Getting Better, Stressed and Signed Up (and more)!

I’ve talked about it all week!

Yes, I’m still sick! However, if you don’t know me by now, I always look at the bright side.  Last night, I know I’m getting better because I went through the first night not coughing and slept all the way to the morning, except for the little 2 minute intermission when my cat decided to jump on me then walk over to switch places to sleep. I can pretty much talk again.  I just wished antibiotics worked a little faster.

Earlier this week, I decided to sign up to Netflix. I originally did that because I thought the Secret Santa Review Swap movie, Dark Harbor was there! If you didn’t see that review, you can check that out HERE! I did a little piano cover as well! My discovery of Netflix has been solely watching Sherlock an episode a night or so.  I think I’m almost finished what they have there. And ridiculous as it sounds, I’m watching Magic School Bus.  Although its for children and I know everything they talk about, I still think these shows were awesome! Imagine what recommendations I get now..haha! I do see a few movies I would like to see time is slightly scarce these days!

Now, why is time scarce especially since its the weekend? My deadline! Which is also why this personal post got bumped up because its the easiest thing to write! I just word vomit and do some little updates.  I’ve been silent this week but I will continue to do that.  I did manage to read 300 emails yesterday night.  Only another 300 to go! Oh right, off topic, my deadline is one where I need you all to combine forces and make time go slower, k? Lets make a deal! I need at least 2 more days extra  to actually get everything done on time 😉 I’m going to be doing a lot of overtime and bringing work home and whole deal!

However, I did manage to take out 2 hours this morning.  One was to just sit in bed and relax and guess who joined me? She just soothes me so much!

Down time with my cat! :)

Down time with my cat! 🙂

This makes me feel that I merit two hours off for I’ll Follow You Down at Fantasia Festival.  I’m going to make my final decision this afternoon and if there still are tickets left, I will be booking it.  It looks so awesome and it will be my downtime and alone time. As for the Fantasia Festival! I just flipped and found 2 more movies that I want to see.  Deal is, they are on the same day, different theatre locations, different times.  Maybe I should see both?

First one is Finland production, Imaginaerum! You can check it out HERE!

Second one is US production, 24 Exposures.  There doesn’t seem to be a trailer available anywhere but you can read it about it HERE!

Both seem so good! Yet, I don’t know, maybe I will do the crazy thing and go see both 😉 What do you think? Which one would you prefer?

To end this off, although work has taken over my life, I will see to it that I take my time off to relax and not combust from stress! I do have some drafts to write up: a lingering movie review, photo challenges and maybe a daily post response (once I pick which one to do) and definitely the Weekly writing challenge response, even if I will be a little late! I also plan on finishing Part 2 of the TESL course, pushing my progress forward a little and hopefully finishing some time in August! Maybe even finish up the book I’m reading and write up a book review so that at least I have next Monday to Wednesday’s drafts done since my work rush lasts till then 😉

I promise to be your blogs soon! I will also try my best to leave comments 🙂

Have a great weekend! 🙂 Remember to help me slow down time 😉

6 thoughts on “Getting Better, Stressed and Signed Up (and more)!

  1. Man, I hope you get better soon. Terrible getting sick right in the middle of summer. A few years ago, I’ve had that happen to me also–a chest cold in July. Took me a month to shake it and I was still a mess a few weeks thereafter. Hang in there. It will get better. 🙂


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