What’s Up #13: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

You can’t say its wrong when almost everything I’m doing last week is holiday-related or perhaps more specifically, Christmas. So it sure is looking a lot like Christmas and while this doesn’t cover my other blog, Avenue of Daydreams, my photography blog, that place is turning my phone into a Christmas gallery as well.

With that said, let’s see what happened last week!!



  • Mooseletoe by Tiffinie Helmer (Review)

Currently reading: *deciding what to read next*

Reading has been going a little slow on my end and that has to do with the lack of holiday books in my Kindle at the moment. I do have two more books that I found. I might have overlooked something because I honestly thought that I had more. Mooseletoe was kind of a finishing point for myself as I will line up a lot of stuff other than the easy contemporary romance genre because it really is getting irritating most of the time to read and then you know, sometimes I feel bad because it makes the one or two great ones that I read this year get lost in this really lackluster genre that I am realizing that I am not a fan of even if it is some of the easiest books to go through. A hint towards a few new directions in the reading department for 2019 already. Its really shaping up to some fun things in the new year. For now, we will just continue the holiday book trek until the end of the year.


  • Hidden Folks DLC Beach

Currently playing: She Remembered Caterpillars

As I kept saying in the last section, I only have one pair of eyes and each of these things aren’t quite multitaskable, although I do find myself sometimes TV binging and reading at the same time when I’m feeling super ambitious, so who knows, right? However, playing games is a very different thing. Currently the channel is slightly lacking in videos but I am working on Hidden Folks which is one that gameplay doesn’t quite work but a review is in the works. Its a fun little game that I forgot to write a review for when I played the main game last holiday season and now I’m doing a batch review of the main game and the DLC. I am currently playing She Remembered Caterpillars which is a narrative puzzle game. Its an interesting experience but I think I have a ways to go but gameplay will go up for this one soon-ish. Just a few gaming things to get out of the way as well. A new game plan for Game Warp posting schedule is in the works for 2019 so bear with me as I figure that out. We have some fun podcasts for year-end coming up which is currently in editing.


The Princess Switch

  • Isabelle (2018)
  • The Holiday Calendar (2018) (Review)
  • The Princess Switch (2018) (Review)

I’m not quite in holiday movie watching mode but to be fair, Netflix is just starting to launch a lot more of the holiday stuff this past week so I have a few other films lined up. My fave of last week had to go to The Princess Switch which pretty much surprised me on how much fun I had watching it. Vanessa Hudgens has always been this hit or miss sort of actress, at least in the few things I’ve seen but she really did nice in this fun little doppelganger sort of film in veins of The Parent Trap (review) and It Takes Two, also two films that I enjoyed quite a bit. The holiday movies is definitely getting better and better so hopefully, it keeps going in this direction.


nailed it holiday

  • Love O2O (rewatch)
  • Nailed It! Holiday! (Mini Series)

Currently binging: An Oriental Odyssey, The Inn, Who’s the Murderer, Happy Do Re Mi

I know TV binge has been fairly the same over and over again but I’m taking the time to really just focus on a little less of TV since I have a ton of unwritten TV series which I have to go back and watch to remember what to write. I am enjoying (kind of) the catching series as they go live although only 2 more episodes of An Oriental Odyssey and its going to be over. Whoever decided that the last two episodes was going to be on one weekend needs a serious chat. But then, I’m hoping to get the TV binge done for that in a timely fashion and then rewatch it in one shot (as much as 50 episodes can be in one shot, right?).  I keep forgetting to mention it but An Oriental Odyssey does have English subtitles so I probably should have linked it before. My bad.

In terms of new things, I was super excited for a new limited series of Nailed It! for the holidays which seems like a fun time. So the husband and I had some time to binge the 7 episodes in true binging fashion so the TV binge is going up very very soon. 🙂


What’s Up #12 Holiday Marathon has Started!!

Now that we are back to normal for a week or two and had a moment to think about it further, I’ve decided that until 2019, we will be keeping this weekly written format. Mostly for my own sanity because I have a ton of backlog and a few things to work out for lighting and quality of video that I wasn’t really happy with in the first place so I’m giving myself some time to figure it out. Maybe move the recording to somewhere else entirely. Who knows? You will all know next year.

Let’s see what’s up!


Archie Vol.5

  • Archie Vol.5

Currently reading: Mooseletoe by Tiffinie Helmer

After finishing volume 4, I had to move on to the next volume and I had already bought it so it was perfect timing.  I really liked Volume 5 a lot. The review should go up very soon.


  • Time Wanderer (pre-alpha)
  • Soul Edge Cycle
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Bonus Ep: Farewell
  • Spintires: Mudrunner

Currently playing: Hidden Folks – Beach DLC, Soul Edge Cycle, She Remembered Caterpillars

Game Warp is having some fun times now. We have a love little video section on That Moment In. While writing is still slowly getting back into action, I’ve been working on some things as I talked about last time to just catch up and wrap up stuff while still working on keys and well, other things on my to be played list which I haven’t gotten around to, like Life is Strange: Before the Storm bonus episode.


Hidden Figures

  • Hidden Figures
  • Angela’s Christmas (review)
  • Rampage
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (review)

The Christmas/Holidays marathon is upon us now! I’m going mild this year with everything having stuff for the marathon every other day or so as long as I can keep up. The first two reviews have already gone live. If you missed it, I put the links to the reviews already. However, my fave movie of this week goes to Hidden Figures. I had no doubt that I’d like it as these three ladies are fantastic. I’ve loved Octavia Spencer since The Help and as for Janelle Monae, I had just seen her in Moonlight (which I have yet to review here yet..soon though), and then of course Taraji P. Henson who I’ve seen before in Date Night and Hustle & Flow. Anyways, this movie is awesome. If I did put together a top 10 films seen in 2018 list, it would be probably make Top 5. Other than that, Rampage was a lot of mindless entertainment which I always love.


The Final Table

  • The Final Table (Season 1)

Currently watching:

  • An Oriental Odyssey (Huace)
  • The Inn (Season 2, Hunan TV)
  • Who’s the Murderer (Season 4, Hunan TV)

The only series that I did finish is The Final Table. I’m working on TV Binge already so hopefully I’ll get that up soon. I’m a bit rusty on TV binges lately (as well as game reviews) so its taking a little bit of time to get it all done well. However, The Final Table is a fun one to watch. It has its pros and cons but I think just like Ultimate Beastmaster needed a season or two to find a good structure, its a good concept to bring together global chefs and their accomplishments and also showcase their skills while sharing international foods and culture. Either way, more on that when the TV binge goes on. However, for now, I’m mostly focused on An Oriental Odyssey as well as the other reality (The Inn) and game (Who’s the Murderer). My heart has been on it as I wait for the next episodes to upload Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and usually save it to binge watch on Saturday evening or something. I honestly don’t foresee starting anything until next year since I have over 10 TV binges to write up that I haven’t written yet but I’ll have to rewatch some to even remember what to write and breakdown.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
What have you been watching, reading, playing and binging?

What’s Up #11!

I have a feeling that I’ll be keeping the written format through the rest of the year to at least get a routine back. Meanwhile, I’ll iron out some of the recording issues like lighting and whatnot with a few trials and maybe set up and such. However, here we are. I promised to get back on a weekly basis even if it won’t be that exciting but I think its a nice cleanser from some of the focused bits on reviews on whatever form of entertainment and as this project always was to bring together all my projects and give an idea on what I’m doing even if I don’t review the stuff right away.

Let’s jump right in!


Archie Vol.4

  • Archie, Vol.4 by Mark Waid

I can multitask like a crazy person but I only have one pair of eyes so if I choose movies then I don’t get to read. I did reach my Goodreads Challenge for this year so anything else is just extra. As I figure out my December reading list, I’m filling in with some lighter things like graphic novels. I have a nice idea for 2019 reading right now that I’m shaping together. At least something is coming together, right?



  • Piffle
  • Scriptum

I haven’t had time for gaming for the reason based on my WATCHING section below and the only having a pair of eyes that I mentioned above so I’ve mostly been playing mobile games, before bedtime or on the bus or whatnot. Piffle has been my main focus this past week. However, I’ve been trying to figure out a space to successfully finish a play through of Scriptum which is an augmented reality room escape. Its a pretty neat idea that I think needs a few bug fixes but it essentially scans your room and turns it into the game space to do the room escape. I’ll talk about it more in the upcoming mobile game roundup.



  • Hammer of the Gods
  • Montreal Dead End
  • Deadsight
  • The Hoard
  • Fugue

Nothing like a film festival to give a nice kick in the behind to bump up movie watching time, right? I’ll talk about the whole remote coverage experience in the upcoming Weekly Adventures. My pick out of these goes to Fugue and honorable mention would go to Deadsight. I’m still working on Fugue’s review mostly because its hard to avoid spoilers so I’m struggling with it but it should be up soon.


An Oriental Odyssey

  • An Oriental Odyssey (Huace Web Series)
  • The Final Table (Netflix Originals)
  • The Inn (Season 2, Hunan TV)
  • Who’s the Murderer (Season 4, Hunan TV)

Everything I’m watching is currently playing either on a Youtube channel or released in full on Netflix. However, I spent a lot of time catching up with An Oriental Odyssey and it gave me a day of both sad tears that lead to bawling and tears of joy from just how hilarious some of the scenes were. I think there’s 2 weeks and a day left of episodes before the series ends. I usually wait for the end of the weekend to binge the 6 episodes released but I’m not sure if I can resist at this part of the series. We’ll see. I have my eyes on another series afterwards to start. With that said, I’m always eager to start Netflix Original global competition shows so I’ve started watching The Final Table. At this point, I’m halfway through the competition so should be done soon and prioritize the TV Binge since I have a few thoughts on it already.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
I’m slowly moving out of the Chinese TV series phase (kind of, but not really)
However, I have a few ideas related to the direction of the blog in 2019 that came up this week which I’m considering how to implement.

What have you been reading, playing, watching and binging?

What’s Up #10 The Final Catch-Up

What's Up

Seeing as you all seemed to enjoy the last post format and I’m a bit tight on time for recording and editing so we’re back to this to last catch up phase. This part of What’s Up runs through the first half of November to the end of last week.


eternal hunger

Its been a really good two weeks of reading especially when all three books were really good. However, my standout pick goes to Eternal Hunger that adds a really lovely setup for a vampire story making it such an elegant and classy read that is always enjoyable. To be honest, all three books were all fairly different genres so it made for a very interesting change of pace. Fantasy, Horror, Romance was all covered this month at different points making it an even more memorable month.

Currently reading: I’m not reading anything right now. But I did start the chinese novel for Rush to the Dead Summer after watching the series in October. I’m also planning on getting some graphic novels as light reading done before the end of the year and/or read some outstanding books that was sent to me for an honest review. Clearing out the backlog is the priority right now.


  • Double Kick Heroes – Early Access Update
  • Tetris Effect – Demo
  • Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight/Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight – Demo
  • 60 Parsecs!
  • Burly Men at Sea

You can find the playthroughs of each of these on the Game Warp channel. I do have to say that out of the fantasticness of Double Kick Heroes and how impressive and even the changes its made since its initial Early Access launch, I have to recommend that especially if you enjoy rhythm games with a shoot ’em up twist. However, I was pretty impressed with Tetris Effect demo as well but that has to do with my having a soft spot for  Tetris as its the first video game that I ever played. Aside from that, the playthrough currently still running on Game Warp is the first run of 60 Parsecs! which is a day by day survival adventure story heavy on narrative and strategy. The review for that one is coming up soon.

Currently playing: A lot of mobile games mostly. I am about to do the new DLC for Hidden Folks, finish up Remember Me and continue working on some more routes to take for Burly Men at Sea. I’ll be checking a demo or two and have a few games that I need to work on. Also prioritizing clearing out backlog, like unwritten reviews.


Alive 2018

  • Anaconda
  • Central Intelligence
  • Mimic (Movies & Tea)
  • Baby Driver
  • The Whistler (short)
  • Altered Skin (BITS, 2018) (review)
  • Moonlight
  • Joe Versus the Volcano (review)
  • Alive (BITS, 2018)

I didn’t realize that I had watched that many movies but I guess it makes sense seeing as Blood in the Snow Festival is coming up (November 22nd) and there’s some coverage. The first review is already up for Altered Skin. With that said, Alive is one that I’ve enjoyed a lot as a horror thriller.  The review will be up very soon. Honorable mentions for this time goes to Moonlight, Mimic and Joe Versus the Volcano although for an fun time, Central Intelligence with The Rock is a pretty sure bet.

Currently watching: BITS 2018 films. Not listing specifics because what fun would that be, right? You can head over to Blood in the Snow festival page to check out the list of films HERE.



  • The Inn (Season 2) – currently playing
  • Love O2O
  • All Out of Love – currently playing (might have just finished but I haven’t finished it yet)
  • Who’s The Murderer (Season 4) – currently playing
  • An Oriental Odyssey – currently playing

I’ve been still in the Chinese drama phase so watching most Chinese game shows like Who’s the Murderer which is in the Season 4 (but I haven’t seen the previous ones) and plays a little like Clue where you have to investigate and there’s a murderer mixed into the suspects and a detective in different scenarios and stories to find the truth. Or something like reality shows like The Inn which is my happy place every Friday evening after work as that is when the new episode goes live on Youtube. Its a show about a rather famous couple who builds an inn with various young stars as their employees as they set it up and get it running to build up the economy for that area. As for actual TV series, I have currently have on repeat is Love O2O which is finally a series that has captured by heart because it does so many things right not to mention the chemistry is off the charts and the dialogue and characters. Love it all. However, the one that I started afterwards because of one of the supporting actors in Love O2O, Yecheng Zheng is a main lead in a series currently playing called An Oriental Odyssey which I’m having a lot of fun watching also. Its more than halfway released although I’m only at episode 23 or something.

Currently binging: All the above that is currently playing? An Oriental Odyssey is my current obsession as I catch up with the latest episode soon, I hope. I do plan on finishing All Out of Love since I just saw a bunch of posts on Weibo about the finale.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
We are finally up to date! Yay!
Stay tuned next Wednesday for what I’ve been up to this week!

Curious question: Do you prefer this segment in written or video format?

Whats up #9

I am so behind in What’s Up right now. It all has to get down to procrastination and plain old busy times getting the best of me. Motivation was lacking, energy was not there and this is what happens. At this point, I did one trial run of doing two videos and dropping it in the same week but just one of them alone was half an hour so I’ve decided to get things back to a little fun mix.

For the entire October What’s Up, I’m going to have it in written format just like old times and then, for the new and latest stuff, you will have a video to watch (later on). With that, we’ll be right back on track.

Let’s get started with an October recap!

October 2018


nightlight tales 2

  • Annie’s 1st Break (review)
  • The Finest Supermarket in Kabul (review)
  • Nightlight Tales 2 (review)

One novel for fun, the second for blog tour and the last for Halloween marathon brings us right up to date. All reviews are already up. The only one not so good in this batch was Annie’s 1st Break. The other two are pretty great depending on whether you are in the mood for a drama or a  horror short story compilation.


  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Super Lucky’s Tale
  • Abzu

October included a lot of fun times. For one, Game Warp reviewed our first Xbox exclusive game review and an arcade racer as well. There’s a lot to love about Forza Horizon 4 but you can watch/listen to it all in the video above. We also did get around to playing Abzu and I managed to finish up the playthrough for Super Lucky’s Tale as per a request from a mom for her toddler who likes to watch it, sprouting a newfound love to say “Come on!” just like Lucky does in the game. You can decide for yourself whether its a good or bad thing 😉


three billboards outside ebbing missouri

Finally, there is a lot of films. I decided to not list it all in detail mostly because I already recapped both Halloween marathon and Festival du Nouveau Cinema (FNC 2018) before in another post and you can find them all under their own page or the movies tab. I’m actually quite surprised that this entire list has also been reviewed. I have some older films that haven’t yet made it into the double feature pairings yet but that is coming up.

My recommendation in this list goes to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as well probably a few films from FNC 2018 like Ash is Purest White, Sticks and Stones and Firecrackers.


  • Meteor Garden (2018)
  • The Chamber of Secrets Escape (review)
  • A Love so Beautiful (2017)
  • Rush to the Dead Summer (2017)
  • The Haunting of Hill House (Season 1, 2018) (review)
  • The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell (Season 1, 2018) (review)

TV series was a pretty awesome time. The last two along with The Chamber of Secrets Escape was for Halloween marathon. As for the other three, they were either on Netflix or available on Youtube for free and Chinese TV series which is what I’ve been watching a lot of lately. Its a bit of a daunting task to look at Meteor Garden so I’m working on that post as well as getting a video or something for it since it holds a really special place in my heart. While I have a huge love for A Love So Beautiful which is just really fun to watch, lighthearted and comedic. Rush to the Dead Summer is one that shifts tone from the first half and the second half and I wasn’t too happy with the way it ended bu then I read the way the actual novel ends and its even worse so…I guess I’ll settle with this one.

My recommendation for TV series would go to Meteor Garden if you want a long series or A Love so Beautiful for something short and sweet.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
Back to how it used to be, right? October is finally out of the way.
We can move on to what’s going on in the first half of November very soon and what is currently happening!

What’s Up #8 & October Plans & Suggestions?

Its time for the next What’s Up. I might start taking out the number versions soon and just keep it with themes of the video or something, if I can figure it out.

Either way, this week’s is a tad long. There’s some tangents and a lot of editing to even get this length. Apparently, I like to ramble A LOT. If you hold on to the end, one of them is talking about October plans for the Halloween marathon this year.

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to the past week or so (a bit before also). Things get back to actually weekly stuff next week.

Thanks for watching!

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What’s Up #6 A Month-Long Recap!

Its been over a month since the last What’s Up! I should be having another What’s Up special coming up soon-ish. I talk about it in the video, I think (unless I edited it out). Either way, I changed things up a little and hopefully you like it.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy it and have fun!

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Drew’s Movie Reviews: https://drewreviewmovies.wordpress.com/
MovieRob: https://movierob.wordpress.com/

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Nailed It S2

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