Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This week’s photo challenge theme is Window.

Yesterday, we had a power outage at work.  After sitting for an originally planned 10 minutes according to the administrative office of our building at around 4:40pm (right before work ending), I sat for a total of 40 minutes in the dark chatting with my co-worker before deciding to finally leave because it seemed pointless to stay any longer. Standing outside the building and looking in, it was the first time, I’ve seen my building like this:

Power outage at my work building

Power outage at my work building

The only lights you see through the windows are the emergency lights at the elevator area of the building on each floor.  Darkened windows in the whole building, that was kind of creepy.

Now going back to 2012’s Hong Kong trip. My first night with a bit of jet lag, I lay in bed and couldn’t sleep so I sat up and looked out my window. Much to my surprise at some time after midnight (well, a little surprised), the streets still had a few people scattered.

Looking out in the middle of the night in Hong Kong, 2012

Looking out the window in the middle of the night in Hong Kong, 2012

I honestly don’t remember the time anymore but in my memory, it might have been just after midnight.

Moving along still in Hong Kong but 2009 on the MTR system on Disney line 🙂

Disney line :)

Disney line 🙂

Enough said! So awesome! Makes me want to go again 🙂

What do you think of when we talk about windows? Are there any unique ones that you’ve seen or maybe it had a nice view?

This is my response to this week’s photo challenge.  You can check out other entries and/or join in HERE!

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