Halloween Marathon: Halloween (1978)

Finally, the main feature of my whole marathon began this weekend! On Sunday, my boyfriend and I sat down and popped in the first Halloween.  I’ve never seen this before, just the Rob Zombie remake.  I liked that one quite a bit and decided that this year, I’d do a marathon to catch up with all this Michael Myers and maybe next year, I’ll go for the Friday the 13th series ;).  Lets check it out!

halloween 1978 posterDirector: John Carpenter

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance, Tony Moran, P.J. Soles, Nancy Kyes, Charles Cypher, Kyle Richards

Michael Myers murdered his sister on Halloween when he was a young boy and afterwards was institutionalized at a mental hospital.  After many years, he manages to escape as a grown man on Halloween and heads back to Haddonsfield.  Once there, he starts stalking a young girl, Laurie and her friends on Halloween.  At night, when she babysits, he lurks around the neighborhood and starts killing anyone that is in his way as he gets closer to her. At the same time, his doctor, Dr. Loomis chases after him and tries to track him down and stop him before he goes out of control.


Halloween is pretty much a classic at this point.  Everyone knows enough about it that I probably didn’t even need to give a synopsis. But hey, maybe you’re like me and extremely late to the party 😉 I know I’m late with lots of these. Regardless, I did initiate with the remake so I was slightly more familiar with the story, however this one does pace itself in a different way and portray a bit different also.  I found its pace a bit slow but one that works well because before I knew it, by the final few scares, I was yelling at the characters.  As predictable as some scenes were, they also had the background music and would make it more intense.

halloween 2

Michael Myers is definitely a creepy villain.  We don’t know what he looks like and the mask is bone-chilling and scary.  Especially since its white, in the dark spaces, sometimes thats all we see.  Then he lurks in the shadows and many times, its hard to know where he will pop out or exactly when, how he will attack.  He defines the unknown factor as there are so many mysteries that make us wonder why he’s hunting down Laurie, even why he would kill his own sister when he was just a boy. Questions and unknown and scary masks, especially kids in clown costumes, all very scary stuff in my book.

halloween 3

Do I really need to recommend this? Just go see it if you haven’t and if you have, well, I’m sure you’d love to see it again, especially for Halloween 😉

How many of you actually watch Halloween on Halloween day? Whats your go-to Halloween movie?

29 thoughts on “Halloween Marathon: Halloween (1978)

  1. After all of these years, it’s still pretty awesome. Especially if you look at it from an aspiring filmmaker’s view, because it’s so low-budget, that you wonder how people found it in the first place. Good review Kim.


  2. Go to Halloween movie? Well… not really a movie, but I do enjoy watching Treehouse of Horror episodes on/for Halloween. Or, Twilight Zone episodes.
    I guess if we want to go strictly with movies – my go to for a good scare on Halloween would be poltergeist… where the ghosts really come out and play.


  3. IMO the best horror movie ever made is Kubrick’s The Shining, but it’s so intense that I can only handle it on a semi-annual basis. Every October I watch Francis Ford Coppola’s version of Dracula and The Nightmare Before Christmas, but on Halloween Day itself it’s John Carpenter’s Vampires all the way. It’s not a great horror movie by any means, and it doesn’t begin to approach Carpenter’s first Halloween, but taken as a goofy, ultraviolent lark, it’s actually a lot of fun… unless you are easily offended. And djmatticus is right: Halloween would not be Halloween without Treehouse of Terror. The Simpsons has been around for so long that I honestly can’t remember what this season was like without it.


    • I almost bought The Shining the other day. I have a lot of catching up to do. I do know about Treehouse of Terror. I used to watch The Simpsons everyday. Now, not so much. I actually watch Nightmare Before Christmas for Christmas..


      • The Simpsons jumped the shark a long, long time ago, but I still look forward to the Halloween episodes. This year, the opening credit sequence by Guillermo Del Toro was absolutely brilliant. I watch TNBC on Christmas, too; the beauty of that movie is that it works as a tribute to both holidays. It was originally released on Halloween day.


  4. I love this film. I think it is my favourite horror flick. I only watched it for the first time last year, but am intending on making it a bit of a yearly tradition to watch on Halloween. Hoping to get a copy of the sequel and do a double feature this year.

    Great review by the way


  5. Great review, Kim! I’ve watched this many times in so many formats (TV, VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray) that I never get sick of it! One thing I caught in the movie, and maybe you remember it too. We do see Mike’s face in the beginning of the movie, but, granted, he is a little boy. And then we see it again, in the shadows with the mask fully off near the end, when Laurie had ripped the mask from him. It’s only for a split second and you can catch the full image when pausing the film 🙂 Eerie is all I can say!


  6. Awesome! I love this movie and watch it every year. I think the trick to watching a movie like this nowadays when you’ve never seen it before, is to erase all other horror movies from your mind. You basically have to see it with fresh eyes to appreciate what it was doing at that time. All of those things that seem so predictable of the horror genre weren’t predictable then because they’d never really been done before.
    Great review, I’m so glad you enjoyed this movie.


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