April Fools 2015: Tranquil Dreams

Check out my guest post for the April Fools segment over at Cara’s Silver Screen Serenade. Last year Cara focused her April Fools and asked us to talk about our favorite movie/TV fools. This time around its about twist endings that we never saw coming. For this event, I chose 3: One that I loved, one that I hated and one that makes contemplate a little more.

There’s been some fantastic posts for this April Fools blogging event. Make sure to check it out! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!

Silver Screen Serenade

inception april fools

Happy Hump Day, amigos! Know what makes getting over this unsatisfying mid-week blah-ness? Talking about twist endings via April Fools. Well…I mean, I don’t know–MAYBE it helps. We’re gonna say it does. At the very least, I can attest to the fact that reading anything from today’s guest will make your day a little better.

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