What’s Up Week 7: Marathon and Blogathon!

What's Up

Welcome to week 7 of 2019. We’re halfway through February and its crazy! Time sure does fly and then its super busy as well. Some of the categories have been very quiet but February has been a month full of movie-watching.


one flew through the dragon heart

Currently reading: One Flew Through the Dragon Heart (Favan & Flew #1)

Still reading One Flew Through the Dragon Heart. I’m about three quarters done with the book. At this point, I’m enjoying the setting and adventure aspect of it. Its a lot of fun to read although I have some little issues with it, and its something I feel that seems to persist since the beginning.


mortal kombat x

Currently playing: Mortal Kombat X

It was weeks ago that I started up the campaign of Mortal Kombat X and then never found time to get back to it. I powered through a good part of it this weekend. While its supposed to only take 4 hours, this will definitely take me more as I have issues with combat games and just executing combos which causes problems. But I’m getting better, I think… The hope is to finish it up in the coming week.


SPL: Kill Zone

  • Nappily Ever After (Review)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl (Review)
  • Prince Charming (Review)
  • The Bullet Vanishes (rewatch) (Review)
  • Permission
  • SPL/KillZone (rewatch) (Review)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth (rewatch)

A bit less crazy on the movie watching front but still the category that I spent the most time doing. With Ultimate 2000s Blogathon kicking off and Movies and Tea podcast recordings really amping up, two of these movies were for those respective purposes. The Bullet Vanishes was another rewatch for recording as a guest with Asian Cinema Film Club. As for the others, they were all for the Valentine’s Romance Double Feature, whatever you want to call that which I extended to the entire month to finish off the Netflix Alphabet theme. I’m enjoying it so far and have discovered some interesting films. Nothing has been so bad that I regretted watching just yet, some definitely were lackluster but I’ve also discovered some true gem. However, as much as you want to say that I’m doing a shameless plug for Ultimate 2000s Blogathon, SPL: Kill Zone was my fave movie of this batch. I always love to find a reason to rewatch that one and its probably why the review was so out of control long. I haven’t written a review that lengthy in a long time.


my amazing boyfriend 2

Currently binging: My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (2019), The Singer 2019, My Little One (Season 2), Miss Rose (rewatch)

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 starting up on Valentine’s Day. It runs 2 episode releases on Youtube every week from Thursday to Saturday. 6 new episodes a week is usually pretty normal. If you were here a few weeks ago, I had just finished up My Amazing Boyfriend and talked about how they were using a main leads to do the sequel. After watching the first 6 episodes, its funny but the new girl does capture a lot of the original actress, Wu Qian’s style and in some shots even look a bit like her. I’m also enjoying Mike Angelo play the male lead also. He brings a slightly different vibe in his expressions but I might actually like it even more than the original. Not sure quite yet.

As I mentioned before that I’m slowly going through all the series that I watched last year and never reviewed so I ended up rewatching Miss Rose. No worries. I’m working on the stuff wrapped in 2019 as priority as a lot of stuff I’ve been stuck on got written out so I’m hoping it’ll get me out of this writing rut. The Singer 2019 went on as usual and it was a nice episode full of fantastic performances.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
What have you been up to?

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