My October Adventures!

Weekly Adventures (2)

Welcome to the October Adventures! Its been a crazy month full of lots of things going on. Suffice to say other than cooler weather and some really windy and rainy days where we got some of the closing gardens and other preparing the house for winter thing going on (which I won’t talk about because I’m not sure anyone wants to know about it), it was a clash for festivals. Let’s look back and see what happened!

Hiking: CIME Haut-Richelieu at Mont St-Gregoire


I’m not sure how many more hikes we can get in before the season is too cold to go, but we’re taking them as we can between festivals and other commitments and getting the house ready for the winter season and whatnot. After a much debated weekend with bad weather looming over our heads, the weather finally changed and we decided to go for a hike a little closer to us and went to the nearby tourism area and found CIME Haut-Richelieu at Mont St-Gregoire which had a very reasonable 4km hike. It was steep and rather quick elevation with lots of steps and stairs and rocks to walk over. We took the panoramic trail and got a pretty nice view of the area around.

Festival Du Nouveau Cinema (October 9 to 20)

Fantasia 2019 (1)

Festival du Nouveau Cinema kicked off on October 9th with the program mostly starting the next day (since press doesn’t access to opening and closing films). With that said, this is the first day doing media to cover this festival so a little of the jitters as this festival has some rather deeper films and a lot of the films themselves are all about taking chances with the synopsis provided as well as having very limited evening timeslots to fit them all in making the scheduling very time-consuming and constantly going through changes during the festival. However, that is behind us now and things went fairly smoothly. I had wanted to do on average one review per day and overall, I managed to achieve it.

Here’s the full list of films if you missed any of them:

  • Little Joe
  • Color Out of Space
  • Family Romance LLC
  • Diner
  • Adoration
  • Sole
  • J’ai Perdu Mon Corps
  • Mickey and the Bear
  • A White, White Day
  • Dirty God
  • Carte Blanches Shorts : Aujourd’hui ou je meurs; Pluie sui tole volée

Highlighted are my top 5 in no specific order. If you want to know my top movie, its Diner. Hands down, no competition because while the other films were great, this one has rewatchability in its favor.

Sherbrooke Met La Table & Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Like previous years, we take a day out to the Eastern Townships to go check out a restaurant part of Sherbrooke Met la Table. This time, we decided to go back to one of the first ones we tried called OMG Resto which is actually located in a what used to be a church. We went for the lunch menu but ended up getting the normal.

After that, we headed for a little hike at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. We had previously gone at night for Foresta Lumina. Its a nice little family trail although has a lot of steep stairs and slopes.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival (October 17 to 25)

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Overlapping the last few days of Festival du Nouveau Cinema was receiving the approval for remote coverage for Toronto After Dark Film Festival for its short films, which was a lot of them. About 95% of the films were available and I managed to review almost all of those available. All the movies are above and I’m not going to list them all separately but just in how I batched them in the posts and then share my top 5 (which will be hard).

I don’t review a lot of short films over here but this festival’s shorts definitely opened my eyes to some very creative premises and some outstanding stories. With that said, these are my top picks:

  • Turbo Killer
  • Hearth
  • Barbara-Anne
  • La Noria
  • Moment
  • The Haunted Swordsman

Lambcast: Evil Dead Franchise

Nothing like a little last minute podcast call-up to add into festival season. However, it did help binge watch the Evil Dead Franchise to prepare for the Evil Dead discussion over at The Lambcast with a bunch of people with rather interesting opinions about this one. Its always a fun time at Lambcast recording so head over to check out the episode HERE.

Battle of Ingredients


With the summer and warm weather going away and festivals slowly fading in the background with events and such, we’re back on track with Battle of Ingredients. October Battle of Ingredients is the Fall BBQ. The post is a bit delayed but its currently in the works. Expect it up next week some time.

Other than that, November Battle of Ingredients is always hiatus due to our checking out the MTL a Table event. We will be checking out three restaurants this year if all goes to plan so I’ll be talking about it as it happens!

Game Warp Podcast is Back!

We’ve been on a huge podcast hiatus for Game Warp. While we have been getting back on the blogging side of things, which is always a great start and will continue to be focused on the blog. The podcast is back in our recording schedule. After some changes a few months ago and the festival coverages and such, we have moved ourselves onto Anchor and be an audio podcast from now on. I’m sure I mentioned it before. The episodes will be audio format only available on Youtube as well.

To kick things back into action, and to show our diversity on this whole rebranding thing we’re doing, we start off with something a little different and that is a discussion on Essential Horror Games!

You can check out the episode over on Game Warp HERE.

Halloween Marathon Wrap-up

With all the crazy stuff going on in the final 2 weeks of October, suffice to say that the marathon somewhat didn’t quite happen although Toronto After Dark did work in my favor on that level. I still have one double feature to come out for the marathon and it will be done ASAP. However, in general, things are wrapped up here! Its been a fun month and I actually got quite a bit done in the first half of the month.

Upcoming November Events: MTL a Table, MEGA MTL, Blood in the Snow Festival

Cute Kitty Pic


That’s it for the October Adventures!
What have you been up to?

Sherbrooke Met La Table: Restaurant Persepolis

Another Sherbrooke Met La Table is upon us. As I’m writing this up, it is in the last few days of this restaurant week set in the Eastern Townships in Sherbrooke. This year’s menus were quite cool and we had a few choices that we had to decide upon, but we’re in an experimental mode and we always like to be adventurous when we head to this restaurant festival. Our final choice ended up being dinner at Restaurant Persepolis, which is Iranian cuisine. We’ve never had Iranian cuisine but only have heard about it here and there when watching food shows and such.

Restaurant Persepolis

Persepolis is a beautiful restaurant. It keeps its decoration on theme with what its serving to give you something of a feeling of where you are as you dine. The decoration is lovely, the ambiance is fantastic. Its a comfortable feeling to sit in there and eat.

Iranian Tea

For the menu, there were two options. A $25 and $35 options which changes in the main menu choices. The menu here has a lot of choices in general which is nice. The appetizers had 4 choices, the main menu had multiple choices, not only for the two different valued options but also in the fact that their menu changed from week 1 and 2. Something to note is that this is a bring your own wine restaurant. We didn’t know about that plus it is an almost 2 hour drive home so we decided to have some tea. Its a Persian tea which is perfumed and spiced with cardamom. I’ve never had this before but it is really good. I would gather that its a black tea variety which I don’t drink often as it keeps me super alive and a little too caffeinated. However, this one had this floral taste and it just tasted fantastic. I’m going to be looking for some of this somewhere.


Reshteh Soup Persepolis

Between a choice of the Ash Reshteh soup, Reshteh soup, broccoli salad and Shirazi Salad, we both vouched for the Reshteh soup. Its a chicken noodle soup with carrots, potatoes, onions, chopped parsley and green peas. It tasted a lot like minestrone soup but with some different spices in Iranian cuisine (I would assume). The pita bread that was served with the dish was delicious also.

Main Course


Baghali Polo with Lamb ($35 menu)

I had the lamb mostly because I don’t get to eat lamb much. I don’t remember where I watched it on which show but I had read about Iran and lamb in their food. Maybe I’m confused. Either way, I ended up choosing this dish and it was so good. The spices in particular and mixing the sauce and lamb with the rice tasted so delicious.


Chicken Barg ($25 menu)

My husband took the chicken kebabs. I had a taste of it and it also was very good. He liked it a lot as well. It was flavorful and very tender.



For dessert, we got Baghlava. The other was an Iranian vanilla ice cream, which being both lactose intolerant was out of the question. This one was an Iranian honey baklava with rose water garnished with pistachios. I’ve only had baklava once before and this one actually tastes a lot better. I think its the portion and also the fact that it had this smooth honey taste. The rose water was enough and didn’t feel like it was overpowering which is usually an issue with anything infused with rose water. I like this one a lot. Actually thinking about it now, I want to eat another one.

persepolis restaurant

Before we leave, lets take a look at this lovely dessert display case. I almost brought home more dessert. Starting to have regrets to not have done that. It looks so beautiful and delicious.

Overall, I’d have to say that our first experience with Iranian cuisine is a success. I’d totally be glad to go for another round of this. Maybe I’ll see if Montreal has any and check it out.

If you want to check out Sherbrooke Met La Table and the last few days, you can check it out HERE. It runs until October 25th.
And for this restaurant in particular, check out the site HERE.

Sherbrooke Met La Table: Bistro KapZak

The fall events have officially started here. I have some fall colors coming up next week which is a little delayed. The food events are trickling in and to be honest, it is quite exciting to have a reason to head out and find some cool restaurants. Sherbrooke Met La Table started last Thursday (October 20th) and runs till October 30th. Sherbrooke is about 1.5 to 2 hours away for us so this becomes a little day trip and a little tradition we started last year. This year’s choice is Bistro KapZak, a polish fusion experience.

For this event, Bistro Kapzak offered two different three course menus at $25 and $35. I ended up taking the $25 and my husband took the $35. You will see both choices in each section.

Bistro KapZak

Bistro Kapzak


Bistro Kapzak

We started with drinks. My husband got a blond beer and I got a white sangria. The sangria mix is actually one of the better ones I’ve tasted with a good balance of soda and alcohol with fruity taste but never overpowering.


Bistro Kapzak

Beef brisket with fresh herb chutney

Bistro Kapzak

Grilled Pork Belly with Warm Vegetable Dressing

Both appetizers were quite good. The beef brisket had very nice spices to augment the flavor. Matched up with some crunchy dehydrated vegetables (I believe might be mushrooms or some root vegetable) and the chutney, it was delicious. My husband took the grilled pork belly. That would be the more rare choice to have available in restaurants however it is prepared incredibly well although I didn’t try the salad with warm vegetable dressing. It looked creamy and also one of the reasons why I didn’t take this meal even though they offered to make modifications. I believe a course should be eaten as it was meant to be as much as possible. With that said, the grilled pork was done really well. My husband is not a fan of the texture while I absolutely am and we both agreed that the flavors were all there.



Roasted cod loin with a crust of wild mushrooms and wine braised red cabbage


Beef shoulder filet with Ratte potatoes and smoked almond sauce

My main course was the cod loin adorned with some pickled cucumbers and red cabbage. There is a weird mixture of tastes here but seeing as a lemon is usually paired with fish meals, it isn’t hard to imagine this more acidic vinaigrette and vegetables paired up. The cod was done good. It only had the pop of flavor from the spices/crust of wild mushrooms on the top. While the first bite felt a little odd, the taste builds with a few more bites and it actually has quite the unique flavor. My husband got the braised beef shank. This was his favorite of the evening. He isn’t quite used to medium rare meat but it didn’t stop him from loving it.


Bistro Kapzak

Paczkis with apple sauce

Bistro Kapzak

Banana bread pudding

My meal came with Paczkis which as explained to us, is a Polish doughnut, or perhaps a doughnut hole. The apple sauce itself was a little too tart but balanced with the bits of doughnuts covered in powdered sugar, it was rather delicious. My husband’s meal came with the banana bread pudding with whipped cream. Somehow it said ice cream? But a minor detail. My husband in general isn’t much of a fruity dessert kind of guy so to him, this was a banana cake topped with whipped cream. I didn’t give this a taste since I wasn’t certain whether they used milk since from my memory, I think bread pudding does use a little bit.

Overall, Bistro Kapzak is a great place. With their cozy rustic decor and nice music playing in the background in the backdrop of a quiet city looking out into the street, it was quite the evening out for us. We enjoyed the environment as much as we enjoyed the food. Plus, the waiter we had was a pleasure to talk to and helped us understand the menu and was very accommodating. Definitely a place we’d recommend. A few items on their regular menu did also peak our interest so we will definitely be going again.

***Note: If you do want to try Bistro Kapzak while it is still in this Sherbrooke location, you need to go before Oct. 30th because they just announced this weekend that for rental negotiation reasons, they will have to move to a new location in Granby. I’m sure lots of Sherbrooke and Eastern Townships goers are less than enthused by this news but for us, it is a lot closer so we will try to head out and maybe bring some friends when this new location opens in 2017 (according to their announcement).

My Weekly Adventures: Its December!

Its been a month since the last post.  Right on time in my mind actually. I had started to draft a mid-month progress update adventures post but then I decided that I wasn’t really up to it.

Did a lot of stuff happen? Not really… but you know, nothing kickstarts brainstorming in everything else (aside from the novel) like NaNoWriMo month.

What do you say we keep a little structure here? We try to keep this at every 1st and 15th? If I have enough stuff to talk about… but at least it’ll make me try to go somewhere other than work and home and I do anticipate a few other events going to happen. Talking about that, I should be getting that seasonal post together for winter events that I’d like to highlight in and around Montreal 🙂

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and get you all updated with all the fun stuff..its not really a lot 😉

1) NaNoWriMo — I DID IT!!

nanowrimo 2015

At the beginning of this experience this year, we got this personal achievement of whether we’re a plotter or a pantser. You know what, I’m kind of in between because I did have this idea before and I did some fifties over at my other blog, which is pretty much inactive for the past 3 months, but will revive after this. But, I’m definitely a pantser because my story is spiraled in a very spontaneous direction.  I think about it a lot but I never outline anything.  Maybe thats why week 2 for me was tough because I started feeling like road blocks were in view.  Its a scary thought. However, I’ve never been so calm and collected and actually confident about this novel.  Temporarily its titled The World’s End. My guess is I’d find something better later on.

nanowrimo 2015

On the third week, that’s when it all fell apart.  My husband had a week of vacation and I decided to spend time with it and I ended up being a week behind on the word count and it was crazy to try to build it back from there. On top of that, the road blocks actually appeared and I started feeling like some scenarios were pointless and ridiculous.  I ended Week 3 strong with a good word count, pulling the days behind a little closer.  Its also when I implemented personal word sprints and sprinting with live WordNerds sprints.  Those helped so much.  Thanks to that, I reached the goal of beating my last year’s ending time.  I finished just a little after midnight landing my winning on November 30th but hey, I wanted to finish it up and I did! For once, I feel like this is worthy of some time to edit and maybe I’ll post it up little by little.  I kid you not, there is a lot of hard work to put in to work on this one, maybe even some remapping of events but its going to happen 😉

But hey, that doesn’t matter so much but the significance is really that I will be catching up to everyone’s posts that I’ve missed out in the past month!

2) Sherbrooke met la Table/Sherbrooke Restaurant Week + December events

shrebrooke met la table

Thank you SO MUCH for being awesome with the MTL a Table coverage.  Its double as fun when I see those posts really working out. I have fun and it seems that a lot of you drop by to check it out and I’ve had a few new likes from other foodies.

With that hype going on, my husband and I decided to do one day of Sherbrooke met a table event in the city of Sherbrooke, which is about 1.5 hours drive away. I love driving down that area because its absolutely beautiful and calm.  Plus, we’re there to try new restaurants and eat a lot. It was so enjoyable to just spend time together there and talk about all sorts of random stuff.

If you missed those posts on the restaurants, its for two very creative and unique places called OMG Resto and Overflow Restaurant .

3) Christmas is here!!!

We got a bit of snow this week.  What better time than the last day of my NaNo sprint on the 29th to go pull out all of my Christmas decorations and put up the Christmas tree. But that’s just me. There’s still some hanging up lights around to deal with but a little sneak peek 😉



I’ll have a full home decorations thing up later on. We really stepped up our game this year so its just ton of fun.  I’m getting some crafty things done soon, just missing a few supplies.  Plus, we’re hosting the family Christmas dinner this year so that should be interesting. Its going to be a potluck and everyone took dibs on the actual meal so I have the task of whipping up some fantastic desserts.

What do you like to have for Christmas desserts? Is there a go-to dessert that you make?

4) What’s Up for December!

I know there’s not a lot going on to talk about for this month.  Mostly it was a lot of sitting down and finding time to get the novel writing thing down.  However, I did stay relatively on track with the Netflix A-Z! I do plan have a few new releases theatre visits.  Not sure how many. Star Wars tickets are bought so that’s a certain one.  Krampus is one I’m looking forward to also.  And I’d like to find time to fit in The Good Dinosaur.

Netflix A-Z is nearing its end.  We have X-Z left.  The goal is wrap it up with in the next two weeks.  After that (or simultaneously), I’ll start up the holiday themed month. The big question is what movies to watch.  I’ve reviewed a lot of Christmas movies before and now its just searching up movies from Netflix that are extremely random.  This month, I’m aiming for some more popular choices like Scrooged, Gremlins and some other horror with Christmas in it.  I can’t remember it. Its part of my husband’s movie collection.  I might need to add a little twist to this.  However, the goal is to bring back baking so expect some Christmas baking. I really want to put together a Christmas log so hoping I’ll get that done 😉

5) Music!

We’re keeping this short and sweet so I can plan out the rest of the week! I found this tune listening to a Youtuber (Gassy Mexican) on their livestream and it has a awesome tune! It just pumps me up and gets all my creative juices going!


  • Netflix A-Z: Letters X-Z
  • Winter Events in Montreal
  • Snow White themed baking (getting at least one done so that I can focus on this project next year.)
  • A few independent book reviews (6 more books to go to complete the Goodreads Reading Challenge)
  • Christmas everything: Decorations, baking, crafts, movies (I’ll try to do everything)

Happy Tuesday, my lovelies! 🙂

Sherbrooke Met la Table: Overflow Resto-Terrasse

A block or two away from where we had our lunch and a few hours late, we had our second restaurant meal for Sherbrooke Met La Table for dinner at Overflow Restaurant.  Its listed as a tapas and wine bar on the site but has an exceptionally appealing menu with a few choices.  The decor itself is absolutely full of ambiance with its lit up walls and unique ceiling lights that change throughout the night from red to blue to green and to bicolor of green and blue, blue and red, etc.

Overflow Resto


Overflow Restaurant

Sangria: La Bleu & La Royale

There are four selections of Sangrias at Restaurant Overflow! I LOVE sangrias! We chose the other options than the normal red and white one.  I took the Blue (which looks green here..) Its because of the lighting. Look at the back, it had green panels going on at that time. The Blue has white wine, blue curacao, melon liqueur, white cranberry juice and 7Up.  This was absolutely delicious.  Much better than the one that my husband had.  His was The Royal.  It had bubbly, lychee liqueur and red and white cranberry juice. He also preferred mine.


Resto Overflow

Met la Table menu: Quebec leeks in balsamic vinaigrette

My husband was still digesting his lunch so he took it a little easier for dinner. We had two options.  The other one was a duo tartare dish.  I don’t eat raw meat so I took the second option of Quebec leeks.  I don’t normally eat leeks a lot and we don’t just do a whole cook the leek and add some sauce and thats it.  So, this is how this went. Leeks are pretty good at the green parts but once it hits the white parts, its like eating an onion.  I can get by the taste but not so much the texture of it.  I did finish it though because the sauce was great.  It really made this balance out a whole lot better.

Main Course

Resto Overflow

Panini Poulet au Gruyere/Chicken Panini with Gruyere Cheese

Resto Overflow

Met la Table menu: 6oz. Filet Mignon with caramelised onions, grilled vegetables and shoestring fries

My husband had the Chicken panini with a side of fries. It was a decent size with small chunks of chicken with a smoky taste.  He wasn’t sure if it came from being grilled or  from the cheese or the sauce. Overall, that made it very good.  The fries had a distinctive taste and it was really delicious.  The salad that it came with had something like an Italian dressing and it was what you’d expect.

Following along with the met la table option.  I chose the 6oz filet mignon which adds $10 to the menu.  The other options were good but I had my reasons that I wanted to have a nice cut of meat.  This was really good.  The grilled vegetables were done perfect. There was a mix of sweet peppers, zucchini and carrots (I think). The shoestring fries were so good also.  Just saying, that is my favorite fries cut. Is that how you call it? I had my filet mignon at medium well done. And it was so good. The peppercorn sauce was a little too much but it was great that it had it on the side so you could control how much sauce you had on the meat.  Very delish meal! 🙂


Resto Overflow

Met la Table menu: Homemade Brownie with fleur de sel caramel and vanilla ice cream

The brownie was great.  My husband loved it because it had a good texture: a nice thin hard top and a little chewy.  The caramel and the ice cream matched the brownie really well.  It was a well-balanced, slightly sugary dessert, in his words.


Overflow Restaurant is full of ambiance.  The lights and decor plus their live band performance all matches great.  When the performers are not there, the background music has hints of very enjoyable lounge music.  The atmosphere is amazing.  The service was friendly as well.  The food was very good.  There isn’t a lot of variety but if I were to return, I’d definitely give the tapas menu a go since that is their specialty.  A very enjoyable experience!

One day out for the Sherbrooke Met la Table ends with this one! Hopefully next year, I will have the opportunity to go for a few more stops.

Sherbrooke Met La Table: OMG Resto

I love food festivals! Thanks to how much fun the MTL a Table was and our last hiking at Mont-Orford having us check out the Tourism Sherbrooke book that exposed us to this event called Sherbrooke Met la Table. This food event is pretty much what MTL a Table is except on a much smaller scale.  It has 20 restaurants.  Its currently running in Sherbrooke. If you are in that area, its definitely worth a visit.  We had a few restaurants that we wanted to try but in the end, we had a day trip which included booking a lunch and a dinner menu that appealed to us the most. This runs till the end of this weekend.  While its smaller, you will see that the style and menus are much more diverse and has some really great concepts.  I have some in mind that I hope will be there if this event runs again next year. I’m not even sure how long this event has been going for.

Our first choice was for lunch at OMG Resto!  Please note that they don’t always have the same wide variety offered on their menu so my husband took something from the normal menu. Before we get into the food.  You have to see the nice building that its located it. Its in a church.  Get it? OMG?

OMG Resto

OMG Resto

The inside decor is some of the best I’ve seen. Plus, its Christmas decorations are up so its so pretty!

OMG Resto

Wine Rack

OMG Resto

OMG Resto Decor

OMG Resto

Giant Christmas Tree

Its really nice.  The tree is perfect for its high church ceilings. They had stairs going up and the backdrop was full of those LED pots.  Its a very nice ambiance and comfortable setting.  The wood walls makes it exceptionally home-y. Plus, I don’t usually talk about bathrooms but its a unisex bathroom.  There are four individual stalls and then in the middle was a urinal and you have this door that closes. Its super cool! This restaurant overview is getting really in depth.

Let’s move to the food now before I get too carried away!


OMG Resto

OMG Resto

Mad & Noisy (Beer) & Cocktail: King Kunta

Mad & Noisy is an Indian pale lager.  My husband had it.  We both agreed that it was incredibly bitter. Not really our taste but it is smooth.  Not like a typical beer that I’d taste.

I had the cocktail mixo menu. I can’t remember everything that is in the drink but it had gin, pineapple juice, mint (or basil) and some other stuff. Doesn’t really matter because it taste REALLY  good.  Plus, it had a smaller quantity that other places I’ve been to but its to be tasted and enjoyed slowly, so that was alright 🙂


OMG Resto

Met la Table menu: Mini fish cake, lime aioli, arugula with parsley

OMG Resto

Les Cochonettes : Pulled Pork mini burgers

Met la table lunch menu’s appetizers was mini fish cakes. I usually have crab cakes so fish cakes was interesting.  I have no idea what lime aioli was. I’m guessing its the sauce at the bottom. It has something of a mayo sort of base.  I wasn’t sure what it was so I didn’t eat a lot of it but it was a good mix with the fish cake.

My husband had these little pulled pork burgers called Les Cochonettes.  There was four but he ate one before I could take the picture. Regardless, these are awesome! And I only took a bite! He liked it a lot too.

Main dish

OMG Resto

Condiment rack

OMG Resto

Burger de Gars

OMG Resto

Met la Table menu: OMG Duck Burger with mango chutney and home fries

Look at that condiment rack! Three types of ketchups! I’m impressed.  When it first set on the table, I was like, now that’s hardcore. Haha!

Lets get back to business. The husband took the Burger de Gars (Translation: A Guy Burger). It had smoked meat, beef patty and bacon among tomatoes, pickes and mushrooms plus strong cheddar cheese. He liked it.  OMG resto age the beef in their restaurant so it enhances the taste of the beef.  The mix was good. His only critique would be that the “strong” cheese wasn’t very strong. Other than that, it was great.  Just a note for cheese lovers/connoisseurs.

Okay, so my burger. Let’s get something straight.  I like duck. I don’t eat it a lot nor do I claim to be a connoisseur or any sort but I didn’t get to taste the duck burger at La Maison du Magret during MTL a Table and this one has mango chutney.  If you missed it from a previous resto review, I LOVE mango.  This combination of duck, foie gras and mango chutney in a burger sounded really good.  Except, it didn’t.  The foie gras taste overpowered everything else. Mixing it with the mango chutney had this weird mix. Regrettably, it was suffice for half of the burger and then it took a little more effort to finish up. What would have been great is if the mango chutney was on the side and maybe found some sauce that would balance it but then when we have foie gras, the point is to taste it.  Its an acquired taste. To be honest, its really my issue because the patty itself was tender and juicy.  It was done very well.  Its just the strong foie gras that I couldn’t get over.


OMG Resto

Met la Table menu: Homemade donuts with vanilla infused whipped cream cheese

As many of you know, I can’t eat these.  You know, lactose intolerant  and all.  BUT, the resto didn’t know that and my husband didn’t order a serving of dessert but they still gave him a plate as well. Which meant he had double the indulgence 😉 It was very nice of the resto and we absolutely appreciated it with all our hearts. My husband was great because it was totally taste the homemade home taste and the addition of the sauce balanced with the dark chocolate filling was a great combination.

Additional Goodies with our bill!

OMG Resto



We have our critics of this meal but it was an enjoyable experience.  The food presentation is appealing.  The drinks and cocktails are nice and attractive. I would have loved to try more. The food was great (except my duck burger but thats because I’m not a foie gras lover).  I’m sure that if I had something else, I would love it a whole lot more. The decor and the setup and just the idea of changing a church (previously St-Therese Church) into a restaurant-bar is so weird and wrong but also done so right.  On top of that, the service was fantastic.  Our server was called Guillaume and he was an absolute gem.  Its worth every bit of the experience and if we were to go back to Sherbrooke, I’m pretty sure we’d stop by this place for a meal. Maybe even on one of the nights, they have some awesome performer there (because they seem to have some known musicians going there).

Do you love foie gras or other duck meals? What do you think of this restaurant setting and concept?