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On this cold Monday morning, let me direct your attention to MovieRob’s 007 December Blogathon. I’ve chosen to do a few reviews. The first one to go up is on You Only Live Twice starring Sean Connery as the handsome James Bond. It was a very different feeling from the more recent ones.
While you’re doing that, remember to check out MovieRob and give him a follow so that you don’t miss any of his awesome reviews along with the rest of the 007 Blogathon entries 🙂


007-December Blogathon

For our second review of You Only Live Twice (1967), here’s a review by Kim of Tranquil Dreams.

Thanks Kim!

you only live twice poster

Before I start the review, I’d like to say that I’m not very well versed in James Bond.  I watched maybe two Pierce Brosnan ones and then the first two Daniel Craig ones. When Rob decided to do this 007 blogathon, I struggled a little to decide whether I should do this.  Still, I ended up with Sean Connery’s James Bond.  I have no idea what to expect so lets give this one a look, shall we? I’m sure it’ll be an interesting experience.

Director: Lewis Gilbert

Cast: Sean Connery, Akiko Wakabayashi, Tetsuro Tanba, Mie Hama, Karin Dor, Donald Pleasance

The US launches a space capsule which gets captured by an unknown ship.  They believe its the Russians plot.  When the Russians also lose a space capsule in space unexpectedly…

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5 thoughts on “007 December – You Only Live Twice (1967) – Tranquil Dreams

  1. I have a real soft spot for You Only Live Twice. I used to watch it all the time when as a child, mainly because of the ninjas and the volcano base.
    I love the blend of the swingin’ 60’s feel of the previous films with the Japanese culture and I think the score is incredible too. Unfortunately it was soured a little after Robbie WIlliams sampled it for one of his songs.
    Nice review Kim.


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