Spring Came! Just in Time for Easter Weekend! :)

It has been a rather crazy week especially weather wise.  Can you believe last weekend, I went for a jog and then during the week we had snow fall with a little accumulation (which melted the next day) but the temperature dropped again.  Thank goodness, by the time we hit this Easter weekend, things got back to normal spring weather.

I’m going to try and keep it short with my recaps.  I can only sum up being busy with work and my new house so much before I bore you all out 😉

On Wednesday, I had my chiropractor session and then went out for a spontaneous dinner with my friend at our neighborhood joint that I’ve talked about over and over again called Mrs. Amigos. That place is awesome!

Vegetable Soup Mrs. Amigos

Vegetable Soup at Mrs. Amigos

Mussels in White Wine

Mussels in White Wine

Spaghetti Fried Chicken

Spaghetti with Fried Chicken Thigh and Tomato Sauce

I had my normal fave, Spaghetti with Fried Chicken Thigh with some vegetable soup and we shared some very delicious Mussels basted in White Wine 🙂

Being a four day week, Good Friday came by really fast.  Normally, I’d have the day off but because its crunch time and my boss took on a new client, I had to go in to wrap up some work and ended up doing a bit over half a day.  After that, I met up with the same friend and we made a spontaneous trip to Plattsburgh, NY to do some shopping.  Luckily, we dodged the pile up at the border and got through as we normally would with just a bit of waiting.  Thats pretty good considering it is long weekend.

I tried to minimize my spendings there and it was pretty successful.  Only ended up damaging my wallet by $100, so not too bad 🙂 The most notable ones are probably these:


Berry Oreos & Fruit Punch Oreos

I love trying out these new flavors of Oreos.  I need to divide them with my friend so that I don’t eat them all.  Whats great is that Oreos are the only ones without any milk in them unless its the Birthday Cake ones.  I bought a pack of those for my boyfriend because its his fave.

The Fray Movies

Music, Book & Movies

As for this, The Fray is because I’m too cheap to go buy tickets to their concert.  The book is the final book to the Sookie Stackhouse series and I REALLY want to finish that up because its been dragging way too long and plus, isn’t it the final season of True Blood this summer? And movies, I didn’t buy Frozen in Plattsburgh as you probably figured with the French title but I bought that last weekend.  And Ender’s Game was Bluray combo for $13 and I think thats a good price since I’ve been looking forward to watching that and well, I’ve heard so much about Europa Report that I wanted to check it out 🙂 That pretty much sums that part up!

Saturday came around with some wonderful weather.  So wonderful that I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep till relatively later and ended up forgetting to set my alarm to wake up to help with the painting at my new place especially since I had a ton of chores to finish at my own place.  Thats okay, I still accomplished all that I had to and the walls were all painted. If you are wondering, my bedroom is painted in THIS COLOR. The trimmings will be an off white.

Now, Saturday wasn’t completely useless because I started shifted some of my items to the new place and slowly, I’ll be getting there.  I did manage to also get a jog in after everything was taken care of, sometime in the afternoon.

Doing my jog!

Doing my run!

My boyfriend went for a walk so he took a picture of me doing my run. My point is not me but look at the beautiful weather 🙂  I had to keep it short since I had to pick up my mom from the airport and because my boyfriend came with me, I was able to take pictures of the beautiful Montreal driving on the Champlain Bridge.

Sunset in Montreal

Sunset in Montreal!

The zoom on my phone makes it not so pretty but the sunset was very nice when you look at it like this.


Sunset on the highway

Aside from that, it was a pretty peaceful yet efficient weekend, I took a few random pictures here and there of flowers and cat paws.

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers (I don’t know the name)

Cat hind paws

My cats hind paws as she slept on my lap

Now, before I leave you and run off to finish off some more stuff before I go to bed, I’d like for you to go welcome one of my childhood friends, Phoebe (who I was the maid of honor recently in March for HERE, HERE, and HERE) to the blogosphere.  She’s super awesome and has some pretty remarkable talents, one of them including gardening which she has been sharing with me quite a bit.  She just posted her first “real” post after her initiation one for the Weekly Photo Challenge with some lovely pictures. Please check it out HERE and show her some love.

Before I wrap this up, lets bring you to a song I’ve been pretty obsessed with and then one thats an oldie but a goodie in my book.

I used to not into Max Schneider but his original music has really impressed me.  It all has some sweet beats and very fun to listen to.

Funny one about this one is that Bodyrox came back into my life because of a movie I watched (review coming up) and this song used to play every time I got in my boyfriend’s car when we weren’t an item yet and just on dates and in the beginning of our relationship because of his car’s CD or MP3 system or whatnot and starting at the first song of the playlist.

Last song is a Chinese song with a pretty classic singer and his song is “Friends”.

Its an awesome song just about long time friends. The lyrics roughly translates to this:

Through all these years, smooth or rough times, I always think of my friend,
When we are sad in our journey, we realize who can share our problems with.
Through all these years, time flies by, the people in our lives come and go,
Past events flash through our minds like an old song, and we reminisce a little.

Friend, oh, Friend, we both yell together as we cross through the hilltop.
What we believe in our hearts, we keep for always, we don’t need to say out loud.
Friend, oh, Friend, we lift our heads and have a drink together.
In the future path, we walk together. No matter how long, we’ll be by each other’s side.

Maybe its not a great translation since I did this pretty quickly but you get the idea, right? I love songs like this.  Its just so meaningful and the man has an awesome voice! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend and maybe some of you still have tomorrow off!

Which movie should I start with from the new ones? Which Oreos are your faves? Do you know the name of the flower up there?

8 thoughts on “Spring Came! Just in Time for Easter Weekend! :)

    • Thanks! 🙂 I finally know what its called. They call it False Shamrock…haha! Cute! Your godkitten loves to sit by that plant 😉
      You’re on! The next movie I watch will be Frozen 🙂 You saying a movie is good is pretty much a huge compliment.


  1. Awesome stuff, love that pic of you running, what a lovely neighborhood!

    It was a glorious Spring day w/ temps in the 70s yesterday! Nice to finally be able to wear shorts and flip flops again.


    • Thanks Ruth! The jog was extremely refreshing. I personally don’t think Montreal is at the shorts and flip flops yet. But we’re there, its actual spring season now with wind and rain here and there and above zero temperatures.. Thats already pretty good 😉

      Summer seems to be on its way. 🙂


    • Target, T…Thats where I got my Fruit Punch Oreos. I crossed the border to get them so you have to have them where you are 😉

      And yes, those mussels are delicious. If you ever come visit Montreal, I’ll direct you to where they serve this and I’ll tell the owner in advance to make you get the best 🙂


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