My Weekly Adventures: Its December!

Its been a month since the last post.  Right on time in my mind actually. I had started to draft a mid-month progress update adventures post but then I decided that I wasn’t really up to it.

Did a lot of stuff happen? Not really… but you know, nothing kickstarts brainstorming in everything else (aside from the novel) like NaNoWriMo month.

What do you say we keep a little structure here? We try to keep this at every 1st and 15th? If I have enough stuff to talk about… but at least it’ll make me try to go somewhere other than work and home and I do anticipate a few other events going to happen. Talking about that, I should be getting that seasonal post together for winter events that I’d like to highlight in and around Montreal 🙂

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and get you all updated with all the fun stuff..its not really a lot 😉

1) NaNoWriMo — I DID IT!!

nanowrimo 2015

At the beginning of this experience this year, we got this personal achievement of whether we’re a plotter or a pantser. You know what, I’m kind of in between because I did have this idea before and I did some fifties over at my other blog, which is pretty much inactive for the past 3 months, but will revive after this. But, I’m definitely a pantser because my story is spiraled in a very spontaneous direction.  I think about it a lot but I never outline anything.  Maybe thats why week 2 for me was tough because I started feeling like road blocks were in view.  Its a scary thought. However, I’ve never been so calm and collected and actually confident about this novel.  Temporarily its titled The World’s End. My guess is I’d find something better later on.

nanowrimo 2015

On the third week, that’s when it all fell apart.  My husband had a week of vacation and I decided to spend time with it and I ended up being a week behind on the word count and it was crazy to try to build it back from there. On top of that, the road blocks actually appeared and I started feeling like some scenarios were pointless and ridiculous.  I ended Week 3 strong with a good word count, pulling the days behind a little closer.  Its also when I implemented personal word sprints and sprinting with live WordNerds sprints.  Those helped so much.  Thanks to that, I reached the goal of beating my last year’s ending time.  I finished just a little after midnight landing my winning on November 30th but hey, I wanted to finish it up and I did! For once, I feel like this is worthy of some time to edit and maybe I’ll post it up little by little.  I kid you not, there is a lot of hard work to put in to work on this one, maybe even some remapping of events but its going to happen 😉

But hey, that doesn’t matter so much but the significance is really that I will be catching up to everyone’s posts that I’ve missed out in the past month!

2) Sherbrooke met la Table/Sherbrooke Restaurant Week + December events

shrebrooke met la table

Thank you SO MUCH for being awesome with the MTL a Table coverage.  Its double as fun when I see those posts really working out. I have fun and it seems that a lot of you drop by to check it out and I’ve had a few new likes from other foodies.

With that hype going on, my husband and I decided to do one day of Sherbrooke met a table event in the city of Sherbrooke, which is about 1.5 hours drive away. I love driving down that area because its absolutely beautiful and calm.  Plus, we’re there to try new restaurants and eat a lot. It was so enjoyable to just spend time together there and talk about all sorts of random stuff.

If you missed those posts on the restaurants, its for two very creative and unique places called OMG Resto and Overflow Restaurant .

3) Christmas is here!!!

We got a bit of snow this week.  What better time than the last day of my NaNo sprint on the 29th to go pull out all of my Christmas decorations and put up the Christmas tree. But that’s just me. There’s still some hanging up lights around to deal with but a little sneak peek 😉



I’ll have a full home decorations thing up later on. We really stepped up our game this year so its just ton of fun.  I’m getting some crafty things done soon, just missing a few supplies.  Plus, we’re hosting the family Christmas dinner this year so that should be interesting. Its going to be a potluck and everyone took dibs on the actual meal so I have the task of whipping up some fantastic desserts.

What do you like to have for Christmas desserts? Is there a go-to dessert that you make?

4) What’s Up for December!

I know there’s not a lot going on to talk about for this month.  Mostly it was a lot of sitting down and finding time to get the novel writing thing down.  However, I did stay relatively on track with the Netflix A-Z! I do plan have a few new releases theatre visits.  Not sure how many. Star Wars tickets are bought so that’s a certain one.  Krampus is one I’m looking forward to also.  And I’d like to find time to fit in The Good Dinosaur.

Netflix A-Z is nearing its end.  We have X-Z left.  The goal is wrap it up with in the next two weeks.  After that (or simultaneously), I’ll start up the holiday themed month. The big question is what movies to watch.  I’ve reviewed a lot of Christmas movies before and now its just searching up movies from Netflix that are extremely random.  This month, I’m aiming for some more popular choices like Scrooged, Gremlins and some other horror with Christmas in it.  I can’t remember it. Its part of my husband’s movie collection.  I might need to add a little twist to this.  However, the goal is to bring back baking so expect some Christmas baking. I really want to put together a Christmas log so hoping I’ll get that done 😉

5) Music!

We’re keeping this short and sweet so I can plan out the rest of the week! I found this tune listening to a Youtuber (Gassy Mexican) on their livestream and it has a awesome tune! It just pumps me up and gets all my creative juices going!


  • Netflix A-Z: Letters X-Z
  • Winter Events in Montreal
  • Snow White themed baking (getting at least one done so that I can focus on this project next year.)
  • A few independent book reviews (6 more books to go to complete the Goodreads Reading Challenge)
  • Christmas everything: Decorations, baking, crafts, movies (I’ll try to do everything)

Happy Tuesday, my lovelies! 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Weekly Adventures: Its December!

  1. Awesome post Kim 🙂 very intersecting. I had never heard of NaNoWriMo – just looked it up, I’d love to do it! So can I ask you a question, whenever you write (fiction / novels etc) do you never plan it? Do you just play around with ideas in your head and start writing? Because that’s what I like to do as well but I’ve never been sure it’s the best way to do it. Planning actually puts me off!

    I love your tree too 🙂 guess what, I have Winnie the Pooh decorations as well 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Most of the time when I write, its just an idea I have. The first year I did Nanowrimo, I tried to plan and it didn’t work out. The flow of the story comes as I write. I’ve done a few years of this for fun, what I have learned is that how you write is very personal. If no plan works for you, then it works as well as for others who like to plan it out. However, I did do some creative writing with short pieces playing with the idea I was using over at my second blog which I’ve cast away for a few months…haha!


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