Wanna Know A Little Secret…

This past week has been intense.  Work has been extremely crazy busy.  Working overtime, weekends and bringing work home to finish up in hopes to completing tomorrow’s deadline.  The only escape I have is the little bit of time I spend online submerged in this wonderful little blogosphere and seeing everyone’s posts.  At least I really tried to catch up with looking at everyone’s post.  No matter how busy I get, I also always try to put in some time to write up a post and I’m actually happy that I managed to squeeze in two movie reviews this week.  If you missed those, they were on Balto and Starry Starry Night. Awesome movies to help me get through the week.

Blogging and writing destresses me and as I write this, I’m in the process of finally breathing (kind of) nearing the end of this crazy rush and in major lack of sleep.  Coming out of this deadline has been tough and I’ve been bringing out every single way I can think of to destress.



TV series…check!

Writing…check check!

Reading…hmm…that is a bit slow..eyes are hurting from extended hours on the computer looking and typing up numbers after numbers!

Close my eyes and breathe…imagine I’m in paradise…that thought doesn’t stay around for too long before JANUARY 31ST DEADLINE pops up in my mind and breaks my train of thought

In between, my back hurting from stress and my arms hurting from the fall I had last Tuesday…it seemed that the only thing that could help was my very last resort, which I finally did last night.

Wanna know what my little secret method is? If you don’t, I don’t know why you stayed to read through that bunch of ramble on top 😉 I know some of you are going to laugh at me though…but it seriously works (at least it does for me).

You ready for it? Okay…here it goes…

I read bedtime stories to myself.  Wait wait…not just any old bedtime stories.  No way! I read myself  Dr. Seuss in that awesome book that I’d take with me to Desert Island.  I just flip through the book and choose randomly one of the twelve stories that’s there and I read it out loud to myself (and my cat).

Last night was the perfect one to match my tired and over fatigued mood.  I landed on Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book.

Talking about that, its just past midnight around here and seeing as its the final rush tomorrow and I won’t be around to write up a post, I shared my little secret with you.

Meanwhile, I’ll be heading off to read another Dr Seuss story.  Wonder which one I’ll land on tonight?

P.S. What do you do to relieve your stress?


31 thoughts on “Wanna Know A Little Secret…

  1. I like to take evening strolls or (during summers) lay on top of the roof to just stare at the sky. Sometimes I keep everything low tech and turn of my computer, cell phone and television and crawl away with a book and some tea. 🙂

    Goodluck with all the deadlines! 🙂


    • Yeah..its been crazy weather here…if I took a stroll after everything was done, it`d be a midnight stroll but then I already walk most of the time to get me around. It is true that it does relieve my stress.

      Some days I want to just throw out the technology..it does put more stress than needed. And tea is a amazing stuff. I drink that in the morning mostly Kicks off my day in a positive way. For nights, I find Rooibos teas are the best 🙂 Although I personally am a green tea drinker. What are you?

      Thanks! 🙂


      • I like all sorts of tea. Depending on my mood. Earl grey or Rooibos is always good. I prefer loose tea (is that how you say it in English?) In my hometown they have a lot of shops where they sell these interesting mixes of flower teas or mango with dried chili tea etc. During summers I like fresh mint tea with honey and lemon and a sprig of cinnamon 😀

        Reminds me.. time for tea!! 😉


    • Yeah! My next adventure still undetermined..haha! Its between two choices. Thats a pretty good idea though. I usually would exercise..but I don’t do yoga..but I fell last week so doc’s orders are to keep still for a bit..haha!
      Thanks 🙂


  2. you sound like a very busy young lady…oh, for the days of youth…enjoy….they will pass faST…LOVE THAT YOU READ STORIES TO YOUR CAT …tHAT WOULD PROBABLY BE SOMETHING THAT i WOULD DO…BUT, MY HUSBAND WOULD THINK “i’M crazy!”…oH, YEAH!…HE PROBABLY ALREADY KNOWS THAT!and as you can see I hit the caps lock…but, you can read it so I’m leaving t…


  3. Kim, that isn’t all that silly. I think that reading something that reminds you of when you were young and didn’t have deadlines and stress is only natural. I once would have said exercise to relieve stress, but this past year I started to try meditation and have found that it is really great for everything that is wrong with you. I know that is a blanket statement but it seems true. I could write a book about quieting your mind and the difference it has made in my life, but I am still learning so the book will have to wait. One of the previous commentors said yoga and I would like to try that because it is supposed to allow you to combine your mind and body in a relaxed experience.
    Thank you for sharing your story time with everyone. I think that is totally normal and rational. Relax Kim, life is a short ride and it will be exactly like you make it.


    • My mom has mentioned for me to try meditation, however, I doubt my mind would ever calm down to that state. I usually do high intensity exercises or workouts and they help to relieve a bundle of stress. I do dragonboat and team practices usually keep me all good..but with my arm hurt from the fall and in constant pain..plus overtime..I’ve had to skip last week and possibly tonight’s practice as well…
      Thanks! 🙂


  4. I thought yesterday was Thursday all day long…alas, today finally is!

    Reading makes me forget whats going on around me; I get too distracted with my phone and my computer when I am watching TV – so I feel ya!


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