The Curious Café (Kelowna, Canada)

Nothing like a fantastic breakfast restaurant talk for a beautiful Saturday, right? I think so too!

Today’s is a breakfast place I visited with my cousins called The Curious Café in Kelowna. It was a cozy little spot with a lot of rustic decor. The menu was simple. So simple that I almost couldn’t find something to eat but rest assured, I did, of course!

The Curious Café


Curious Café


Curious Cafe

The tea here is supposedly local. I can’t remember what brand it is anymore but it was amazing. On top of that, I was introduced to this cute contraption where its like a little bobble. You put the tea leaves in there and then you drop it in there to steep and it starts bubbling the first moment you put it in. It just stole my heart. So much that I ended up getting on at Teavana.

Our Meals (some of them)

Curious Cafe

This one was mine and it is called a Corn Beef Bowl. It has only a limited amount per day and guess what our table took the two available that morning. Sorry? But not really..but it was so delicious!

Curious Cafe

This one was my husband’s and it was the special meal of the day which is a quiche of some sort. I can’t remember exactly.

Curious Cafe

One of my cousin’s took this one. She sat across from me so I could take the picture easily. It was Avocado on Toast. I don’t remember the exact name of any of them. Her and her family are the locals from Kelowna so I’m guessing this is a pretty good pick.

I actually think the only meal that isn’t here is my nephews’ plate and they shared pancakes and bacon or something like that.

Overall, The Curious Café is really impressive. I enjoyed my meal quite a bit, plus it was great to sit together with my cousins and family and catch up! Great company almost always makes food better. Plus, I learned that Kelowna has some awesome free parking schedule. Coming from Montreal where parking is never free, not even on holidays or weekends, it really isn’t saying much. However, it did make us appreciate it a lot. The service was nice and the meals were presented lovely. It was all around a fun time and a perfect way to start our busy day ahead with tons of events for my cousin’s wedding! 🙂

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