Game Warp Podcast: ‘Little Nightmares’ Review & Theories

The next episode is here! This time Elwood and I sit down to review Little Nightmares, a game by Swedish game developers Tarsier Studios. You may recognize them as they were involved with the Little Big Planet series. Now, they decided to make their first original game which turns out to be this 3D puzzle-stealth platformer, no narrative, atmospheric game starring a 9 year old yellow raincoat clad girl that tries to escape the Maw which has held her captive.

We start off with a discussion and review of the game with minor spoilers. After the ratings, we jump into an additional conversation on theories for those who have played this game and have heavy spoiler alert.

If you haven’t caught up with the game, we have an entire playthrough on our Youtube channel here.

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Game Warp Podcast: Interview with Mirum Studio!

On the next episode of Game Warp, we invited the co-founder of Mirum Studio, a game development company located in Quebec city which released their puzzle game, Rise of Balloons earlier this year in June on both iOS and Android. Rise of Balloons is their first game and features an original and uplifting story about a little girl that has to weave through obstacles to hand out balloons to the depressed children in the city to give them hope and happiness.

I was lucky enough to meet the founders of Mirum Studio at Montreal Comiccon back in July and finally scheduled in an interview to talk about their company and their game. If you head over to check out their latest update, they are working on an exciting project for a huge franchise.

We’ll be reviewing Rise of Balloons over at That Moment In soon! 🙂

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Game Warp Podcast: Song of the Deep

Welcome to this month’s featured game review on Game Warp! We are catching up to the new releases this month and checking out recently released in July independent game, Song of the Deep. Song of the Deep is a huge reminder of Metroid with its gameplay mechanics but adds a compelling story about a little girl called Merryn whose father disappears and in her dreams, she sees him trapped underwater. Merryn finds pieces lying around to make a rickety submarine to go on an underwater journey. As she searches for her father, she also realizes that many of her father’s underwater fairy tales were actually true.

Join us as we take a look at Song of the Deep!

Have you played Song of the Deep? Is it something you’d play?

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Game Warp Podcast: Interview with Maitop Games

The new episode of Game Warp is here! This month we were lucky to invite an independent gaming company Maitop Games to join us. One of the developers, Jonathan Gelineau joins us in this interview to talk about his latest mobile puzzle adventure game, Bomb Conflict as well as his previous game, Gravity Bounds. However, we didn’t only about his games and also discussed with us about the mobile game market and more specifically the indie game market. We even have a chat about the retro inspiration behind this game.

Bomb Conflict is a mobile game where you play as the God of Gravity which has descended upon the invaded world to try and aid the citizens in detonating the scattered bombs in different areas to rid the world of danger. Enjoy gameplay footage of Bomb Conflict and Gravity Bounds as we have our chat.

Thanks again to Jonathan for accepting our invitation to the interview and sharing his thoughts! We wish him the best of luck and look forward to what else to offer in the future.

In the meantime, let me get back to beating this next puzzle on Bomb Conflict. 😉