Graphic Horror Blogathon: Blade (1998)

If some of you are unaware, all March long over at Flights Tights & Movie Nights is Graphic Horror Blogathon month where you can review movies based on graphic novels or even choose a movie that you feel be great as a graphic novel.  Thats a really awesome idea, right? There’s been some really great posts thats gone up.

Now, I love awesome ideas so even if I’m not much of a graphic novel connoisseur, I’m always down to check out (or rewatch) movies.  My choice for Graphic Horror Blogathon? Blade.  I’ve only watched snippets here and there of this one before, but I love vampire flicks and I’ve owned the trilogy for a long time.  There’s just always something that catches my eye more. This past weekend, I sat down, wrapped myself in a blanket and fought off the losing an hour because of daylight saving time adjustments and watched Blade.

Let’s see how it was, shall we?

Blade (1998)


Director: Stephen Norrington

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, N’Bushe Wright, Donal Logue, Arly Jover

Vampires live among humans however they preserve a certain set of rules to make sure that they do not make themselves too visible.  In the shadows, Blade makes sure that they keep their order. Being half human and half vampire, he can walk in the daylight but tries his best to control his thirst for blood while trying to protect the innocent mortals from vampires while trying to get rid of them all.  One night he saves Dr. Karen Jensen after she has been bitten and tries his best to stop her change with the help of his friend, Abraham. At the same time, this is just the beginning when change is about to happen to shift the balance between vampires and mortals if fellow vampire Deacon Frost succeeds in carrying out his plan.

Lets start with a few facts about me, so this review makes a little more sense.  First, I love all things vampire (except Twilight.  No sparkling vamps, thank you).  Second, I’m not a fan of Wesley Snipes.  I couldn’t finish Demolition Man.  I didn’t even get through half of it for all I know.  Third, I have not read the graphic horror novel that this is based on. I’m quite new to this term so while I know what it generally is, I really just think its a more stylish comic book.  With all that info about me, lets get this review starts.


I’m a little half and half with Blade.  Why? I didn’t like that it was so slow.  The pace was horrible and it wasn’t even that long of a movie.  Maybe a little long at around two hours.  The acting is also something I’m not too huge on but then I think it makes it feel a little bit more comic-y and it constantly reminds me that I’m watching a movie adapted from a graphic novel.  I’d say, on that level, it succeeds rather well.


What does work is that this is violent and stylish.  The action scenes are done really well and they are frequent enough that its only parts that made me more anxious to watch it.  When its just talking and whatever, that’s when it felt a little dragging out and never-ending.   Normally, I’m okay with talking a lot when its intriguing but it really wasn’t.  Its a comic book movie and Blade is somewhat of a hero of sorts so even in the most dangerous situation, you know he’ll break out and save the day in one way or another.


So, maybe here’s where I get to confuse you all a little.  As much as I don’t quite like Wesley Snipes, he fits the role of Blade extremely well. He doesn’t give off a serious vibe to begin with and he can pull of minimal dialogue, quiet and mysterious but still feel like its not all that serious while pulling off some great action sequences.  It works out for him.  Trust me, I’m surprised that I actually enjoyed him a little more than usual.

I don’t have all that much to say about Blade, maybe thats what its taken me so long to get this review up. Blade is a mildly entertaining movie because of Wesley Snipes being Blade and the action sequences that the movie adds in.  The other parts is not exactly intriguing or interesting.  However, what it does succeed is that it always reflects that it is based on a graphic novel and reflects well with its dialogue.  Its could be a good fun guilty pleasure.  Not exactly mine but I did enjoy myself a little so that’s good with me.

Have you seen Blade? Do you like Wesley Snipes? 

Thick & Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Its been tough getting in time to bake but the past Tuesday was my boyfriend’s birthday, so the least I could do was bake him some goodies. His favorite is Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies.  All my cookbooks are at my new place so I dug around in my Pinterest and remembered that I had pinned this recipe from a blog that I’ve followed for quite some time called Chew Out Loud.  I still have a ton of recipes to try from this blog but these looked like quite the winner.  As usual, I made a few changes to it but this one is not gluten-free as my boyfriend isn’t so I don’t make him eat GF flour unless necessary ;)

Thick n Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thick & Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

The recipe I used was this one:

Makes 24 cookies

Suffice to say these aren’t quite Thick & Chewy and I only managed to get half the batter used.  My mom ended up transforming the second half the next day into muffins after adding in some cashew milk or something.  The cookies were quite good. My boyfriend seemed to enjoy it. Still, my issue was also that I forgot to flatten it and just kept it in a rolled up batter. Rushing to baking when I don’t do it frequent enough is hurting my little skills that I have.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Lets start with the changes:

  • Omit cinnamon: ran out
  • Unsalted butter instead of salted and less than required: I used the only bit left, maybe 14 tbsp, I just estimated.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of chopped semi-sweet chocolate

The cookies was pretty easy to make.  Cookies usually are and that’s why I love making them.  Plus, the oven time is usually around 15 minutes so its quick as well.  Efficiency is definitely a plus for this recipe. I felt like there was a lot of sugar for this one but my boyfriend felt it was good. I can’t eat chocolate so I didn’t get a taste.  The looks are really good as well.  I could’ve waited for it to cool a little more because it would have settled a little more (as the recipe suggests).

This is definitely an easy and efficient recipe to try.  My boyfriend liked it quite a bit.  I absolutely love the smell of chocolate swirl around the air as it bakes.

Do you like chocolate chip and/or oatmeal cookies? 

Meathead March – The Magic of Belle Island (2012) – Tranquil Dreams

Kim @ Tranquil Dreams:

Check out my second (and last) post to the Meathead March blogathon over at MovieRob’s. If you haven’t heard of it before, its a blogathon dedicated to Rob Reiner’s movies. This time around, I reviewed a much newer movie that I’ve never heard of until I did this blogathon called The Magic of Belle Isle with the ever so talented Morgan Freeman who finds himself again as a lost writer.
While you’re there, remember to take a look at the awesome posts for the other movies for the this blogathon. Rob Reiner has directed some really impressive movies.

Happy Thursday! :)

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meathead march blogathonFor today’s first review of The Magic of Belle Isle (2012), here’s a review by Kim of Tranquil Dreams

Thanks Kim!

the magic of belle isle posterThe Magic of Belle Isle (2012)

Director: Rob Reiner

Cast: Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen, Emma Fuhrmann, Madeline Carroll, Nicolette Pierini

magic of belle isle 1

Monte Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman), an old Western novelist who has turned into an alcoholic after losing his creative touch for many years is brought by his nephew to Belle Isle to stay for the summer.  Fully accomodated in this home, his one task is to drink and watch over the owner’s dog.  When the next door neighbor, Charlotte O’Neill (Virginia Madsen) and her three daughters, Willow (Madeline Carroll), Finnegan (Emma Fuhrmann) and Flora (Nicolette Pierini) start to approach him, they each help me to find his creative passion and himself again.

The Magic of Belle Isle is a feel-good charming little movie.  There are a few factors that you…

View original 406 more words

Bollywood Double Feature: Dil Chahta Hai (2001) & Dostana (2008)

Movie reviews have been scarce on here and I apologize deeply for it.  Its just I’ve been trying to get a life outside of the internets going, like getting certain priorities straight.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I still watch movies and I have a ton backlogged.  I just can’t write as fast I used to.  But, the review for the first of these two Bollywood features have been sitting in the back of my mind for a little while (a few months maybe) and I just felt like they deserved a little review so here we go with a Bollywood double feature.

Bollywood or any Indian cinema takes time to watch.  Nothing short of 3 hours to spare in your schedule is needed and it really sucks when it doesn’t really even give the slightest of entertainment value.  That’s something that makes me hesitate to watch it sometimes but when the crushing deadline of Netflix appears threatening to expire them, I cozy up with some tea and clear out my schedule and that is how I ended up seeing these two: Dil Chahta Hai and Dostana.

Let’s check them out!

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

dil chahta hai

Director: Farhan Arhtar

Cast: Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Preity Zinta, Sonali Kulkarni, Dimple Kapadia

Three inseparable childhood friends are just out of college. Nothing comes between them – until they each fall in love, and their wildly different approaches to relationships creates tension.- IMDB

Dil Chahta Hai is a movie on friendship and love, but mostly on friendship.  The beginning leads us into backtracking to how two of the three friends haven’t seen each other in a few years and now one of them is sitting in a hospital for some unknown reason.  It peaks the interest in getting us intrigued for one, who is in the hospital and in a seemingly serious problem and two, who is this third friend and why is he refusing to come even in an extreme situation.  What is the falling out so serious that could cause this, right?

This is a powerful movie if anything.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the songs themselves but other than that, the story was really well in developing each of the characters.  The friendship was something that was so strong and well-emphasized and it gives somewhat of a good look at how the dynamic of friends and each of them balance each other so that their friendship thrives.  Most of this is by giving each friend a good amount of their own time to tell each of their own stories and their feelings and that helps us to understand of each of them and connect deeper to the characters.

I don’t want to go too much into detail here but Dil Chahta Hai is an impressive drama about friendship and it was done so well that by the end of it all, I was pretty touched at the end and got a little misty. That was pretty much unexpected for me and in such a good way.

Dostana (2008)


Director: Tarun Mansukhani

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra, Bobby Deol, Boman Irani

Two straight guys pretend to be gay in order to secure a Miami apartment. When both of them fall for their roommate Neha, hilarity ensues as they strive to convince one and all that they’re gay, secretly trying to win her heart. -IMDB

 Dostana is a fun, lighthearted comedy done in absolutely the most hilarious ways.  I have to say, it charmed me quite a bit.  I personally don’t think Abhishek Bachchan is all that handsome but somehow I managed to even see some charm in him.  In fact, for the first bollywood movie EVER, I knew all the main cast.  Its something to be proud of, okay? Dostana had me laughing so hard throughout the whole movie plus as cheesy as some of the music usually is, and it has that whole opening song to start the movie (which usually is a sign of extreme cheese), this one redeemed itself really quickly.  John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra have the best chemistry and they are all extremely charming characters.   Plus, the whole pretending to be gay thing works out to make this even more laugh out loud and there’s just so many of those.

There aren’t enough compliments I could give this one because it swept me off my feet unexpectedly.  I truly expected it to be just a really ridiculous concept but the way they did it was quite smart.  I don’t have all that much to say about this one because it was just so fun and hilarious.  The characters are charming and it never gets too dramatic.  There is really no better way to spend 3 hours than to be constantly laughing and knows how to do just that :) As much as this is about love, its also about friends so it makes this quite a memorable movie.

Overall, two very good Bollywood movies.  They are both worth your time.  If you’re looking for a good drama (with a few laughs), Dil Chahta Hai would be your choice and if you want to just turn off your mind and downright roll off your chair laughing at the hilarious situation two guys pretending to be gay while living with a pretty girl, Dostana is a sure fire! Its rare I get back to back winners in these double features but both of these boast a pretty great cast and a very well executed storyline.  If you cross paths with them, you should definitely give it a chance! :)

Have you seen either of these? If you have, did you like it?

Restaurant: Jack Saloon at Quartier Dix 30, Brossard, Quebec!

Its been a good few months that I’ve posted anything on going out to restaurants.

A few months ago, I found a pretty good deal on Groupon for Jack Saloon in Quartier Dix30 in Brossard.  Its been a place I’ve been wanting to go check out with my boyfriend.

Situated down the main strip of Quarter Dix30, Jack Saloon has a great location where there’s accessible underground parking.  When you first enter Jack Saloon, the one thing you will not miss is its beautiful decor creating a very stylish ambiance.

Jack Saloon Dix30

We went for a 5pm reservation and outside was still bright but the copper counters of the bar situated in the middle and the racing and older style pictures dangling above it match the vibe they want to give.  The walls are lined with animal skulls and there are some classic lamp shades to match the lights decorating different corners.

We started off the evening with some cocktails.

Jack Saloon Dix30

Bloody Caesar a la Course

Jack Saloon Dix30

Mojito a la Mangue (Mango Mojito)

My boyfriend took the Bloody Caesar.  Its his thing.  He orders that everything.  Jack Saloon’s adds a little spicy twist to it with a few extra ingredients.  My boyfriend said that it tasted pretty good but the taste was definitely stronger than normal. I had the Mango Mojito.  I’ve turned into quite a mojito lover and I adore mango so this combination worked for me.  I can’t say I’m extremely wowed by it but it was quite delicious :) Mango is a tricky fruit for cocktails in general, I believe (or maybe I’m just a little picky).

Moving along, Sundays at Jack Saloon’s meant that there was $10 on selected burgers which we could not take because it would render our Groupon useless and we’d have to use it another time.  We ended up both picking something else on the menu and I took the half rack of ribs while my boyfriend took a full rack with a side of onion rings.

Jack Saloon Dix30

Half Rack of BBQ Ribs

Jack Saloon Dix30

Accompaniment: Onion Rings

Jack Saloon Dix30

Closer look at onion rings: Its drenched in Honey!!!

I love ribs, oh do I love them? The choice for me was relatively easy, although I equally love pulled pork sandwiches as well.  There’s a ton of stuff to try here.  It sucks that I’m lactose intolerant or I’d have tried the Chicken ‘n Waffles which they also have here.  Anyways, we both had the ribs and the very nice waiter told us that because its done on the smokehouse at the actual restaurant, its going to be drier than the normal ribs that we have elsewhere.  We both were cool with that.

The ribs were spiced differently from other places and honestly, it may look dry but the taste was really awesome.  I’m glad I took the half rack because I don’t deal too well with spices (completely my own digestive issues) and this was just enough to satisfy my appetite and still be happy.

The onion rings were the star here.  I didn’t realize it was drenched in honey until I took my first bite.  The onions were cut large and usually I don’t like that but with the honey and the delicious crust, it just melted in my mouth.  It was so awesome and heavenly! :) I took the second picture so that you could see the honey while the first one is the portion size of the accompaniment.

Jack Saloon’s is a pretty cool place to go.  The prices are a little higher than average and they may not have a huge selection on their 2 page menu but every choice is unique and original and they add their own little flair to it.  The ambiance and decor is extremely stylish and comfortable and well, the food was satisfying and delicious.  Oh, and the service was also very good.  We had a friendly waiter and that makes the experience every bit more pleasant.

Little Life Lessons: Things I’ve Realized Recently

I love quotes.  Love them to bits and I have a growing and thriving Pinterest board dedicated to it.  When I did the My Weekly Adventures, I’d always add a quote to the end.  That’s just how I am. My Weekly  Adventures has somewhat diminished but Tranquil Dreams formed because I wanted to be inspired with life and find a means to stay positive.  I say that because sometimes I get caught up with life and forget to live. My Chinese name may mean Tranquil Dreams but I bet you that my brain is never tranquil, its always moving.  Probably why this space is crazy versatile…

Maybe this is a little excuse to ramble a little about things but 2015 is proving to be quite an exciting journey (even with a few frustrating and mind-boggling experiences). But, doesn’t mean that I’m not learning everyday.  After some thought about doing this or not, I decided that it’ll be nice to have this little random segment.  I might keep this a “regular” segment, something like monthly instalments like Music Obsessions or Pinterest Therapy (I should get one of these done also).

Lets see how it goes first! It could be about anything.  Its my place to talk about random things pretty much. And it could be fun and maybe a little inspirational, I don’t know ;)

 1) I have some phenomenal organizational skills that makes it possible to stuff everything into my one room when I find it hard to put it into an entire house


Maybe its not fair that I use this as my exhibit.  Thats our movies all organized.  More than half of those resided in my room before.  Moving issues right now pretty much become HOW I can possibly fit everything in an organized way into the house.  I’m approaching actually physically moving in and this is just the movie collection, I forcefully got 80% of my books on shelves and another 60% of my clothes tucked away in storage or closet or new dresser. How did all this stuff fit in my room before? I’m in constant wonderment about that.

What did I realize? Yes, I’m a pack rat but my organizational skills only appear in confined spaces…I guess thats what I wanted to say.

2) My world is easily in a constant nerd mode (aka finding my Kakuro books and being obsessed all over again)



I used to be a huge Sudoku fan.  Thats until one day, I discovered Kakuro.  Its more challenging than Sudoku and I bought two of these books to work on that logic that seemed to be slowly slipping away.  After realizing I really sucked at Kakuro, I tucked it away and because of moving, I found it all over again.  Apparently, getting older has caused a lot of pretty bad changes: lower (than my already low) alcohol tolerance, unable to stay up as late as I used to, not being able to eat a lot of junk food (not necessarily a bad thing) but my logic is better now and Kakuro is becoming easier.  I found the trick to it, or I think I did.  In a day, I go through about two of these in my spare time.

Well, spare time..haha! Thats probably why I’m falling behind with TV and movies.  Netflix has been slightly ignored for the past week or so…I promise to get back on track, especially since I have another 5 movies expiring on March 30th.

3)Being Creative is not a hobby!being creative

Over at my other blog, Days Nights and Daydreams, I had a really busy week a week or two ago because inspiration was crazy flowing.  I was on fire just because I saw something that made me thinking of something else and just how to work the story out.  I even had a little discussion with my boyfriend to help sort out some thoughts.  Creativity really rocks when its around and it felt so awesome! You can follow the link to read the first part of my little apocalypse beginning of the idea in a little fifty word thing.

calvin and hobbes

On that note, I’m pushing for one of my projects to start, the Disney one.  I’ll have an update on it soon. That takes a little more work and I think I just found a way to expand it? I don’t know how to make it work but you know, things always work out last minute :P

4) When spring refuses to arrive, I start thinking about gardening..hanging garden

Last year was my first official year gardening in my own space.  My dream is to do an indoor herb garden and make it work even when my house doesn’t get all that much light.  Still, this concept up there makes me realize that it could be doable.  That’s whats been occupying my brain a little more these days.  Plus, I have a desire to use some of my garden in the backyard to turn into a butterfly garden.  Walmart also had seeds for a hummingbird garden.  I saw ONE hummingbird in my garden so long ago and never again but I think its worth a shot.

For now, I’m wishing away the snow and hoping that my tulips and daffodils are going to pop out and that I didn’t bury them too deep.

Who knew I have a secret desire to be a gardener? I sure didn’t…

5) Video games are getting more and more real adding that touch of adventure and action at the same time

Beyond: Two Souls

I knew this before.  I  watched my boyfriend play The Last of Us and hints of Heavy Rain but its the first time, I’ve sat through an entire game with him.  We only made it through one ending for now with Beyond: Two Souls, but I really wanted to talk about it.  This game is a big YES! I love heavy story based games.  And I love that it reminds us that life’s about choices and you chart your own ending and everything amounts to a certain ending. Thats pretty cool.

Not exactly a realization, but where else would I talk about Beyond: Two Souls being an awesome game.  But I’m sure a ton of you already know.  Oh, and it goes well with my whole movie review thing because Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe and Eric Winters does voice work and are the characters here.  Technology, I really do love you…sometimes.

6) Quotes that really hit certain feelings I’ve been having in the past month

This is getting long so I’ve been having some personal stuff going on and these quotes are exactly how I’m feeling.



sometimes the best thing

There you go! My little life realizations.  I don’t know how to make My Weekly Adventures work, instead I want to dedicate multiple little posts than one big one.  Here is a little way to make Tranquil Dreams stay true to how it started and I probably will do this on a monthly basis.

Hope you enjoyed! :) 

What do you think about this little segment? Thoughts and suggestions?

TV Binge: The 100 (Season 2)

Its a bit of a lie here.  I didn’t exactly binge watch this.  I did do it up to the mid-season finale of Season 2 and I covered mostly Season 1 stuff in THIS POST. But TV Binge is the segment I use for TV so it’ll have to do.  Plus, The 100 is the ONLY series on Netflix (not by Netflix) that is updated weekly.  The 2 part finale was available a few weeks ago but I’ve been catching up with blogathon posts and life itself, so I finally sat down to wrap this up.  I guess if I didn’t wait for both parts and skipped a week, I would’ve seen this earlier.  Anyways, its done!

the 100

The 100 may actually be one of my favorite TV series right now.  Its like an influx of intensity every single episode.  I really felt that the first season took a great pace that when they ended to get the second season to follow, it flowed perfectly in.  After having bonded with a lot of the characters throughout Season 1, The 100 stepped into Season 2 with more variety.  There was a lot of finding balance between war and peace and constant dilemmas.  Everyone had to make hard choices and there was always an auxiliary plan going on that was happening.  There was no idea what would happen next and I was just completely absorbed into all the craziness going on.

Before we go any further from here, there may be spoilers after this point if you’re still in Season 1 or plan on seeing any part of The 100! SPOILER ALERT!! You could skip to the ending paragraph starting with “Overall”.

If you’re still reading this, it means you’ve seen this or will run the risk of seeing possibly spoilers.  I don’t really know what I’m going to write until I do so there’s always that chance. I do try to avoid it though.  Its just hard when looking back at a full season of TV.

I’m going to do this a little different this time around.  There were a TON of changes from character developments to new characters altogether, changing in location, multiple simultaneous tangents going at the same time.  Its what made The 100 always intriguing and exciting to watch.  So here’s a few of them:

The 100 Season 2

Season 2 is lesson after lesson about sacrifices and hard choices, choosing the hopefully lesser evil.  Whether you can see the point in it or not (just like the characters involved), you will be right along the ride.  Usually, that person who gets stuck in these dilemmas is Clarke (Eliza Taylor).

The main reason for this is because of trying to be in alliance with the Grounders.  And also one of the best parts of the series.

The 100 Season 2

They are savages and barbaric.  They believe in blood for blood and are extremely violent and vengeful people.  The entrance of their Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey) is the one that causes a whole lot of these things. With the Grounders, its a question of how much they can each side trusts each other even when it comes down to a quest to save their own people.

Since Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) is now a main character in Season 2.  His relationship with Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is actually one that turns out to be the best, not because of their actual relationship development but the fact that Octavia’s character changes the most of the beginning of this show in Season 1 till the end of Season 2.

The 100 Season 2

The alliance also strengthens not only Octavia but Season 2 introduces us to why this alliance is necessary to save their people from the extreme survival scheme that Mount Weather has tucked away underground with their captives.  Both sides have their people in there and what extent will they take to rescue them?

What works for The 100 is that even though we have the apparent enemy in Mount Weather, mostly with the President and his son, Cage (plus all their army).  There is no knowing who is going to betray or backstab or any of those things.

At the same time, possibly the best part of the season was seeing the gradual flipside of Finn (Thomas McDonell) and how Bellamy (Bob Morley), out of all people, actually has reason.

The 100 Season 2

Surprises, surprises ;) They are everywhere in this series.  The fact that I watched the first half 3 months ago and still remember a good bit of it is definitely a good sign.  Moving along, I’m about to wrap up.

Unexpected things happen for sure, but nothing quite feels so good as seeing the anticipated (for me at least) Abby (Paige Turco) and Marcus (Henry Ian Cusick) finally seem to figure things out together and see situations in similar light.

The 100 Season 2

If CW has excelled on anything, its the fact that they almost always have a groundbreaking season finale.  Season 3 is going to bring a lot of changes.  The story arcs can span in different directions.  What turned out to be a really pointless portion of the story with Jaha (Isaiah Washinton) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) ended up adding a little bit more meaning near the end.

I’m going to end this here before I just spoil the whole thing.

Overall, The 100 Season 2 is full of twists and turns at every corner.  The Season 1 characters all have developed and become a better or worse version of themselves, depending on who. While the series also reminds us constantly that bad habits die hard.  That’s really what I got as we approached the Season 2 finale.  With not only the focus of The Ark and The 100 anymore, there are the Grounders and Mount Weather playing a bigger part and giving us explanations for all those strange occurrences in Season 1, the question of who is the enemy and who can you trust comes into play here a lot. Its about making the “right” choice or coming up with the best bad idea (am I stealing from Argo?) If you enjoyed Season 1 of The 100, Season 2 does not disappoint.  I had a lot of fun, intense, exciting moments with this one.  It was just adventure after adventure as the characters encountered dangers and obstacles over and over again.

Not exactly a binge but I’ll be back with an actual one soon. I just have to get back to watching some movies and getting a few things wrapped up and planned further before I get to that. I have some nice announcements coming up by the end of the month so, lets hope I can get it all taken care of by then!

What have you been binge-watching? Have you seen The 100?

Happy Monday, my lovelies! :)