My Friend’s Wedding Part 1! :)

I’ve been MIA all weekend.  Nothing went up here and nothing was drafted. I saw no movies (maybe one), no baking, and absolutely no reading.

It was all for a great thing: one of my longest friend’s wedding! The wedding itself was planned and done in almost 6 months which is a pretty short time to plan for as it had 200 or so guests.  I don’t know the exact number.  The last week was a crazy roller coaster.  I’m sure the stress I felt in getting the few little details I had together was just a speck in the amount she had to deal with.

Her wedding turned out to be a mega success in my eyes.  It was a reception but it also included all the little details of a Chinese wedding. So, what am I going to do? I’m going to share a good part of it.  One, because I had  A LOT of fun and two, it was just a lesson in how to do a traditional Chinese wedding in a western setting which I find is pretty interesting.  Plus, just a secret between us, I need to fill up some space while I get my sleep back at par.  6 hours of sleep between Friday and Sunday is a hard hit.  My body is physically not in bed but my mind is there… Its at times like this that I know that I’m not 18 anymore 😉

Can you all guess what is in Part 1 of Wedding?

Yup! Thats right! We’re talking about pre-wedding celebrations and its a little thing called Bachelorette Party.  I had the wonderful task with the two bridesmaids to put together. Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that I was maid of honor? First time ever! 🙂 I guess thats what happens when you’ve known someone for 2 decades, right?

After our little rehearsal for the wedding, I learned the song we were walking to, met the best man and my walking down the aisle partner and the general idea of what was going on for the ceremony. I ended up also learning that I had a maid of honor speech and that I was the witness.  The first one being a lot scarier. I’ll talk about that part in another part 😉

Back to bachelorette party! After a crazy week of setting this up, everything was settled and we had 8 girls (including the bride).

Our first activity was dinner at a little restaurant called Le Cap Vert!

Le Cap Vert Sangria


Le Cap Vert

Grilled Chicken Breast

The meal was okay. The Sangria was decent but the best thing about this restaurant was that after my crazy calls throughout the week changing the time and amount of people, they still remained extremely patient and kind.  During the meal, we got to know each other a bit and talked a little about this and that with everyone.  It was super cool and I got to know some pretty awesome people.

After that, we started walking to our final destination but ended up sidetracking to get some dessert at Dairy Queen. I didn’t eat anything since I can’t but here’s the girls waiting/ordering for theirs.

The girls ordering and waiting for their orders at DQ

The girls ordering and waiting for their orders at DQ

Its my personal rule that I don’t post pictures of friends except when I get their permission so I only have backs. Bachelorette parties in winter usually is not so much sexy clothing but rather heavy coats 😉 It may be March and a tad warmer on that day but it was still a bit chilly at night.

Our last stop for the night was to something that was a first time experience for the whole group.  Special, eh? Trying new things and doing something we haven’t done before.  I’m sure you know what it is 😉

I only know one of those clubs in Montreal and this is possibly the most famous one.

Le 281

Le 281

Proof that I was there at le 281

Proof that I was there at le 281

No pictures are allowed there!

We had our fun but I’m supposed keep what happened inside a secret. What can I do? Some of the girls are on my Facebook and this is connected to it.

All I can say is that: Don’t go in with expectations derived from Magic Mike.  Hot guys with beautiful bodies (Eye Candy!!!)  were all over the place and the drinks were fabulous but the on-stage performances were not quite the same. Lets just say, I went home and turned on Magic Mike to enjoy some full-on awesome sexy guys! 🙂

Still, it was super fun with the girls! They were fantastic and awesome! 🙂 We had a good laugh and we spent a great time with the bride and thats what counts, right?

Before I leave and continue with the next part scheduled for tomorrow! I’m going to show you what I wore, you know, shameless selfies 😛 and its my new shirt! Excuse any lack of clarity or energy, I had alcohol after effects and it was like 2am.


Happy Monday! Recommendations to continue soon 🙂 Along with Part 2 of this awesome, *sleepless*, and fun weekend that I had! 🙂

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