Valentine’s Marathon Kicks off with…

How many of you guessed that I’d be doing a Valentine’s day marathon? Well, I think I probably talked about it here and there, but I don’t remember if I did.  So today, I finally finalized the list.  Last year, I did a Ten Faves Romantic Comedy (which you could find HERE).  No full reviews or anything since I wasn’t really doing many reviews then. So this year, seeing as I am committing myself to reviewing more and seeing that my whole (hectic, for me) Christmas marathon turned out pretty good and I had loads of fun.  I learned to lower my burden of movies and selected randomly from what I own a list for this year’s Valentine’s marathon.  Rest are new to my collection, maybe not new releases per se but I haven’t seen them so it’ll be a fresh look.  I plan on doing 10 movies for this marathon but the list won’t be revealed, you’ll just have to come back and check it out :).  It’ll have rom-coms and romantic dramas, that sort of thing.

So let’s start this off!

First movie up is FRENCH KISS (1995)! If you’re in Canada and only had bunny ears (like I did and still do), I remember my high school years having this movie come up at least 2-3 times EVERY YEAR.  You’d think I’d be sick of it but somehow it grew on me. Maybe its because I love Meg Ryan but we’ll see later…once I give you all a little plot and details.

french kiss

Director: Lawrence Kasdan

Cast: Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, Jean Reno

Kate (Meg Ryan), a woman waiting for her Canadian citizenship in Toronto, and Charlie (Timothy Hutton), a doctor in Toronto are engaged.  Charlie has to fly to Paris for conferences and asks Kate to go with her but because of her citizenship issues and her fear of flying, she stays in Toronto until one day, Charlie calls and tells her that he wants to call off the engagement because he’s found the love of his life, Juliette. Kate picks up her courage and flies over to Paris to get back her fiance.  On plane, she meets Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline) who is French and also puts his vine and stolen bracelet into her bag to cross customs.  Because of that, Luc eventually gets tracked down by an inspector (Jean Reno) who is also a good friend of his. With a few accidents and mishaps, they end up having to cross paths and eventually accompany each other through Kate’s journey in France.

This is a fantastic way to start my marathon because this may not be one of the best romantic comedies widely known but to me, it holds a place in the awesome.  I say that not due to the plot because it is predictable at times but to the cast and characters.   I’ve probably mentioned it before, but romantic comedies are all about the chemistry between their characters.  In this one, Meg Ryan is great at being her scared of everything self, a woman who is scared of change or feeling hurt and the negatives in life.  When she meets someone who appears to be her complete opposite, you just can’t help but to laugh.  Kevin Kline has this charisma when he talks (or maybe its his French accent).  Their debates and his reasonings for everything is plain awesomeness.

For example: When he first meets her on a plane and she panicking about it taking off.

Luc: What do you think, the plane is going to crash and we are all on the ground in a thousand pieces dead? I promise you, if it happens, you won’t feel a thing.
Kate: You’re French, aren’t you?

I grabbed that from IMDB quickly to give you an idea but its not the same with the whole scenario and acting going on.  Plus, I’m starting to notice these trivial things but the glimpse of the TV in the beginning of the movie was a NHL game of Habs/Montreal Canadians as one of the teams playing on the hockey game.  I have a thing against NHL and the team but whenever a Habs game goes on, I still want them to win…secretly.  I’ll explain that another day but back to the last thing about the movie…

The music.   It introduced me to the French version of a song that I extremely adore and not to mention lots of other great songs that went great well with this movie.  So here it is, the French version of Dream a Little Dream of Me (is that the name?) called Les Yeux Ouverts.

This may not be a strong point for a romantic comedy but I’m happy that my Valentine’s marathon started with this.  It was fun and charismatic set in the beautiful France.  Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline was fantastic. Best of all, it was just an awesome feel good movie.  I recommend it with the warning that you have to be okay with a normal story line but in it only for the chemistry.  If that’s the case, you can come out of this happy.

I feel like I watch a lot of movies that aren’t great or haven’t really been popular.

Does anyone know this rom-com? Like it or dislike it? How about a Meg Ryan fan? I know I miss her appearing on screen a lot.

19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Marathon Kicks off with…

  1. Yup, seen this and I enjoyed it, I never wore the bunny ears or anything though. But it’s a rare ‘Toronto’ flick. I mean a lot of films are filmed here but it’s never mentioned that they’re actually in Toronto. Usually we’re just a set for New York or Chicago. Have you seen Take this Waltz? Another good Canadian set film, and a good love story.

    Nice review!! Go Leafs! 🙂


    • I may not like the Leafs but I do love Toronto! I do weekend getaways there all the time! Actually going there in a few weeks..haha!

      Isn’t Scott Pilgrim filmed there also? And I haven’t seen Take this Waltz but I definitely will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

      Montreal has turned into a hot spot for movies now..especially in Old Montreal so its been cool. They actually have something filming like 2 blocks down I just haven’t had time to research it 🙂


  2. I have never seen this, but on your recommendation I am going to try it. Romantic comedies can be fun and entertaining, most guys will never admit it, so if someone else asks I may say no way. Valentines Day. Such a mess of emotions around that one Kim. I need to write some posts about it. Suffice it to say, the last time I was in love, her birthday was on February 14. Since she crushed my heart like an old soda can and chucked it in the garbage, I don’t really look forward to this once a year reminder. Maybe I just need some more romantic comedies in my life…..!! Thanks for the post, you need some fun movies to lower the stress level in your life and to have some fun. 🙂


    • I usually have to “test run” it for my boyfriend before I sit him down for any romantic comedies and I usually know which ones are just too sappy for him.
      I personally don’t celebrate Valentine’s day much but it gives me a reason to just sit down and watch a lot of romance-y movies..especially during this time of year when stress sky rocketing up till end of April, it’s much needed 🙂


  3. I like French Kiss, always have, in fact I can honestly say I adore every movie Meg Ryan appeared in during her heyday in the late 80s and 1990s.
    Seeing as you asked, as an “old school” fan I do miss seeing Meg appearing on screen nowadays, although I’d rather she stayed retired than appear in films like My Mom’s New Boyfriend and The Women!

    Great choice to kick start your Valentine’s Marathon, I’ll definitely be dropping back as you reveal the rest of your list:)


    • I have not seen either of those movies that you mentioned. The most recent I’ve seen her in is In the Land of Women and its been so long that I don’t even remember what it was about. Haha!
      I’m glad you like my choices..hopefully you’ll like the other ones as well. Its bucket of mixed choices that I literally folded a bunch of movies names into a basket and pulled it out..haha! So total randomness!
      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


    • Just checked out your review! Very awesome stuff! It had a lot of good points to it. France is very pretty…I only went in ’94 with my mom and I was 8 so I don’t really remember much. This movie does tempt us to travel there…especially where all the vineyards are.. 🙂


      • Netflix streaming service to the rescue? I don’t actually have netflix anymore so that wouldn’t work for me… but I’ve got a ton of her movies so I’m all set: When Harry Met Sally, Joe Versus the Vocano, You’ve Got Mail…


      • I don’t have netflix..was thinking of getting it…but then…more expenses..haha! Not expensive but still..still need to think about it. I did get You’ve Got Mail on my tablet for I still have to get to that one. I think I can get When Harry Met Sally for like $5 at I guess it could work. Hmm..maybe I will do it eventually 🙂


      • You should definitely do a Meg movie marathon.
        In fact it would be fantastic if someone organised a Meg Ryan blogathon where her fans could post about their favourite Meg movies and memories.
        Would you any of you guys be interested in participating?


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