Week 25: Motivate! Fast Faster Fastest!

Okay! I’m running out of catchy headings for my weekly workout roundups and just writing Week# is kind of bland and boring…That was from two workout shirts I bought at Walmart.  Although, I probably need more shorts than workout tops nowadays, but they don’t have these motivating slogans.

This week, we’re back into my freestyle weeks! I have a few workouts I want to do already but we’ll try to keep it with a relatively normal schedule of at least one core workout, one full body and hopefully this week a lower body and put in at least a day of cardio.  Two would be better, but we’ll see! It is the Labour Day weekend coming up.


Nothing motivates me more than starting the week with a workout! It sets my week off full of energy, or at least more energy! Today was a tough day at work, as all I wanted to do was go home and sleep.  I have no idea why I was so tired since I slept earlier than usual the night before.  Either way, Monday is my abs/core day! I went ahead and did the workout that I’ve been contemplating doing but kept putting off from Pumps and Iron called Side Plank Workout.

You can always count on Nicole at Pumps and Iron to kick my ass with her workouts! Obliques are my weakness and I suspect because of dragonboat, my left side is oh, so weak.  At the second set, the left side exercises felt like my arm was going to crumble under my weight.  My right side felt that way in the 3rd round.  This one worked not only my obliques but I felt it in my shoulders and my arms during the workout! Definitely a winner!


My eye infection is still around.  I’m starting to think it’ll never get better but thats just how I feel when I get sick with something else.  I called early in the morning so that I could get a doctor’s appointment. Unlike last time, this turned out to be such a time-consuming task where my doc was an hour in delay, she did give me another antibiotics and referred me to an eye specialist if that failed to work out.  After that, I stood and waited for my mom’s bus from Toronto to arrive which was yet another hour or so in delay where I stood and walked around. Turned out to be a day off…


I had my temp job after actual work.  It did finish earlier than usual but we were mad fast and crazy efficient.  Thats what happens when its with a crew thats all used to the job now.  At times, all the boss has to say is go there and we know what he wants done.  Lots of packaging merchandise for shipping and then carrying things around and clearing up area.  Manual work equals a workout, right?


Today I decided to do a back/butt workout.  No one quite kicks my ass doing a booty workout quite like Tone it Up girls so I did the Love Your Booty Routine.

I did this 3 times in a row.  What is crazy about this workout is that I didn’t feel like anything until the third set came by and my legs were all shaky in all the workouts.  I’m pretty amazed that I made it through and man, I was a sweaty mess.  Now I know what I need to work on a lot more (or maybe it was just really humid). Either way, this one is awesome 🙂


I was going to go jogging at the basin where I usually  have dragonboat practice even though I couldn’t join into practice but it decided to pour outside.  Normally, I’d still go out, but thunder, lightning and eye infection all didn’t seem like such a smart move.  Had to get myself an off day…


I had a pretty decent long walk after brunch today with my friend under humid weather but at 10:45pm, I started feeling guilty that I i didn’t have a more intense workout so I looked through pinterest since I sat around to pin some workouts to my getting in shape board and did this one:

The song was almost as long as the workout, I had to end it with 15 more jumping jacks to not feel like I cheated the one song deal 😉 Its not particularly hard but it was pretty intense especially with the one song thing at the back of my mind.  Well, you know I can’t stop at an intense 4.5 minutes workout so I decided to try another song (which I didn’t like) and the workout was way longer than the duration

Other than that, this one might have been a little tougher.  Or it was just because it was the second workout of the day.  10 minutes intense workout sounds like a good enough day.  At least I don’t feel guilty anymore 😉


After spending 4 hours to get tickets and then having other errands to run, the only exercise I did was stressing, practicing piano and walking around, then getting drunk off two Sour Puss mixed drinks at a barbecue.

OVERALL…This week really didn’t go too well as in the quantity of workouts but it did go well in the intensity and how I structured them.  For the most part, I’m really getting a good idea of how to target certain areas of my body when choosing a good workout and able to find one that works well without overexerting.  This week’s recommendation has to be the Side Plank Workout.  You ask why? Because nothing screams a good core workout like working on your obliques and if you get some other muscles to get involved like shoulders and arms, then its definitely an efficient and amazing deal 🙂

I’m looking at some challenges and if weather cooperates, a lot more cardio (especially ones I can do indoors) to increase that aspect.  I’m definitely on the right track.  I went through my 4 selfies from front, back and side to see the improvement and as little as there was, I do see a difference.  Its motivating to see any amount of change and its a booster to remind myself that everything I’m doing as a concrete reason behind it 🙂

How do you track your progress?

2 thoughts on “Week 25: Motivate! Fast Faster Fastest!

  1. I must have missed something. Are you trying to lose weight or inches or just keep up your exercise routine. I’m jealous. My left foot has been in a cast for three weeks to avoid major, major, foot surgery-so no walking, treadmill, or eliptical machine. My left arm is out of commission as well-tennis elbow-so no lifting weights, etc. I’m so bummed. I’m hoping the cast comes off tomorrow.
    Anyway good post.


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