DIY Crafts: Marbled Ornaments

It seems crafts are definitely in the air as I tackle on something that I’ve seen around the Facebook feeds and Youtube front pages over the past year and while it was for some other things like car aesthetics and such, I decided to try to do it for ornaments as I did some research and some people do it as well.

This was a learning process so most of it was a failure BUT, I think I had one that turned out okay and the other ones, I’m going to redecorate so that they can be used for tree. As for why its a failure, I’ll talk about at the end. The process in general works but its more the execution…

Anyways..let’s check it out!

Craft accessories

Marbled Ornaments

  • Old nail polish
  • Clear baubles (mine are glass, but they do sell it in plastic..not sure how that would end up though)
  • Room temperature water
  • Old container (not reusable for any edible items)
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton swabs

How to do it:

Marbled Ornaments

  1. Fill the container with room temperature water. Take the nail polish color(s) you want to use and drop it into the water. It should float and expand.
  2. Quickly, use the toothpick to make the patterns (if its multiple colors). I believe you can for single color also but I haven’t tried before.
  3. Use a glove if you want to cover the entire bauble or dip it half way to wrap it up. Remember to use a cotton swab to pick up any left over colors from the water before re-emerging the bauble from the water.

Marbled Ornament

Voila! That’s the final and most successful one (at the sixth try)!

But I’m not going to cheat all of you out of all my failures as well so here’s all six of them…

Marbled Ornaments

Look at it like how you’d do a C shape and that’s the order of how it was done.

  • The first was the result of not having a cotton swab to pick up the excess so it dragged all over it creating a huge thick smush. The colors aren’t bad but that blob doesn’t work with it.
  • Two and Five has the issues of mostly choosing bad colors so it just blended together into a whole lot of nothing.
  • Three and Five suffers a bit from the first issue I had but also had these issues of the toothpick dragging too late and it had already formed the film so the colors moved all into a bunch
  • Six is by far the best one both in marbled effects as well as the color combination

There you go! That’s the little DIY Marbled Ornaments that I did! Its really a lot harder than it looks. I wanted to try it to get rid of all the old nail polish that I can’t use anymore because its separated or whatnot. I wonder if using not so separated one would be better even if I did shake it to make it work. There is a big nail polish fumes emitting from the bauble though. So you will want to air them out a lot before using these DIY Ornaments.

Other than that, it is pretty fun to mix and match colors and work on this. Like I mentioned above, I will probably find some way to incorporate other old things and add some stuff to these failed ornaments so that they can be used one way or another to hide the issues on the surface. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe I’ll do an Instagram post on it or something when I’m done.

Have you tired marbled ornaments with nail polish?
If you have, please tell me whether you were successful and where you see my issues are. Any tips and suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Photography 101: Glass

Incorporate a form of glass into your image to add a layer of complexity.

Glass is incredibly fun to experiment with when taking pictures, resulting in multi-layered and sometimes unexpected shots. – The Daily Post

My cat's POV looking out the balcony door

My cat’s POV looking out the balcony door

The fascination of glass is that it can create a feeling of being separated like there is a barrier despite its transparent surface.


While in other cases, it can create a reflection when light hits it at a certain angle.  In this case, it widens the perspective of what’s going on in the street.

There’s so much to do with glass.  I had done one before with the conversion of angles using a angular vase. I could’ve done one through multiple colorful glass bottles but I couldn’t find a subject that worked.  Maybe I’ll do another one focused on that one day, just for fun 🙂

DIY Glass Ornaments

Every year this happens.  I budget less time than expected to complete my projects for gifts.  What happens after that? I start stressing out and staying up late to get it done.  Last year, the glass ornaments took me an afternoon and evening to do, then it was letting it dry for the next 3 days or so. They were ready just in time for Christmas.  It wasn’t too time-consuming on that level.

I had posted it up before as part of a photo challenge but here it is again:


This year, I wanted to make more glass bauble ornaments and gift them to someone else.  Although, right now, my boyfriend is convincing me to give it to the same person again, being his dad.  I just wonder how many of these bauble ornaments can one need and use, right? Although, the ones I’m doing this year are different and frankly, a bit more colourful. I’ll make my final decision to who I give it to next week, I guess.

These ones took me 4 days to do the whole batch.  I had underestimated the time so now I’m stuck with a few days and two more DIY gifts left to do.  But still, lets be happy: THE SECOND GIFT IS DONE! YA!


This year’s baubles was partially inspired by WhollyKao’s DIY holiday decor. Click HERE to see it.  I say partially because I used pot pourri instead of dried flowers and I only did half of the glass ornaments with this and the other half I came up with something else.

Here’s the half inspired by WhollyKao:

And here is my own little skills applied to glass ornaments.  It was my Plan B when I ran out of usable pot pourri. Here’s the result of my creativity:

Although its just putting origami stars into each bauble…so not very creative but I had to rip each strip from different stationary and then fold each one.  A pretty good idea, no? I was going to paint stars or snowflakes on it but then I thought it might be a bit too much.  Should I add that on?

Either way, the results were pretty satisfactory.  What do you think?