DIY Vase Project!

After the glass ornaments (which you can find HERE), the next night I went straight to work on the Vase Kit Project that I had bought. I provided me not only with the vase but all the tools I needed to decorate it.


The supplies with the kit

Step 1: Using a sponge, apply the Vitrail transparent Parma colour on the previously degreased and dried surface.


Step 2: Apply the Vitrail opaque wheat yellow colour followed by the Vitrail transparent old pink colour with a sponge.


Step 3: Allow to dry 1 hour. (I needed more than that for it to completely dry…so expect at least 2-3 hours)

Step 4: Decorate the surface with the cerne relief.

They gave me circular patterns however, I had some newly bought Martha Stewart votive candle stencils so I tried to copy 3 of the patterns onto the vase.  Normally, you’d stick them on and them just dab on the colour, but this one, I couldn’t stick the stencil on or else it would’ve ripped out the paint under it.  I tried to imitate it as much as possible but my art and cerne relief skills are a bit lacking…so this is how it turned out.


Thats the final project.  I’m planning on giving it as a vase or candle holder.

Another gift completed.  What do you think?  Good for a first shot? Lets hope whoever gets this doesn’t cringe in disgust..haha…thats my only hope.  Wish me luck!

Only one more gift before I’m done everything.  For now, I need to take a break and head out to shovel snow!  🙂 Promise you I’ll be back with another post soon…I’m having a bit of traffic jam in posts to cram in before Christmas comes by.

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