TV Binge: Detective Chinatown (唐人街探案, 2020)

Detective Chinatown (唐人街探案, 2020)

Director: Sam Quah & Dai Mo

Cast: Roy Chiu, Janine Chang, Zhe Yuan Chen, Yi Shang Sha, Xiao Cheng, Victor Ma, Ming Shuai Shi

Strange crimes occur in Thailand as the ranking for the world’s best detective sees a shift. New detectives come into the picture to tackle three difficult cases. Lin Mo is the student of Chinatown’s number one detective. Lin Mo pursues two cases: Four-Faced Buddha and Name of the Rose that not only takes place in Bangkok but also in Kaoshiung. The third case about the Ghost’s Invitation takes the story back to Bangkok and then to Tokyo. – MyDramaList

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Detective Chinatown is adapted from the Detective Chinatown movies (which I have yet to see). However, this series is really three cases wrapped up as a series. Each case being 4 episodes. The first two revolving the detective Lin Mo played by Roy Chiu and directed by Sam Quah who also directs Sheep Without a Shepherd (review). I mention this because he uses a few cast members that make up the cast from that movie. The third case goes off in a completely different direction: set on an island in the middle of the ocean, about e-sports competition and starring a five person team lead by Noda Koji, played by Zheyuan Chen.

In many ways, Detective Chinatown should be seen as three separate stories as the timeline becomes a little fuzzy. The first case feels the most recent as Roy Chiu’s detective and high school substitute teacher character Lin Mo takes on almost this modern day Sherlock Holmes sort of role cooperating with policewoman Sa Sha (Yi Shang Zhang). There’s a level of quirkiness that makes him rather charming to watch. The first case, Four-Faced Buddha is rather intriguing as it investigates a group of girls after one of their friends commit suicide. The case gets quite a bit of twist and turns and gives Lin Mo a fun look at how he is plus there’s a decent amount of comedy with the other inspectors in the police HQ getting involved. Its probably my favorite of the three. The second dives back in the timeline before Lin Mo is part of the Detective Chinatown agency and first encounters the police woman in the first case Sa Sha but actually tells the story of his connection with this mystery assassin group that wants to kill him for some reason and he gets entangled with this flower shop owner Ivy (Janine Zhang).

Where the series feels the most disjointed is the third case where Lin Mo is not part of the story and it switches over to an esports tournament and five people team who gets lured to the island for this tournament as a final battle before this online game shuts down the server but becomes a rouse for a disappeared legendary player setting up an elaborate game. As an individual case, its pretty decent but just doesn’t seem to correlate well with the first 8 episodes. It feels like a completely different world with just a hint of connection at the beginning when Sa Sha is sent to handle this case. It definitely feels like an attempt to promote a new direction for this franchise, maybe a second season especially since the five people team includes a few up and coming celebrities like Arthur Ma and Xiao Cheng along with Zheyuan Chen. These young cast lack the acting experience so they don’t reflect as well especially since Arthur Ma and Xiao Cheng gained popularity through music and the third story has a lot of characters and a lot of the supporting cast are much more seasoned actors.

Overall, running at 12 episodes, Detective Chinatown is very bingeworthy. The three separate stories is a good way to execute this series and the pacing is pretty good. Sure, the third case is a little odd and its a bit overacted but the set up and case development is pretty good. Roy Chiu is honestly fantastic as Lin Mo and well worth a watch just for his performance. Plus, the first 8 episodes are directed by Sam Quah who has a great eye for capturing the atmosphere and how some of the shots are done are very well-executed. Its rare that I watch series like this which is focused on investigation and twisty cases that its a breath of fresh air.

Rebekah – Girl Detective #1: The Mysterious Garden by PJ Ryan

As I continue through my 2015 acquired unread Kindle books, I land on a little change in pace for a children’s short story which is the first book in this collection called Rebekah – Girl Detective. The first mystery is called The Mysterious Garden.

Rebekah – Girl Detective #1: The Mysterious Garden
By: PJ Ryan

rebekah girl detective

Rebekah Daniels is just your ordinary spunky 9 year old girl living in the small town of Curtis Bay…EXCEPT she is determined NOT to be ordinary at all!
Her small town is filled with mysteries and Rebekah is sure that she, along with her best friend Mouse, will be able to solve every last one of them.
In this fun adventure she sets out to solve the mystery that has taken over the local community garden. –Goodreads

The first story of Rebekah – Girl Detective is a fun little entry to the series. It gives a quick snippet of who Rebekah is and her little thoughts and aspirations along with her deduction skills. It is geared towards kids therefore there is more elementary and simple way of looking into cases. It becomes straight forward and in that way, brings on a few laughs here and there. It also introduces her friends and some people in her small town that, in my opinion, in future books will probably make an appearance. In many ways, reading Rebekah reminded me a little of watching Magic School Bus where it is this world of investigation to find answers to something happening that they don’t understand. In this case, the mystery of who is stealing flowers from the local community garden turns into a rather educational result and that works very well because it not only entertains but also educates which is what I feel children novels should do.

The Mysterious Garden is a quick read and portrays very well a little girl who is curious to solve mysteries. Its also great because it still available to pick up for free on Amazon so you can get an idea if this book works for your children before actually continuing on with the series.

A short review for today!
What children books do you or your kids like?

Game Warp Podcast: The Darkside Detective (2017) Review

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’ve been feeling a tad under the weather lately so decided the last minute to change my original plans and post something simple.
If you don’t follow us on Facebook or subscribed to our Youtube Channel, we actually do small reviews of newer games. Our latest was released today for this point and click paranormal detective game called The Darkside Detective.

This episode marks something very special for us and says quite a bit about this game. Hope you check it out and enjoy! 🙂

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TV Binge: Psych Season 8 (Final)

I watched Psych some time last year or the year before.  I can’t remember it too much since it was pretty much seven seasons in one shot then patiently waited for Netflix to update Season 8 to end off the show.  It finally arrived on Netflix a little while ago and of course, I took the liberty to binge watch it! Unfortunately, I can’t recap seven seasons before but I’ll tell you this.  Psych is pretty fun.  My friend used to tell me she enjoyed it more than The Mentalist.  In all honesty, the pace and tone are completely different so while the material is similar as its just some dude who is very good at noticing details and using that to solve cases, Psych is a more light-hearted detective series unlike The Mentalist which can get a little heavy especially when the first few seasons is pretty much the main guy trying to hunt down the serial killer who murdered his wife (or something along those lines).

Psych Season 8


Creator: Steve Franks

Cast: James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson

Since I haven’t done a previous TV binge on any of the previous seasons, which I probably should but I’m too lazy to go back, I’ll do a little synopsis in case you don’t know what it is.

Psych follows Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a guy who was brought up to by his ex-cop father (Corbin Bernsen) to notice the smallest details/heightened observation skills.  With those skills, he pretends that he has the psychic ability to feel his way to the next clue and eventually solve the crime.  With the help of his best friend Burton Guster (Dulé Hill), he pursues this career and establishes the Psych Detective Agency and becomes the Santa Barbara Police Department’s police consultant much to the reluctance of the detective, Carlton Lassiter (Timothy Omundson).


Season 8 is the final season of Psych and as with any ending, its all about how you wrap up the series so that the fans are satisfied.  As a fan, I was happy with it.  There was moments of bringing back who mattered and just how Shawn and Burton grew up even though the show is very much about their shenanigans.  The way the wrapped it up made for a nice heartfelt moment that this show is about and tied up the loose ends.


Overall, Psych is an interesting series.  It starts off with the first few seasons pretty strong and just a lot of fun, then it kind of drags on for a few seasons in the middle and Season 7 and 8 brings back the essence of the show.  Their specials are always a treat and some of the guests they get a pretty awesome.  My favorite has to be Cary Elwes.


I don’t have a whole lot to say about the series.  Comedy series are always a little hard for me to like and I really enjoyed Psych so I was pleased with it. The humor was right up my alley.  The chemistry and bromance that Shawn and Burton had was really fun and awesome. At the same time, the father-son relationship between Shawn and his father was great also.  And of course, what series is without a little romance and here is Shawn with Juliet (played by Maggie Lawson), the partner of Carlton Lassiter who has a few bumps in the road but eventually do see the light and things work out okay.  The dynamic of the show kept me going and just how the characters became so fun to watch and sometimes the cases were just about the most absurd and silly situations.

Psych is perfect for where I am right now with movie/TV watching.  Its a genre I like, detective/mystery but with a comedic twist to keep things not so serious and dramatic. There are a few lesser seasons as with any long running series but with a satisfying ending to wrap up the series and knowing when to end it also makes a big difference.