Halloween Marathon: Friday the 13th A New Beginning (1985)

After the first 4 Friday the 13th, we head into the second batch.  Its hard to imagine how Jason comes back after The Final Chapter but here we are with Part 5 called A New Beginning 😉

Lets continue on!

friday the 13th a new beginningDirector: Danny Steinmann

Cast: Melanie Kinnaman, John Shepherd, Shavar Ross, Richard Young, Marco St. John, Juliette Cummins

Its been several years since the murderous event for Tommy Jarvis.  He is still be haunted by the events of the nights and keeps having the nagging feeling that Jason isn’t really dead despite having killed him.  Ever since, he’s been admitted into a psychiatric hospital and finally, his doctor deems that he is ready to be prepared for reentering the society so is sent to a halfway.  Shortly after his arrival, one of the boys is murdered by another patient violently.  After that event, Jason is believed to have returned as the inhabitants of the halfway house is picked off one by one.  Is Jason still alive?

Friday the 13th A New Beginning

I think the tackiness of the poster really says it all.  Friday the 13th Part 5 is a few notches lesser than any of the first four in the series.  Especially since its really forcing the series to continue after the first four was used to wrap up Jason Voorhees and that chapter.  A New Beginning is putting into question whether Jason survived the last ordeal where Tommy killed him and that was not a very pleasant event to begin with.  The fourth was a pretty good instalment so this one had a pretty flawed story to begin with.

Friday the 13th A New Beginning

Second, Friday the 13th is never one where I’d say has any fantastic acting.  I don’t usually go in depth about any of the characters (partially because I get confused and forget the names also).  However, Tommy Jarvis is a good character to start it off again except there wasn’t much of him during the killings at this halfway house.  Plus, every other character and the dialogue was so in the bad territory and I think it started feeling a bit lame. It may sound a bit harsh but I was pretty happy to see some of the characters get killed off so that I wouldn’t have to see them again.  And, some of the characters were so stupid.

Friday the 13th A New Beginning

Okay, not a lot of good words for this, except his one also has a detail in “Jason”. I put quotation marks because it was always a question whether it really was him and you do get the answer.  Although, apparently I totally missed it until my boyfriend explained it to me afterwards.  I guess I just didn’t care enough or I was really tired from running around all day.  Whatever the reason, A New Beginning is so far the worst in the series.  It wasn’t particularly enjoyable and it was super predictable and none of the characters really was worth watching.  It was a good move to redeem Tommy Jarvis’s role because there is a lot they could do with that so thats my compliment for this one.

With that said, lets gear up for Part 6.  Review going up tomorrow! 🙂

Have you seen A New Beginning? Did you feel differently? What did you like or hate with this one? 

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