Restaurant: La Belle et Le Boeuf Burger Bar (St-Bruno, Quebec, Canada)

The husband had his birthday last weekend and after much deliberation, we decided to have a little date night. A much needed and delayed one. After some research, we decided to finally check out La Belle et La Boeuf Burger Bar located in the Promenades St-Bruno mall.



La Belle et La Boeuf Burger Bar in Promenades St-Bruno has really nice decor. It blends in some of the old time stuff with the furniture and displays old electronics and a lot of wooden decor and walls. By the entrance is a huge bookcase that covers the entire wall which is fantastic. There are older pianos there as well as some shelves with board games and such for customers to play. Its a pretty nifty idea and adds a nice vibe. The playfulness doesn’t stop there as the bathroom is all covered in colorful graffiti. Its a little room and when inside, at least the ladies, it has this beautiful cute graffiti art.

la belle et la boeuf st bruno


La Belle et La Boeuf St Bruno

Drinks: Lola (Rosé Sangria) & Bloody Caesar

The cocktails and drinks (and their selection of mocktails) are incredibly extensive. A lot of very delicious blends from what it says on the menu and some nifty names as well. While I pondered over a few, I ended up going for the Rosé Sangria cocktail called Lola. Its pretty delicious and has a hint of acidity from what I think is the aloe vera juice which is usually quite strong but I like it. Just for extra info, Lola has Malibu coconut rum, rosé wine, raspberry sour puss, pineapple juice, red cranberry juice, lime juice, watermelon aloe vera, sprite and seasonal fruit. You can see where the acidity is plus the raspberry sour puss is the most apparent (as it is a very strong liquour).

The husband took his normal and that is a Bloody Caesar. They have their in-house blend but he went for the traditional one.

You can check out the other cool and quirky cocktails HERE for fun.

Main Meals

It sounds a tad ridiculous to go to a burger bar, titled in your name with The Beauty and The Beef and not have beef but we didn’t. The main reason being that we wanted to not have to modify the burgers too much like removing cheese from what is intended. Maybe next time we will but this time, we decided to stick with things that were as complete as it can be and that we can eat.

La Belle et La Boeuf

Thanksgiving Turkey

After a debate between fish and poultry, eventually the Thanksgiving Turkey burger won this time. This is a 100% turkey patty, brioche bun, avocado, apple and endive salad and fresh cranberry mayo. I also had a side of sweet potato fries. They had an extensive choice of sides and also a nice selection of mayo and dipping sauce. As for the burger, it was a mess to eat but super delicious. I wasn’t too sure about the mayo but it was delicious. The apple and endive salad worked surprisingly well also. The thing I liked the most was the turkey patty. I’ve done those before and they tend to get dry but this one has so much flavor. Consider me impressed.

La Belle et La Boeuf St Bruno

Polo Club

The husband had the Polo Club which is essentially their version of a club sandwich. Its put together with country bread, chicken filet, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. The husband got the garlic mayo to go with his side of sweet potato fries. He isn’t a man of great expression when it comes to food but he did mention that its one of the better club sandwiches he has tasted and complimented it on the fact that they gave him a whole chicken breast.


La Belle et La Boeuf at this location (it has a few other ones that we haven’t been to) is pretty good. The decor is good. The service was decent. Our waitress was friendly and helpful. The meals felt like it took a bit longer to get there but then the food turned out good and we did sit down, order and leave within less than 90 minutes. Maybe more like 75 minutes, which is efficient. It was a pleasant first experience and we’re thinking about going again at some point. Its even a pretty nice place for friends seeing as they have some fun games and there are lots of TVs with sports games going on and if you want to boast on how much you can eat, there’s some ridiculous burgers on the menu, specifically one that you need to sign a waiver before you eat it.

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