What’s Up 2019: Week 1 A Good Start

Welcome to the What’s Up 2019 for the first week of the new year. I know that I said that I’d do some more videos for it and I’m not lying about it except I currently am fighting a cold so its not exactly pretty to film under these circumstances. I have been pondering turning this into a quick podcast format so that I don’t have to edit video so much as also having an audio version for it. More and more ideas..just not sure what would work best.

Bear with me as I get out of this unwell phase and hopefully next week, I’ll get things back on track!


the penultimate peril

  • The Grim Grotto (A Series of Unfortunate Events #11)

Currently reading: The Penultimate Peril (A Series of Unfortunate Events #12)

I’m still working through the 4 book pack to wrap up A Series of Unfortunate Events currently. I’m getting one of the books done every week. To be honest, I’ve been kind of tired so I only read on the bus which also is when I sometimes take a nap (its not good to nap on the bus so I try to refrain). However, its still moving along quite nicely. I did want to read the book and watch the matching episode and as you will soon see, that didn’t go as planned.


Bound Game

  • Bound
  • What Never Was (official release on Jan 11/2019)

Currently playing: not decided yet…

Its been a pretty good gaming week. I finished up Bound this week which uses dancing with a platforming sort of narrative story. Its a beautiful game with some beautiful music and hints of a lot of my gaming faves however, there is something that I find seems to take away from the game. Aside from that, I tried out an upcoming free game called What Never Was that will be released on January 11th. Its an exploration puzzle game that takes less than an hour to finish. I’ll have the review this coming up very soon.


a quiet place

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (rewatch)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (rewatch)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (rewatch)
  • A Quiet Place
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (rewatch)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (rewatch)

This weekend, we wrapped up rewatching the Harry Potter franchise. It is nice to see that it still holds up and we had a lot of fun watching it. I haven’t reviewed any of them on the blog before so I’ll be getting that up either as a huge post or maybe individually, we’ll see how I feel about it. However, A Quiet Place also ended up on the roster, pretty much a year after its theatrical release and it was one that I was really anticipating in 2018 but decided against going to see it in theatres because other moviegoers could easily ruin the experience. I regret not seeing it earlier but liked it a lot. I didn’t love it because there’s one element in the story that I thought felt a bit forced and I’ll talk about that in the upcoming review.


a series of unfortunate events

  • The Inn (Season 2)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 3)

Currently binging: Who’s the Murderer S4, Meteor Garden 2018, My Amazing Boyfriend, My Little One S2

The Inn finally wrapped up Season 2 on Friday. It was a sad thing to see leave. It had so many great messages wrapped in that one little show and was such a genuine sort of reality show that I got pretty connected with the celebrities involved. It seems Season 3 should be a go so I’m hoping that it’ll be coming back later this year or next year or something. January 1st also kicked off the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix which I was super excited to see but as you saw before didn’t manage to finish the books but still went ahead and finished the series. Its one of those shows that every season is better than the one before in my opinion. TV binge for both of these coming up soon.

As for some new shows that went on, one is a new reality show which is a girl version of My Little One that was aired last year. Other than that, I started watching My Amazing Boyfriend which as Janice Wu from An Oriental Odyssey. This is from 2016 so its more in line with a binge.

This wraps up the first week!
Some old and some new! Somethings got wrapped up as well!
What have you been reading/playing/watching/binging?


What’s Up #16

Whats Up

A slight miscalculation on my part that these weekly What’s Up is always a few days after the week ends for the previous week. That means that there is one more week of What’s up for 2018. Reason to be this accurate is just because I’m trying to change the titling and how to do that for 2019. Either way, its been a few more days than normal off from work, which means that I did spend more time doing stuff.

Let’s see what I’ve been up to!


grim grotto

  • The Slippery Slope (A Series of Unfortunate Events #10)

Currently Reading: The Grim Grotto (A Series of Unfortunate Events #11)

Chugging right along with A Series of Unfortunate Events, I finished The Slippery Slope and moved along to The Grim Grotto. The holidays took away a lot of reading time that I usually would have on public transport to and from work. Its not a bad thing per se but I had wanted to get further with the reading before starting up A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, which as this posts goes up has just been updated with the final season.


Bound Game

Currently playing: Bound

I didn’t finish any games this past week. I’ve been playing mobile games  mostly to get better ideas on wrapping up the Mobile Games Round-up for December that just went live at the end of the month. However, for consoles, I’ve only been focusing on Bound, which I’m about two chapters away from being done. Its a pretty good experience although what drew me in the first place is starting to feel like a gimmick.


devil's backbone

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)
  • The Christmas Chronicles – rewatch (review)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • The Devil’s Backbone
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Overlapping Christmas usually means a lot of Christmas movie. However, this year we wanted something a little different so decided to watch the Harry Potter franchise. We got through quite a few of them. I also go to watch The Devil’s Backbone for Movies and Tea Podcast, a movie that I’ve always been recommended to watch since forever. I definitely regret not seeing it sooner because it is pretty awesome.


The Inn

Currently binging:

  • The Inn (Season 2) – one more episode until it ends
  • Who’s the Murderer (Season 4) – ongoing
  • Meteor Garden (2018) – rewatch
  • An Oriental Odyssey (2018) – rewatch

I’ve been spending a lot of time rewatching Meteor Garden primarily. I want to work on the video or analysis piece that I talked about back in August when I was watching this series the first time. Lots planned for the new Chinese focused content so we’ll see where we go from there. On that note, The Inn only has one more episode left so I’m feeling kind of sad already in anticipation while I believe Who’s the Murderer might be wrapping up soon also.

This wraps up this What’s Up!
We officially wrap up the What’s Up for 2018 and we’ll have a fresh start next week.

What’s Up #15

What’s Up hasn’t been around for too long and it has its rough patch but we are at the last What’s Up for 2018. Next year, the structure will have its own polish and I’ll talk about it later on. I still have a few little decisions to make about it to work out.

Let’s just get started!


  • A Kiss For Christmas by Melody Grace (review)

Currently reading: The Slippery Slope ( A Series of Unfortunate Events #10)

You can just read the review for A Kiss For Christmas. The only thing I have to add if you didn’t read the review is that I am done with contemporary romance for a bit (like at least a year if not more). However, moving on to better things, I am back to reading A Series of Unfortunate Events and moving on to Book 10 to get ready for Season 3 which launches on January 1st. Excitement is an understatement. Plus, these books are thoroughly entertaining and amusing.


unravel 2

  • Unravel 2

Currently playing: Bound

Its the holidays. I have a whacky and rather out of the ordinary busy work schedule this week but the husband and I recently picked up Unravel 2 (which I’ll talk about as pre-boxing day deals in an upcoming post) so we got to playing that this weekend. Its short but the coop aspect is super fun. We are still working on the challenges which are pretty challenging ( as expected). Review for that in the new year while I edit all the playthrough for the channel. January is going to be busy so editing overtime to get things sorted out in advance. Still one more Game Warp podcast in editing right now and should release soon. In the meantime, you can also go and check out our latest podcast sharing our Top 10 Games Played in 2018.


  • Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable
  • Dreamworks Home: For the Holidays (review)
  • Trolls Holiday (review)
  • Christmas Wedding Planner (review)

I am a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan. I love watching The Ellen Show snippets online. It goes without saying that I had my eyes on Relatable launching on Netflix and started it up the day it released. It is a pretty fun time. I like Ellen’s humor for the most part. A few bits didn’t land quite as effectively but it is still a fun time with lots of laughs.

As for Christmas marathon, which is officially over as this goes up, its Trolls Holiday that brought a lot of musical fun even if it wasn’t exactly a Christmas movie but more of a holidays sort of thing.


sugar rush

  • Sugar Rush (Season 1) – Rewatch
  • Happy Do Re Mi (Season 1)

Currently binging: The Inn (Season 2), Who’s the Murderer (Season 4),  Meteor Garden 2018 (rewatch), An Oriental Odyssey (rewatch)

A lot of the same going on in binging. I have way too many TV binges that I haven’t written and want to write so I’m taking on some time to rewatch and buy some time. Its not a bad thing as it does give me a better perspective the second time around. I’ve polished up the TV binge segment a little over this year so I like the structure of how to approach it now which helps a lot in making them easier to write. With that said, the main rewatch this week is Sugar Rush. I always love rewatching cooking and baking shows so it was a ton of fun. At the same time, Happy Do Re Mi finished this past Saturday. Its been a fun time and I’ll do a little overview of it as well.

In terms of current ongoing stuff, The Inn should end soon from what I’ve seen in social media. As for Who’s the Murderer, I’m picking up a lot of the clues now and starting to get involved as I watch to figure out who I think is the murderer and making some good assumptions. Its both a really involving experience whether its about thinking about life in general or deciphering the cases.

That’s it for What’s Up in 2018!
Thanks so much for being here! I know that my segment changed from written to videos to written again!
There’s a lot of polish to do for this segment so bear with me as we head into 2019 in the next one.

What’s Up #14



Stinky Santa

  • Stinky Santa by Otto Fishblanket (review)

Currently reading: A Kiss For Christmas

Reading has been light to say the list since I read a kid’s book for last week. The next one that I chose, A Kiss For Christmas is having a rough start because its a genre that I want to leave behind but it happens to be the only book in my Kindle that is Christmas-themed. So it’ll have to do. No problem, right? We’ll see if the review for A Kiss For Christmas actually gets released by next week’s What’s Up since its three short stories.



Gaming is slowly getting back on track. The sales are coming in for the holidays and we’re trying hard at our place to pick up some games at decent prices but also not go crazy since the to be played list is still pretty huge. However, the playthrough for Remember Me has resumed on the channel and the review is already up. We have lots of outstanding things to take care of for Game Warp and I’m working hard on doing that while also diving into something new like She Remembered Caterpillars which constantly gets me stumped in the puzzles. So that game is in sporadic doses. Other than that it is mobile games and I will reveal all that for the mobile games round-up for December.

If you want to check out more game reviews from Game Warp, you can check out the Youtube channel HERE or the blog HERE. Year in Review 2018 and Top 10 Games Played is currently in editing phase so we will have a new podcast episode released this week and probably the next one as well to wrap up the year.


  • Super Monsters and the Wish Star (review)
  • A StoryBots Christmas (review)
  • The Christmas Chronicles
  • John Wick: Chapter 2
  • Ready Player One

Its been a busy week in terms of movie watching. I took a little break and put two shorter Christmas animated specials from Netflix. Its a nice little change in pace to do a double feature. With that said, we finally did get around to watching Christmas Chronicles. The review for that is coming up. I liked it quite a bit. Then there were two movie rentals expiring so we watched John Wick: Chapter 2 and Ready Player One which both exceeded my expectations. I’ll have those reviews up after Christmas probably since we’re about to head into the daily Christmas hurrah with the final 5 days countdown to Christmas day. It was a good week for movies 🙂


An Oriental Odyssey

  • An Oriental Odyssey
  • A Love So Beautiful (rewatch)

Currently binging: The Inn, Who’s the Murderer, Happy Do Re Mi, My Little One

And An Oriental Odyssey finally finished last Friday, leaving me with this empty feeling. I currently ended up restarting it because I have a crazy idea for next year and of course, I love to add and expand so I’m just using it to not only fill my void but to see how time consuming something like this would be. Either way, I liked the series a lot. There’s a lot of debate among fans whether there will be a sequel. I’ll talk about my thoughts on it in the TV Binge (which I think might be next year because I’m structuring something new for the blog). The only deal is that I need to figure some way to angle it in and figure out what I might take out and how feasible the whole thing is. On that note, I’m refraining from starting anything new so I’ve been rewatching TV series. I know I’m going to take that all back when I post that I started something new. But for now, everything I’m watching currently is just weekly uploads on Hunan TV Official Channel. You can find it HERE. A lot of the variety and game shows do have English subtitles so check it out if you’d like.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
Last week was heavily Christmas focused and its going pretty good on that level.

What have you been reading/watching/binging/playing?

What’s Up #13: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

You can’t say its wrong when almost everything I’m doing last week is holiday-related or perhaps more specifically, Christmas. So it sure is looking a lot like Christmas and while this doesn’t cover my other blog, Avenue of Daydreams, my photography blog, that place is turning my phone into a Christmas gallery as well.

With that said, let’s see what happened last week!!



  • Mooseletoe by Tiffinie Helmer (Review)

Currently reading: *deciding what to read next*

Reading has been going a little slow on my end and that has to do with the lack of holiday books in my Kindle at the moment. I do have two more books that I found. I might have overlooked something because I honestly thought that I had more. Mooseletoe was kind of a finishing point for myself as I will line up a lot of stuff other than the easy contemporary romance genre because it really is getting irritating most of the time to read and then you know, sometimes I feel bad because it makes the one or two great ones that I read this year get lost in this really lackluster genre that I am realizing that I am not a fan of even if it is some of the easiest books to go through. A hint towards a few new directions in the reading department for 2019 already. Its really shaping up to some fun things in the new year. For now, we will just continue the holiday book trek until the end of the year.


  • Hidden Folks DLC Beach

Currently playing: She Remembered Caterpillars

As I kept saying in the last section, I only have one pair of eyes and each of these things aren’t quite multitaskable, although I do find myself sometimes TV binging and reading at the same time when I’m feeling super ambitious, so who knows, right? However, playing games is a very different thing. Currently the channel is slightly lacking in videos but I am working on Hidden Folks which is one that gameplay doesn’t quite work but a review is in the works. Its a fun little game that I forgot to write a review for when I played the main game last holiday season and now I’m doing a batch review of the main game and the DLC. I am currently playing She Remembered Caterpillars which is a narrative puzzle game. Its an interesting experience but I think I have a ways to go but gameplay will go up for this one soon-ish. Just a few gaming things to get out of the way as well. A new game plan for Game Warp posting schedule is in the works for 2019 so bear with me as I figure that out. We have some fun podcasts for year-end coming up which is currently in editing.


The Princess Switch

  • Isabelle (2018)
  • The Holiday Calendar (2018) (Review)
  • The Princess Switch (2018) (Review)

I’m not quite in holiday movie watching mode but to be fair, Netflix is just starting to launch a lot more of the holiday stuff this past week so I have a few other films lined up. My fave of last week had to go to The Princess Switch which pretty much surprised me on how much fun I had watching it. Vanessa Hudgens has always been this hit or miss sort of actress, at least in the few things I’ve seen but she really did nice in this fun little doppelganger sort of film in veins of The Parent Trap (review) and It Takes Two, also two films that I enjoyed quite a bit. The holiday movies is definitely getting better and better so hopefully, it keeps going in this direction.


nailed it holiday

  • Love O2O (rewatch)
  • Nailed It! Holiday! (Mini Series)

Currently binging: An Oriental Odyssey, The Inn, Who’s the Murderer, Happy Do Re Mi

I know TV binge has been fairly the same over and over again but I’m taking the time to really just focus on a little less of TV since I have a ton of unwritten TV series which I have to go back and watch to remember what to write. I am enjoying (kind of) the catching series as they go live although only 2 more episodes of An Oriental Odyssey and its going to be over. Whoever decided that the last two episodes was going to be on one weekend needs a serious chat. But then, I’m hoping to get the TV binge done for that in a timely fashion and then rewatch it in one shot (as much as 50 episodes can be in one shot, right?).  I keep forgetting to mention it but An Oriental Odyssey does have English subtitles so I probably should have linked it before. My bad.

In terms of new things, I was super excited for a new limited series of Nailed It! for the holidays which seems like a fun time. So the husband and I had some time to binge the 7 episodes in true binging fashion so the TV binge is going up very very soon. 🙂

What’s Up #12 Holiday Marathon has Started!!

Now that we are back to normal for a week or two and had a moment to think about it further, I’ve decided that until 2019, we will be keeping this weekly written format. Mostly for my own sanity because I have a ton of backlog and a few things to work out for lighting and quality of video that I wasn’t really happy with in the first place so I’m giving myself some time to figure it out. Maybe move the recording to somewhere else entirely. Who knows? You will all know next year.

Let’s see what’s up!


Archie Vol.5

  • Archie Vol.5

Currently reading: Mooseletoe by Tiffinie Helmer

After finishing volume 4, I had to move on to the next volume and I had already bought it so it was perfect timing.  I really liked Volume 5 a lot. The review should go up very soon.


  • Time Wanderer (pre-alpha)
  • Soul Edge Cycle
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Bonus Ep: Farewell
  • Spintires: Mudrunner

Currently playing: Hidden Folks – Beach DLC, Soul Edge Cycle, She Remembered Caterpillars

Game Warp is having some fun times now. We have a love little video section on That Moment In. While writing is still slowly getting back into action, I’ve been working on some things as I talked about last time to just catch up and wrap up stuff while still working on keys and well, other things on my to be played list which I haven’t gotten around to, like Life is Strange: Before the Storm bonus episode.


Hidden Figures

  • Hidden Figures
  • Angela’s Christmas (review)
  • Rampage
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (review)

The Christmas/Holidays marathon is upon us now! I’m going mild this year with everything having stuff for the marathon every other day or so as long as I can keep up. The first two reviews have already gone live. If you missed it, I put the links to the reviews already. However, my fave movie of this week goes to Hidden Figures. I had no doubt that I’d like it as these three ladies are fantastic. I’ve loved Octavia Spencer since The Help and as for Janelle Monae, I had just seen her in Moonlight (which I have yet to review here yet..soon though), and then of course Taraji P. Henson who I’ve seen before in Date Night and Hustle & Flow. Anyways, this movie is awesome. If I did put together a top 10 films seen in 2018 list, it would be probably make Top 5. Other than that, Rampage was a lot of mindless entertainment which I always love.


The Final Table

  • The Final Table (Season 1)

Currently watching:

  • An Oriental Odyssey (Huace)
  • The Inn (Season 2, Hunan TV)
  • Who’s the Murderer (Season 4, Hunan TV)

The only series that I did finish is The Final Table. I’m working on TV Binge already so hopefully I’ll get that up soon. I’m a bit rusty on TV binges lately (as well as game reviews) so its taking a little bit of time to get it all done well. However, The Final Table is a fun one to watch. It has its pros and cons but I think just like Ultimate Beastmaster needed a season or two to find a good structure, its a good concept to bring together global chefs and their accomplishments and also showcase their skills while sharing international foods and culture. Either way, more on that when the TV binge goes on. However, for now, I’m mostly focused on An Oriental Odyssey as well as the other reality (The Inn) and game (Who’s the Murderer). My heart has been on it as I wait for the next episodes to upload Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and usually save it to binge watch on Saturday evening or something. I honestly don’t foresee starting anything until next year since I have over 10 TV binges to write up that I haven’t written yet but I’ll have to rewatch some to even remember what to write and breakdown.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
What have you been watching, reading, playing and binging?

What’s Up #11!

I have a feeling that I’ll be keeping the written format through the rest of the year to at least get a routine back. Meanwhile, I’ll iron out some of the recording issues like lighting and whatnot with a few trials and maybe set up and such. However, here we are. I promised to get back on a weekly basis even if it won’t be that exciting but I think its a nice cleanser from some of the focused bits on reviews on whatever form of entertainment and as this project always was to bring together all my projects and give an idea on what I’m doing even if I don’t review the stuff right away.

Let’s jump right in!


Archie Vol.4

  • Archie, Vol.4 by Mark Waid

I can multitask like a crazy person but I only have one pair of eyes so if I choose movies then I don’t get to read. I did reach my Goodreads Challenge for this year so anything else is just extra. As I figure out my December reading list, I’m filling in with some lighter things like graphic novels. I have a nice idea for 2019 reading right now that I’m shaping together. At least something is coming together, right?



  • Piffle
  • Scriptum

I haven’t had time for gaming for the reason based on my WATCHING section below and the only having a pair of eyes that I mentioned above so I’ve mostly been playing mobile games, before bedtime or on the bus or whatnot. Piffle has been my main focus this past week. However, I’ve been trying to figure out a space to successfully finish a play through of Scriptum which is an augmented reality room escape. Its a pretty neat idea that I think needs a few bug fixes but it essentially scans your room and turns it into the game space to do the room escape. I’ll talk about it more in the upcoming mobile game roundup.



  • Hammer of the Gods
  • Montreal Dead End
  • Deadsight
  • The Hoard
  • Fugue

Nothing like a film festival to give a nice kick in the behind to bump up movie watching time, right? I’ll talk about the whole remote coverage experience in the upcoming Weekly Adventures. My pick out of these goes to Fugue and honorable mention would go to Deadsight. I’m still working on Fugue’s review mostly because its hard to avoid spoilers so I’m struggling with it but it should be up soon.


An Oriental Odyssey

  • An Oriental Odyssey (Huace Web Series)
  • The Final Table (Netflix Originals)
  • The Inn (Season 2, Hunan TV)
  • Who’s the Murderer (Season 4, Hunan TV)

Everything I’m watching is currently playing either on a Youtube channel or released in full on Netflix. However, I spent a lot of time catching up with An Oriental Odyssey and it gave me a day of both sad tears that lead to bawling and tears of joy from just how hilarious some of the scenes were. I think there’s 2 weeks and a day left of episodes before the series ends. I usually wait for the end of the weekend to binge the 6 episodes released but I’m not sure if I can resist at this part of the series. We’ll see. I have my eyes on another series afterwards to start. With that said, I’m always eager to start Netflix Original global competition shows so I’ve started watching The Final Table. At this point, I’m halfway through the competition so should be done soon and prioritize the TV Binge since I have a few thoughts on it already.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
I’m slowly moving out of the Chinese TV series phase (kind of, but not really)
However, I have a few ideas related to the direction of the blog in 2019 that came up this week which I’m considering how to implement.

What have you been reading, playing, watching and binging?