Demon Energy (Short Story) by Anthony Renfro

***NOTE: DEMON ENERGY is free to read on February 27th and 28th.***

Isn’t it great to start the day seeing little notes like that one? I know it is.

I’ve been a huge supporter of Anthony’s work.  If you don’t know who he is, he owns the blog: Books, Movies, Poetry.  Plus, he’s written a lot of horror and supernatural short stories and a few novels as well.  I reviewed AWOL: A Character Lost (a novel) last month.  This time around, he has a new short story inspired by Matthew 8:28-32.

For this lovely free read days, I’ve put together a little review.

Demon Energy

by Anthony Renfro

Demon Energy

Synopsis: 1 Man – A 1000 Demons Possession. Redemption. Salvation. This short story is about one man tormented by evil, and his journey into the light. (provided by Anthony)

Demon Energy is one of the most captivating reads I’ve had from Anthony’s writing.  Right off, you can feel the anxiety and desperation of this man who is possessed by demons and how lost he is.  The description is apt to set the mood quickly and pull us as spectators onto what is going on, leading it step by step through this man’s journey to redemption.  Does it get it? Well, you’ll have to read that, right? Short stories are something that take time to master.  I have to say that Demon Energy has tapped into something really good, and that’s coming from me, a person who knows nothing about demon possession.

This is a short story, so I’m keeping this short.  I’ve read a few of Anthony’s short stories and this new one really pulled me into the story right away and held me to the end.  Its worth a read and its only about 18 pages (if I remember correctly) making it also an extremely quick and satisfying read 🙂

Remember its available for free today and tomorrow, don’t miss out!

Here are a few links where you can find it:

2 thoughts on “Demon Energy (Short Story) by Anthony Renfro

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was on the fence about publishing it, but I thought because I haven’t published something like it that it might be nice to put it out. Thanks again for taking the time to promote me. It is always appreciated.

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