Genre Grandeur – Freedom Writers (2007)

This month’s Genre Grandeur theme is war movies over at MovieRob. I’m not much of war movie person so I sat around thinking about what to write. After switching around in the last minute, I thought about Freedom Writers. I know that I had another review about it before but it is one of my favorite movies and one I find is underrated so I never give up on a chance to lets others hear about it. Its not a conventional war movie for sure but I promise I do give it a far reasoning as to why it is one.

If you would like to join in on MovieRob’s Genre Grandeur for this month, he is still accepting reviews till August 27th. And give him a follow if you haven’t already, Rob writes awesome reviews. Plus, you should check out the Hitchcock blogathon that he and another blogger, Zoe at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger has going on right now.

As always, a huge thanks to Rob for putting this together 🙂


For our next entry for this month’s Genre Grandeur – War, here’s a review of Freedom Writers (2007) by Kim of Tranquil Dreams.  Her site is filled with movie reviews, travel pics and great recipes.  If don’t already follow her, I suggest you do so now!

If you’re still interested in joining in this month’s Genre Grandeur, send me an email to by next Wednesday, 27th Aug.

On Sunday, I will send out an update of this month’s reviews (so far), plus reveal the new genre for September and the Blogger chosen to decide what genre will be featured!

Let’s see what Kim thought of Freedom Writers (2007)

freedom writers posterWar movies are not really my genre. I’m really not much of a person who likes to watch movies based on historical events, especially that of war between countries or cities. Usually its depressing and just sad. Maybe you can…

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