Blood Tears (Immortal Obsession #2) by Denise K. Rago

Back on track with my reading challenges, a few weeks ago I reviewed Immortal Obsession by Denise K. Rago.  If you missed that, you should head over to check that out first right HERE!  That’s the first book for the Immortal Obsession series.

Denise was awesome enough to also send me the sequel to Immortal Obsession called Blood Tears.  A HUGE THANK YOU to her. I’ll have all her info at the end of the review.

Blood Tears
(Immortal Obsession #2)

By: Denise K. Rago

blood tears denise k rago

Amanda knew she had to track down Christian after he so gallantly saved her from his fellow vampire Gaétan. Having done so, she is now his mortal lover and will not leave his side.  But that is exactly what she’ll have to do when Christian decides to return to Paris. He informs her of his plans and leaves the vampire Michel, his most trusted comrade, behind to watch after her in Manhattan.  What she doesn’t yet know is she’s carrying a child, and that the father is either Gaétan or Christian.  Christian finds Paris rife with secrets, rich secrets including past love affairs that have the power to destroy his life. These secrets had been safely hidden—until now.  While Christian is in Paris, word of Amanda’s pregnancy gets out, and she is hunted by a vampire order that believes her child could be the one foretold by a prophecy.  Can Christian discover the answers he needs in time to save Amanda? – Goodreads

 Blood Tears is a great sequel to the series.  Following shortly after the events of the first book, it starts with its main characters.  However, those events also changed the playing field in a great way because now, Christian needs to go back to France to sort out what is going on.  At the same time, his departure also brings in additional characters.  What is great about this one is that we go a little further in Christian’s upbringing.  The previous one gave us a look at his turning into a vampire and the love of his life, Josette and his maker, Gabrielle and coming to America.  But this one takes us further to even before he turns into a vampire, for example, his childhood.  The story now physically is set in two places: France and New York (and other cities).  It makes for a fresh take and it gives the story a different pacing for both sides: Christian and Amanda’s, as they are now separated.

Although the pacing changed, it becomes exciting as we watch the new connections form especially now we get to see Michel more and his relationship with Amanda grow.  We’ve grown to connect with the main characters here but we’ve also been introduced to a lot of new ones.  I think that’s where I felt that at times, it became a little much to follow the story and the complicated relationships going on between each one.  I believe that’s where I felt the sequel was a tiny step down from the first book.  However, once we get to know those characters a little more, it all becomes clearer.

Blood Tears is written a little differently here. The writing style and language used are still very elegant.  However, the sexuality increases a little as we enter different dynamics for the characters that each one is connecting with.  I’m going to have to say that I’m not exactly sure how I feel about Christian’s character anymore because he makes some pretty weird decisions.  I could all be the scope for seeing him as still being quite human, even as a vampire.  However, I’m starting to really like how Michel’s character is developing and its becoming obvious that the new player here called Ghislan is someone to look out for.  I’m not going to spoil the fun but you will understand if you read this and get to the end of the book where a few little details will make the next one (if there is one) a pretty fun adventure.

Overall, Blood Tears is a worthy sequel that is quite the page turner.  The pacing is intriguing and the writing style is still elegant with a little more sexual/passionate content this time.  Although, there are quite a few new characters introduced and it can get a little confusing, it pulls itself together in the final act and delivers a twist or two that makes you know for sure which of these new characters matter in the big picture and wonder what comes next for this world of French vampires and the relationship of Amanda and Christian (and possibly Michel)!

I highly recommend Blood Tears (and the series)! 🙂

About the Author

denise k rago

The Author in Central Park

Denise K Rago lives in New Jersey with her husband. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger inspired her to begin Immortal Obsession, creating her vampire Christian Du Mauré.  The author is an avid reader and blogger, with a passion for art museums, Central Park, the French Revolution and all things vampire.

She puts them all to work in Immortal Obsession as well as the sequel, Blood Tears.

To learn more visit her website at

Where to find both novels.
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