This Week’s Obsessions: Music, TV, Videos! :)

Life has been boring and calm.  Thats a good thing in my book.  No craziness sounds awesome!

Aside from having lots of time on my hands (who am I kidding!) and well, mostly due to procrastinating and being lazy, I did manage to take all that time and relax when I’m not watching horror flicks ;). I have nothing to report about my life: no day trips, no events, no hangout with friends.  A calm weekend ahead of me.  I enjoy those once in a while.

Aside from movies, Music, TV and Youtube vids really get me through these calm weeks.

On the front of TV, I finally finished up Pretty Little Liars.  Now its to stream Season 4, but I think I’m taking a break since I haven’t even started the new fall season AT ALL! If its anything Pretty Little Liars introduced me to, it was a bunch of hot/sexy/cute actors. Drew Van Acker is totally gorgeous and Keegan Allen has this awesome body just to name two…

pretty little liars girls men-pretty-little-liars-season-3


Plus, they have this amazing chemistry going on in the scenes.  Plus, I just heard that Tyler Blackburn, playing one of my fave characters, exited the show to have his own spinoff series called Ravenwood.  I’m pretty stoked about that.  So lots to catch up on still, but a break would be good.

I took the opportunity to start up with New Girl.  Jess and her roommates just make me laugh out loud!


Then, on Thursday, I started watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that show is pretty awesome!


Next up on my list will probably be Vampire Diaries.  I’m missing that crew a whole lot! Especially Ian Somerhalder as Damon 🙂 Then, there’s a whole bunch of new and old series to watch.  Its where decisions have to make as to which I’ll follow weekly and which will be in binge watching style.

Moving on…lets get on to music! Since thats how this actually started, right?

Do you like Jason Mraz? I know I do A WHOLE LOT! Here he does a mashup with a bunch of Youtube artists and Hunter Hayes to a song called Everyone’s Got Somebody But Me.  This video is directed by Kurt Hugo Schneider and I’ve mentioned on many accounts how much I love his creativity! This song is on repeat right now! It may be kind of a sad message but they make it so upbeat 🙂

If you have time, you should check out all the covers by each individual artist as well, everyone has a good take of it all!

On that note, Kurt is on fire because just the other day, he put up a acoustic version of Closer by Sara & Tegan and he got them to do the vocals.  Now thats amazing, right? It sounds totally awesome as well!

So that I don’t overload with too much music, this song has been also on repeat because it puts me in this completely relaxed mood and my mind just empties. Its a pretty great feeling.  This one is older but I just found it from one of my workouts last week. Its called Finally Moving by Pretty Lights.

This week, I had one big find on YouTube, non-music related, thanks my best friend.  I love these proposal videos and this one is WAY OVER THE TOP but just so touching and all I can say is WOW! Its 27 minutes but it’ll blow your mind.

That guy did it all so elaborate.  Its just a happy moment to see. It was pretty entertaining and trust me, I get all teary about these things, its just how I am…a hopeless romantic. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it also 🙂 By the way, there was an article for it HERE about how to do the proposal thing right.  Maybe some of you are interested.

Now that I’ve taken enough of your time with a bunch of videos!

What are you watching on obsessing over on TV these days? How about music or videos?

I have nothing to post up tomorrow so I’ll see you all on Monday with continuation of the Halloween marathon 🙂

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Where Do I Start? The Secrets of Happy People :)

Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂

How was the past week for you?

Mine has been a bit all over the place.  It was calm for the most part, which is good.  Yesterday (Friday) turned out to be quite hectic and nerve-wracking.  Our plans had to be swapped around and I went for the “x” amount of times this year to check up on another emergency. As I type this, I’m on call if I need to go out to help out and waiting on the news which we should get some time today.  Its never good to be caught in these sudden situations.

But hey, you know me? Its the weekend after all! There’s lots of stuff to do and I survived another week, didn’t I? There are so many things to do today and I just don’t know where to start? How about changing it that negative I started out with and putting in a positive by sharing a video I just watched last night when I got home from all the chaos from PopSugar TV called The Secrets of Happy People?

I’m sure we can all use some of that! Amazingly, I do agree with every bit of that and I try to do most of what they say.  Granted, I don’t write down what I’m grateful for but I think about it every time something bad happens.

With that said, if you have been following me, I’ve been in the 90210 binge watch phase and you can read about that frustration I had THIS silly post! On that same night, I stayed up late and finished up the series! Totally worth it because for once, it was such a feel-good vibe. As empty as a lot of these teen drama series are, they are a coming of age and nothing gets better than watching one which  made me feel that they all grew up and wraps up everything nicely. They even had some awesome quotes like this:

naomi 90210

And when we aren’t sure if we can keep fighting? Here’s we do:

90210 dixon silver finale

You reach deeper until you find the strength. That’s all life is. Its just one big fight after another….you fight and you keep fighting until you can’t fight anymore and when you can’t, we’ll be there to lift you up and carry you.-Dixon, 90210

You know what I love about these series is that solid friendship even through all the crazy.  It can get touching but thats probably because I’m tired and sappy.  Plus, I got hormonal imbalance all the time! Oops, wasn’t supposed to say that, right? Anyways, I am going through the normal process of withdrawal from a series ending…maybe in another 10-15 years, they’ll give us a spin-off but with the same cast with their families with with more focus from the adult cast also 😉

Moving on! I have a good number of movies lined up this weekend to get a lot more recommendations reviews ready for next week 🙂 I already finished two and just need to write the actual reviews! I’m going to leave which ones for the surprise element  😉 Plus, I have to get a movie watched and reviewed for a blogathon! Busy weekend, right? AND BAKING hopefully 😉 I just bought this awesome recipe book and I can’t wait to try it out!

Betty Crocker's The Big Book of Cupcakes!

Betty Crocker’s The Big Book of Cupcakes!

Well, on the note of new acquisitions, I’ve been waiting for this new scarf at my favorite shop, Dynamite and they didn’t have the scarf I wanted, but I fell in love with a new one and at the same time, bought a new top that looked totally adorable!

20130824_162417 20130824_162514

Now I’m all ready to go out for a night out with my girl friends 🙂

Before I end this, you know what else I love? Public proposals! I’m going to share another very happy video of Phil DeFranco’s surprise proposal.  That was totally awesome!

These videos always make me smile.  I can sit there all day and watch this and it’ll just make me so happy.  Since I follow his YouTube show, it feels even more familiar and making this even happier moment 🙂 I don’t know him personally but hey, as weird as it may be, thats just how I am.

So much rambling in this post but thats my secret to being happy also 🙂

Hopefully something there put a smile on your face! 🙂

Are you already doing what they said about the secrets of happy people?  Getting ready for fall clothes yet (even if its still early)? What TV series are you obsessing over or just finished?


I Want to Punch “You” in the Face, but…

No no, not you!

I mean 90210! As late as I am with TV series, its my latest TV binge watch series! It may have ended but doesn’t mean I can’t get all crazy and want to punch someone because I’m still watching the final season.  Especially when it comes to HIM!

liam 90210

Liam Court (played by Matt Lanter) in 90210

A few episodes ago, I was feeling so bad for Liam.  If you think your life was bad, you have to check out his.  He gets ALL the crazy chicks, and even those that are now normal, he got them when they were crazy.  Then, I start thinking, its because all the characters, despite being now in college phase or just out of high school in whatever stage in life, they are all still acting like they are in high school.  Really? Is that what happens when you are rich at a young age with trust funds? OKAY, not the point!

But then, that also makes me realize, WHY I actually want to punch his (very handsome) face? Because he also makes a bunch of dumb choices! In no world are the choices he makes, mostly relationships (especially casual, sometimes serious), makes any damn sense! He may have hooked up with a lot of the girls in the 90210 series itself but right from the start, I knew he was the best with Annie. Let me present her to you if you don’t know her!

Annie & Liam Season 5

Annie & Liam Season 5

The script for this has been pushing them on and off together but its obvious the connection is still there! Which makes it all the more frustrating when I’ve really bonded with her character for some reason in Season 5. And like anything you spend extended amounts of time with, even the most meaningless things start having some meaning.

Especially when Annie starts fantasizing about it like this!

liam annie kiss1

And especially when they always are so passionate when they are together!

liam annie kiss


The frustration of it all! I want to punch him in the face, but…then I don’t really want to.  I could just stop watching it, right? But then, you know I’ll be right there tonight watching another episode or two 🙂

I never understood the appeal of these series but sometimes, they just drag me right back in even when I lose hope because I feel like its not going anywhere.

Overanalyzing, right? I know!

Was this supposed to have any meaning? Meh, probably not! It was just to release some funky frustration and man, those are some hot kisses that I’d like to remember 😉 It sure makes me feel all sexy just watching it!

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂 This was absolutely meaningless but if you stuck around, I’m very happy you did!

Christmas Marathon: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

charlie brown christmasA CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS

A lot of people probably already know this one.  However, if you don’t, I will still do a short little summary.  Christmas is just around the corner and Charlie Brown sees that everyone around him, his friends and family seems to have lost the Christmas spirit and is influenced by the commercialism of the holiday.  In need, he seeks out Lucy’s “psychiatric” help and she advises him to direct the Christmas play.  Because of this, he tries to get everyone to have Christmas spirit with a little tree that he buys.  Little does he know that this will bring everyone together and helps everyone find the true meaning of Christmas.

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies, however, I just managed to get it last year.  The Peanuts gang always puts a smile on my face.  Linus with his security blanket and how he manipulates it in every way possible so that Lucy can’t take it away. Schroeder with his musical talent and love for Beethoven and Lucy trying to get his attention all the time is just adorable.  We also have Snoopy and Woodstock that tries to be Santa Claus and his little helpers.  We have the one who brings the most commercialism and its Charlie Brown’s little sister, Sally with her material and monetary desires.  This is a cute flick and after so many years, its held up quite well to the general audience.

My DVD also had the short TV flick called Its Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown.  That was quite fun as well.  Part of the Peanuts gang are all preparing for the school play and everyone is working hard to practice for their parts.  While Charlie Brown tries to save up enough money to get the red hair girl a pair of gloves as a Christmas gift.

Who is your favorite in the Peanuts gang?

Christmas Marathon: A Pink Christmas (1978)

a pink christmasA PINK CHRISTMAS

Anybody out here doesn’t know this pink cat- Pink Panther? This short flick, originally aired on TV in 1978 (and probably the years after).  I don’t know the details but I remember it drifting into my childhood some 10 years or so after.  I’m not as familiar to Pink Panther as others are.  Pink Panther’s quest in this Christmas special is to find food in every possible way.  During the process, he brings us into sing song moments and many Christmas traditions: the shopping rush, the sweets in the bakery, the meat at the butcher’s , Santa at the department store, skating and outdoor activities, carolers and choir singers, etc.  Of course, he eventually will get his meal with a little companion.

This has children’s movie written all over it.  However, this is also a character from the past so I’m not exactly sure whether kids these days would dig this type of movie.  The whole animation is moved by music and singing in the background to complement the situation but there is no actual dialogue.  However, I did like the music quite a bit.  There’s this song that I really like because of its simple, cheery Christmas music, exactly what I like called “Holly Jolly Holiday”.  I couldn’t find a video with the actual snippet from the movie.

What else did I like? I like all the different aspects that making up the Christmas spirit.  Other than the ones mentioned above, there was also shoveling snow in the winter and feeding birds in the park.  The final lesson is always to learn how to think of others and if you do, good things will happen to you.  After so many attempts of trying to earn food, he finally gets his meal from sharing his doughnut with a small stray puppy.

This flick may be predictable but for some, I think the value is of its reminder of our childhood.  As I’ve mentioned multiple times, nostalgia rules me during the holidays.  Anyone else in the same boat? I’m not as big of a fan of Pink Panther in comparison to Peanuts or Garfield, but I’m sure there still are fans out there who likes this silly pink cat.

How does this TV movie hold up for you after so many years? Are there any movies you loved as a kid that doesn’t have the same feeling as an adult?