DIY Glass Ornaments

Every year this happens.  I budget less time than expected to complete my projects for gifts.  What happens after that? I start stressing out and staying up late to get it done.  Last year, the glass ornaments took me an afternoon and evening to do, then it was letting it dry for the next 3 days or so. They were ready just in time for Christmas.  It wasn’t too time-consuming on that level.

I had posted it up before as part of a photo challenge but here it is again:


This year, I wanted to make more glass bauble ornaments and gift them to someone else.  Although, right now, my boyfriend is convincing me to give it to the same person again, being his dad.  I just wonder how many of these bauble ornaments can one need and use, right? Although, the ones I’m doing this year are different and frankly, a bit more colourful. I’ll make my final decision to who I give it to next week, I guess.

These ones took me 4 days to do the whole batch.  I had underestimated the time so now I’m stuck with a few days and two more DIY gifts left to do.  But still, lets be happy: THE SECOND GIFT IS DONE! YA!


This year’s baubles was partially inspired by WhollyKao’s DIY holiday decor. Click HERE to see it.  I say partially because I used pot pourri instead of dried flowers and I only did half of the glass ornaments with this and the other half I came up with something else.

Here’s the half inspired by WhollyKao:

And here is my own little skills applied to glass ornaments.  It was my Plan B when I ran out of usable pot pourri. Here’s the result of my creativity:

Although its just putting origami stars into each bauble…so not very creative but I had to rip each strip from different stationary and then fold each one.  A pretty good idea, no? I was going to paint stars or snowflakes on it but then I thought it might be a bit too much.  Should I add that on?

Either way, the results were pretty satisfactory.  What do you think?

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