Happy Rooster Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

After a week of overtimes and coming home to massive cleaning, its a day to celebrate and rest and dinner with my mom, of course. It will be a ton of fun and we are excited to go chat amd eat together.

This entire week consisted of a lot of tidying up and getting the house ready. Flowers somehow were quite hard to find. Although I did end up with three bouquets of them.





Decorations are pretty much the same as previous years for the most part. If only my Chinese calligraphy was better, I’d make some myself.

Today’s just a short post to share some of the floral arrangements here. They are simple this year but believe it or not, it was actually pretty hard to put them all together.

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! Its the Year of the Rooster! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy Rooster Year!

  1. Happy New Year again! All the best to you and your family!

    Trying to find flowers was the biggest challenge this year too.. I managed to find the last bunch of pussy willows at Costco. Downside was, there were only 17 branches.. (very generous bunch for 13$ish so scrambled to find the little 18th. Managed to find it at Atwater flower store for 3$+tax. It is pretty much the cheapest I could find this year.. as the flower store that I usually go said they will be away on holiday so no flowers.. I really miss Loblaws flower shop.. made life so much easier… -︵-

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