (March 2013)

Mike @ Mikes Film Talk (April 2013)

Greg @ Destroy all Fanboys (October 2013)


Rarasaur @ Rarasaur (December 2012)

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

1st STAR: Chef Doru@ Chef Doru’s Blog (December 2012)

2nd STAR: Mike @ MikesFilmTalk (December 2012)

super sweet blogging award

Jackie @ (January 2013)

DJ Matticus @ the matticus kingdom (June 2013)


Natasha @ Film and Things (March 2013)

liebster award

Mike @ Mikes Film Talk (March 2013)

illuminating blogger award

Ankit @ Myself,online (April 2013)


DJ Matticus @ the matticus kingdom (April 2013)


Michael @ Parlor of Horror (April 2013)

Diane @ Tvor Travels (October 2013)

very inspiring blogger award

Joe @ Joe’s Musings (May 2013)

liebster award2

Natasha @ Film and Things (May 2013)


Natasha @ Film and Things (June 2013)

Terrence @ The Focused Filmographer (July 2013)


Dawn @ Dawnyhosking (October 2013)



NaNoWriMo 2012

2013 nanowrimo winner banner

Nanowrimo 2013

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