Not-So-Secret Santa Review Swap: Dark Harbor (1998)


I joined into The Cinematic Katzenjammer`s Not-So-Secret Santa Review Swap and the movie that my secret santa chose for me was Dark Harbor.  This movie seems quite fitting since it is set in Maine and hey, I just came back from there. Right after the review, I have a little bonus in celebration for this event 😉

dark harbor posterDirector: Adam Coleman Howard

Cast: Alan Rickman, Polly Walker, Norman Reedus

David (Alan Rickman) and Alexis Weinberg (Polly Walker) are in an unhappy marriage.  While on Route 1 in Maine hurrying in the rain to catch the last ferry to cross over to their island retreat, Alexis sees a figure on the side of the road and tells David to stop and look.  They end up picking up a young man (Norman Reedus).  They end up missing the last ferry and parting separate ways with this young man.  However, with a twist of events, they end up seeing this young man again and letting them stay with them for a while longer than imagined much against David’s desire.  While David is off with his friend’s, the young man and Alexis get familiar with drinks, costumes and eventually sexual attraction sparks.  Alexis tries to resist while David seems to become more distant towards their relationship.

dark harbor

My synopsis cannot do Dark Harbor justice.  This is a clever thriller. I won’t say that its fast-paced because its deliberately slow and I believe it is done in a certain way to build up the mood.  However, it still kept me engaged and wondering whether something more would happen many times throughout.  Although nothing significant does happen, when the extremely clever ending hits, you will not seeing it coming and thats when those scattered pieces that was ignored throughout the viewing come back and all make sense.

dark harbor 1

On top of that, Dark Harbor has an amazing cast.  Any flick where I see Alan Rickman’s name on the list of casts merits my full attention.  He is just so talented.  I enjoyed him as Hans Gruber in Die Hard, Snape in the Harry Potter series, as the wanting to go astray husband in Love Actually and now, this one goes right on that admirable list of roles that he’s done.

dark harbor norman reedus

I’m not as familiar with Polly Walker and Norman Reedus but after looking at IMDB, I realized that I have seen them in others flicks as well.  Nothing that I totally loved so it slipped my mind but I really don’t know where to start.  Polly Walker played a pretty amazing wife who we know right off that she wants to rekindle the affection in her marriage and try to make it work.  She tries to stay loyal even when the young man keeps reminding her of temptation and seduction.  Honestly, the Young Man wasn’t cute or handsome or charming in any way but I think what Norman Reedus does really well is portray the mystery of the unknown and how that in itself is very attractive.  The character of someone being deep and secretive.  We never know the Young Man’s name through the whole movie.

Its been a while I’ve seen a thriller that may be slow but ends off with such a clever ending.  It was definitely a pleasant surprise and totally worth the watch! Thanks to my Secret Santa 🙂

Now for the BONUS PART! Please excuse my nasal and raspy voice…its already gotten a lot better from a few days ago 🙂 At least I can talk again!

You know, I look at you, and its funny, you don’t remind me of myself exactly.  But you remind me of a certain time of when what I used to think love was then: the fireworks, the explosions, the highlights. But its not. Its time, to go through the seasons together, through change, through the ups and downs, to be able to look at your beloved in the eye and say we did that together as one, we chose each other above all others.  Thats love. Its unexplainable.  Its a secret that can only be known once you’ve done the time.

Love the quote! Don’t you?

Who has seen Dark Harbor? What do you think about Alan Rickman? Whats your favorite role of his?


14 thoughts on “Not-So-Secret Santa Review Swap: Dark Harbor (1998)

  1. “Who has seen Dark Harbor? What do you think about Alan Rickman? Whats your favorite role of his?”

    Never heard of it, he’s not too bad, I liked him best in that Dogma movie : )


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  3. I think I like all of Rickman’s roles: Snape from Harry Potter, the cheating boss in Love Actually, Hans from Die Hard, the angel acting as the voice of God in Dogma, and on and on. He’s a very talented actor.
    Haven’t seen this one yet, will have to add it to the list.


  4. This is your secret Santa! 🙂 Awesome that you liked the movie, it’s one of my favorites and I’m shocked so few saw it so I’m trying to spread the love 🙂


  5. I especially liked your piano solo at the end. It personalizes the review in a really interesting way. I don’t know the movie but when I cross paths with it I will make sure to watch. Thank you both Lady Sati and Kim.


    • So nice of you to say! I do these piano covers once in a while 🙂 I’m thinking of doing it more regularly but its REALLY time consuming..haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it and you definitely should check this movie out! Its SO AWESOME! 🙂


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  7. I loved him in Truly, Madly, Deeply. Still cannot get over it. I think he likes stories that are surprising, even shocking. Try to find a copy of “An Awfully Big Adventure.” I made the mistake of watching that, followed immediately by Dark Harbor and I was so disturbed, I did not talk for the rest of the night. They’re great movies though and I still love Alan Rickman.


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