Game Warp Podcast: Let’s Review Oxenfree!

Welcome to the new episode of Game Warp! This month’s featured game is Oxenfree, a coming of age tale mixed with a supernatural thriller with a choice-based element. Elwood and I did a few livestreams on the game. I actually will be finishing up the continued timeline livestream soon. Maybe even tonight. Keep an eye on the Game Warp Podcast Twitter and Facebook for any updates on that. Oxenfree was one of my most anticipated games this year! I’m pretty glad that we played it as one of the featured games. There’s lots to talk about from characters, storyline, dialogue, and especially the art work and voice acting, even a little about the studio, Night School Studio.

Hope you enjoy! This episode includes gameplay in the background.

If there is any games, you’d like us to review on our homebase That Moment In or talk about as a featured game, you can find contact us by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just about anything! We will also be livestreaming on Twitch. However, we have no set schedule although I’m working on at least setting one block of time for it soon.:)

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Fantasia Festival 2016: We Go On (2016)

It has been a few days since the last Fantasia Festival film. I was tempted to add in a movie in between but decided that it was better to rest up. The last stretch after this one is going to be intense. You will see soon enough. Next up is We Go On hosted by co-director Andy Mitton and actor Jay Dunn.

We Go On (2016)

Director: Jesse Holland & Andy Mitton

Cast: Clark Freeman, Jay Dunn, Annette O’Toole, Laura Heisler, John Glover, Giovanna Zacarias

We Go On carries a great premise of defining the point where skepticism and curiosity and belief in the afterlife collide. Miles has an immaculate fear of death. It is so severe that he fears everything. In a desperate moment, he determines that the way to not be scared anymore is to find someone who can show him that there is more after death. It isn’t lights out but rather we go on. Do you not time to time, even momentarily wonder if there is more? Perhaps it is why this movie resounds even more to those who wonder. (Myself included.)

We Go On is unique because of how it sets up the story. It sets an unsettling atmosphere. At the same time, this year’s films have been about heart and detail and this one is no exception.  We Go On takes the experts that Miles (played by Clark Freeman) chooses to visit with his extremely skeptical mother (played by Annette O’Toole) and leaves us pieces of clues and it all comes in use in the end. It reminds us of the details.  At the same time, while it keeps us at the edge of our seat wondering if whatever exists in the afterlife does or doesn’t, it allows us time to not only breathe but laugh. Humor, drama and horror is all wrapped in We Go On.

We Go On

With its few characters that revolves around our main character Miles, our focus never leaves Miles and his movements and little expressions that suggest much more. We can see his fear, doubts, and equally his hope and disappointments. Among the stellar cast, Miles’ character truly grasps the uneasy and desperate feeling. There is fear, tension and so much more.On this journey as mentioned before is his reluctant but protectively caring mother played by Annette O’Toole who captures the role perfectly and it is her that makes us laugh the most with her disbelief and sarcastic/snarky interjections. Alongside this unexpected horror duo focused on the relationship of this mother and son relationship trying to get through this is an unexpected visitor Nelson that comes into the story. He is played by Jay Dunn and he truly takes Nelson to a place where its an area of uneasy and something incredibly mysterious about this character in the beginning before diving straight into some really creepy bits.

There are a lot of aspects done right from getting good locations and a tight knit story and the pacing, despite it being slow, is still engaging. However, where this seems to fall apart a little is in its final act. The story seemed to get lost in finding its way out to wrap up this entire ordeal. The way it ended felt a little underwhelming and didn’t have quite the shock value it may have meant to have. However, any further would be entering spoiler territory.

For those who can appreciate a slow burning movie, We Go On has a lot to offer. However, this is a quiet film. One that takes the time to develop and build a connection with Miles and the few characters like his mother and his eventual “buddy”, Nelson. A lot is not in dialogue but reaction and expressions.  Despite its lackluster finale, the sum of everything especially the atmosphere and the stellar performances makes up sufficiently to create a genuine and natural supernatural film filled with dread and humor.

The Perfect Husband (2014)

Another random movie choice that was just released today on Bluray and DVD. It is interesting how these things fall in place. This one definitely did peak my interest since it is a thriller and you all know how much I love those.

Let’s check it out!

The Perfect Husband (2014)

the perfect husband

Director: Lucas Pavetto

Cast: Gabriella Wright, Bret Roberts, Carl Wharton, Tania Bambaci, Daniel Vivian

A married couple decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin, but the romantic journey takes a turn for the worst, when a sneaking suspicion becomes pure madness.-IMDB

The Perfect Husband is one of those movies that rely a lot on setting up a situation. In fact, The Perfect Husband takes about two-thirds of the movie to set up  the whole set and still manage to twist it all around by the end of it. Except it is well-crafted that everything fits together. Except for one scene that I’m still debating about what it all meant. However, that shows a lot of attention to detail and just the thought put into realizing a film like this one. The Perfect Husband however might not be for everyone because it gives you lots and lots of build-up and more and more questions and it all seems like a harmless drama except for the few lingering and uneasy moments that is somewhat expected. It brings in a lot of suspicious glances and secrets and the like before that one moment where it all unleashes in the final third. The Perfect Husband takes patience but the reward is rather satisfying.

The Perfect Husband

Let us not get ahead of ourselves and give it a little breakdown. We’ve only gone through a rundown of the story and execution. Before we step into the characters and cast, there is one thing about the execution of the film that I question if it was the right thing to do: the pacing for the first two-thirds. What I mean is that, while I can understand the use of pacing and it making us connect and understand the characters a little more and a lot more to ponder. Would it have been more effective setting up the twist a little earlier? Give it a little more engagement before just turning it all around. Of course, that isn’t to say that the execution now has any particular issues because the pay-off is quite worth it.

The Perfect Husband features a small cast. Its main leads take up most of the screen time with a few moments of the ranger played by Carl Wharton and a gypsy played by Daniel Vivian.Our main characters are husband and wife played by Bret Roberts and Gabriella Wright respectively. While both their roles takes a while to warm up to, they really create a depth for both the characters. In the start, without knowing much about what happened to the couple, its hard to understand why the husband is all full of surprises and the wife is really hard to deal with. As it slowly unveils to her losing her child, it also shows from the start that the two have secrets which makes us also question why this is a secret if they were married in the first place. At times, the dialogue made it feel like they had just met. Whether that is fully answered in the end, is still a question that perhaps is left for the individual viewer to each draw their own conclusion. For myself, it is half and half. While I can vaguely see the reason, it does seem far-fetched and less deliberate than some parts of the dialogue being a weaker part of the script.

The Perfect Husband

Overall, The Perfect Husband is not perfect. There are flaws in dialogue and even the pacing could be done a little better. Although the first act lacks a little momentum, the second act does a good job of setting up questions and the stage for the full turn of events in the third (and final) act that really causes us to hold our breath until completely knocking us off our feet with the finale. The Perfect Husband is not perfect but creates enough surprises that for the patient audience, it is worth a watch.

That Moment In Podcast: The Harvest (2013)

This week, Mel, David and I are talking about 2013’s The Harvest. I challenged David to find a moment in it two weeks ago and now he has. I first caught The Harvest two years ago at Fantasia Festival and it was the highlight of the festival that year. Plus, the director John McNaughton was there after a hiatus in director’s seat and returning with this psychological drama thriller and will promise to shake you up with some crazy plot twists. I was a little hesitant in watching it again whether it’d have the same effect.

In this podcast, we talk about the characters and cast. Dive with some questions we had and talk about the moment in The Harvest that is a crucial and turning point. We also highlight some other moments that impacted us.

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Hope you enjoy!:)

Netflix A-Z: The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

Next up on the Netflix A-Z after a little break is a Netflix Original called The Fundamentals of Caring released this year. Netflix exclusives have been quite good. More referring to TV series than movies since this is the first one I’ve seen, but the cast is cool. I like all three of the leads. Plus, Netflix A-Z is all about digging up some cool movies in the crazy variety of choices available. Fantasia Festival is going through a little gap of screenings so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on this segment.

Let’s check it out!

The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

The Fundamentals of Caring

Director: Rob Burnett

Cast: Craig Roberts, Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Ehle, Megan Ferguson

A man suffering an incredible amount of loss enrolls in a class about care-giving that changes his perspective on life.-IMDB

The Fundamentals of Caring is odd. Its not exactly a bad movie but at some moments, it seems to take a rather predictable route for a movie that could have a bigger impact on our connection to the characters or to the situation itself. Perhaps that is the real problem: connecting with the characters. The premise it takes its a good one. Its one that as a drama or comedy or whatnot, it can take us on a fun and inspiring journey about a man who is a writer turned caregiver going through a divorce after losing a son in some way that is slowly revealed to us. Its about a teenage boy raised by a single mother whose father left when he was diagnosed and has never seen the world who gets the chance to finally see all the lame landmarks he has penciled in. And on the road, they meet up with a young girl who also is going by herself to Denver because she believes there’s more there while we also know that she is having issues with her father. Notice the connection of fatherhood going on (along with pain and loss).

the fundamentals of caring

Lets take a look at the characters. All of them do a decent job. Craig Roberts, plays Trevor, our main character who is a young adult suffering from muscular dystrophy since he was three. He carries a compelling role and in many ways does the best job out of the three main characters here. Maybe its because he has a disability and that this is his first trip and we start seeing a lot of his strength and braveness questioned and conquered. In the end, he is still a joker despite his situation. He pulls the most ridiculous jokes like faking choking and all that. But he also is interesting because his characters changes in moods quite a bit and in the end, he manages to show us that its not disabilities that make him different. In fact, seeing the world and encountering new things and having dreams come true even if its just seeing the World’s Deepest Pit, makes him a very real person. It reminds us that its the simple things. Just like the best moment and character defining moment is when he is asked what he would do if he could stand suddenly and he answers: to pee standing up.

One of the best moments are between Trevor and his caregiver Ben Benjamin, who is played by Paul Rudd. I can’t say that I connected with the character of Ben a lot. It is done fairly well that there is definitely something that is holding him down and it has to do with his son’s death but only get what happens afterwards and in between some hints of what happen. It also makes us question why he became a caregiver and it is an issue that is asked, which is a good one because this is where we also get to question his character and whether the deeds he does for Trevor is for himself or for Trevor’s benefit. The relationship between the two is the highlight of the film.

The Fundamentals of Caring

 Another thing The Fundamentals of Caring truly emphasizes is that Trevor is in control of his future despite his muscular distrophy. No one will judge him quite as much as himself if he lets it bring him down. Its what makes his first encounter with meeting with Selena Gomez’s character Dot, a somewhat run away hitchhiking young adult, seem fun. He is awkward and nervous like other boys seeing a girl they crush on but eventually finds the courage to just be himself. Except we can’t ignore Dot. While I feel like her performance is a little weaker and its also because she doesn’t have as much screen time but she brings a different energy on screen and perhaps a different humor. That can also be said for their next final pick-up off the side of the road as they pick up Megan Ferguson’s character, Peaches who is a simple-minded distressed mom-to-be.

The Fundamentals of Caring

However, it is hard to pinpoint what didn’t seem to go down so well. Maybe its that it still felt a little awkward but it seemed to want to have that teenage angst to it especially because the character Trevor has really only lived in his comfort zone. Maybe its that some of the relationships seemed rushed or not as able to connect to. It seems hard to think about the flaws and its empty when I can’t even pinpoint it but while its not a perfect film, the heart of The Fundamentals of Caring is there. It sends some good messages that perhaps may be wrapped up in a rather predictable storyline but it does work for the most part. Our characters are engaging and are different in their own issues that they deal with. They each teach us something different. In the end, its a rather heartwarming experience. You know what this is good for? A rainy day.

Have you seen The Fundamentals of Caring? What did you think?

G Selection is a drama thriller with Orlando Bloom. Any guesses?

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Unboxing: Meowbox [July 2016]

Welcome to the unboxing of Meowbox! I did one roughly three months ago HERE.  Back then, I had debated whether to get another one but the people at Meowbox were fantastic and helped me out a lot to get a plan that worked for me and they offered the quarterly plan and that is perfect. I love my cat and her being entertained is fantastic but I also don’t want my floors to be littered with her toys because she just has too many choices. Between you and me, the last box still has a few toys I haven’t used yet. However, its always fun to do these unboxing.

This was supposed to be an unboxing video but there was a technical issue that I’m working to do some research to now use as a test to learn a new editing skill. Hopefully next time, the setup will work better.

Let’s check out the Meowbox Unboxing! And of course, if you don’t care about the unboxing, there are some fun pics of my cat playing with her new toys!:)

Meowbox [July 2016]


For those of you who didn’t see the last unboxing, Meowbox actually also customizes the box to your own little feline friends.


Now for the goodies!

World Friendship Day Card


Meowbox Cat Toy


Simple as it is, Meowbox’s little cat toy is made really well. The first toy my cat took from the Meowbox was this one and its found all over the house here and there. She’ll play with it whenever she feels like it.

Jellyfish Cat Toy by Angel Kitty  Toys [Exclusive]


I thought it was an Octopus until I was putting this together now and realized that it doesn’t have eight tentacles but rather its obviously a jellyfish. Minor details, right? My cat found a fondness for this as you will see at the bottom. These toys so far are all filled with catnip (I guess) because she just falls in love with it.

Nine Lives Can Cover


Nine Lives Can Cover is for a promotion for an upcoming movie called Nine Lives with Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken. On the flip side of the card, there is actually a link to go see if there’s an advanced screening available in the area, which I do in Montreal. Luckily it doesn’t collide with any Fantasia Festival movies so I’m going to go check it out!:)  As for the can cover, my cat doesn’t eat wet cat food so I’m going to be giving that my in-laws for their kitty’s special treats.

Felt Snake by le Sharma Eco-friendly Pet Toys


As you can already see, curiosity already got my cat here. The felted snake hasn’t been sent out to its death yet but I have a feeling when it does, its not going to be pretty.

Baldi Mouse by Bavarian Cat Toys


The cat toy that caught my attention was this one. Baldi Mouse is filled with German Valerian Root and Spelt. Its interesting to me because for humans normally Valerian Root helps sleep but in this case, for cats, it has a Valerian Effect that “encourages cats to play”. I think that’s a pretty cool thing and also makes me want to look into Valerian root and just what different types they are and all that fun stuff.

Jambalaya Snapz by FeelGood Treats [Exclusive]


Last in the box is some cat treats by FeelGood Treats called Jambalaya Snapz. Its an all natural gourmet baked treats for cats.

Kitty Play Time!

IMG_2043 IMG_2091 IMG_2089

Overall, this month’s Meowbox was cool. It has some fun items. It is still a lot of toys but at least its all stuff that my cat does like. She’s having lots of fun with it right now.

That is it for the unboxing! Hope you enjoyed!