The Imp/A Long Journey Off A Short Pier/A Vampire at Christmas by Anthony Renfro

Welcome to the first BOOK month. If anything, its an EBOOK month because all of these books are distributed on ebooks and have been stowed away in my tablet for a various length of time.  I haven’t quite figured out if this is a one time deal or I’ll jump back in to do it.  It depends on so many things and we’ve just starts.  If you are joining us on this journey, I’m in a month(ish) long mission to read the ebooks in my tablet written by independent writers.  Maybe you are one, and you’d like to me check it out; maybe you have friends that have an amazing book you’d like me to check out, or maybe you just read one through word of mouth or even am just curious about some other ones, regardless, feel free to drop me a comment, email or even a tweet.  Whatever floats your boat 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be hunting down some new material if not, I’ll just end this earlier than anticipated.  Still, the goal here is exactly like my recommendations page. Its for YOU.  Its to highlight the talented crowd in the blogosphere and I hope you enjoy it! 

Enough of my rambling, lets start this!

First up, I’d like to introduce to you Anthony Renfro, a fellow blogger of ours.  You can find him and his fantastic blogs: Books, Movies, Poetry & his rather new one, A Zombie For The Holidays.

I’ve been following Anthony for a while now and I love reading his haikus for everything: movies, books, life, running, etc.  Its really fun to check it all out. I feel like its perfect timing because he just had a short story available for pre-order on Amazon called A Zombie Thanksgiving.  You can check it out right HERE on his site (give him a follow if you’d like) and follow the link to the Amazon page.

Anthony writes short stories and he did launch a novel recently which I have in my tablet and will read it before the end of next month.  However, I wanted to get this bundle of short stories taken care of first.  The Imp and A Vampire at Christmas are individual short stories whereas, Long Journey Off A Short Pier is a collection of 6 short stories including: A Zombie Christmas, Twenty Dollars, The Blade of Darkness, The Living Sand, Need to Feed, Joyride.


I really don’t know how to write anything about short stories.  I feel that to pack in a good story in a short time is hard.  What I loved about Anthony’s stories was that, although most of them touch the paranormal world ranging from spirits, zombies, vampires, possessed objects, they all give (for the most part) a positive twist of events.  There’s something to take from what he wants to say and there’s always a ray of hope somewhere.  I’m not going to say if it always ends with that ray of hope because then I’d be ruining it for you.  However, its all a very worthy read.  Short stories have that: its easy, its simple and straight forward and yet, it can still make you connect with it.

My favorites have to be A Zombie Christmas, The Imp, Need to Feed and The Living Sand are my personal favorites. 🙂

Now, please head on over to check out his sites (links above) and give him a follow!  Maybe even give his short stories a read as well! I enjoyed them a lot and I think you will also!

7 thoughts on “The Imp/A Long Journey Off A Short Pier/A Vampire at Christmas by Anthony Renfro

  1. Feel strange giving this one a like since I am the author of these stories, but I really do appreciate your kind words. Thanks for blogging me and enjoying what I do. I will make sure to send A Zombie Holiday Trilogy to you once I get it together. Again, thanks.

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