Week 44: Sore? Tired? Good!

I’m still taking in that I’ve been working out for 44 weeks.  Seriously, Its going to be eight more weeks and I would have hit a year of keeping this up.

Despite all the sickness and well, the cold that doesn’t want to go away this very moment, I’ve kept up with working out in hopes that it’ll sweat out some toxins and I’ll feel better.  I’m not exactly sure if its working but I’m not getting worse so I guess it is, right?

First things first, the previous week I started the 30 day Abs and Squats Challenge.  I’ve been really on track with that one and haven’t missed a day either.  If I foresaw that I’d be going out late, I even did it in the morning.  That part makes me pretty proud actually.  Its somewhat of a side goal for when the snow melts to start doing morning workouts and gradually building that habit.  Hopefully, I’ll work a few more of those in before then to get into a new pace 🙂

Next thing is that I managed to get three other workouts in to pair up with the challenge.

Monday was the first day I didn’t feel to great so I skipped it but I did end up doing it after my late New Year’s feast that I talked about in my previous post. I was actually feeling bloated and felt like it would help, which it did and PopSugar Fitness had this awesome workout called Fire Up Your Core Circuit Workout.

fire up your core workout

I love these sorts of workouts.  You call them circuits, right? They are intense, fun, challenging and just makes me feel a million times better because through all the pain and pushing through it, I feel invincible afterwards.  And well, it also makes me feel ten times lighter just by shedding off a load of stress.  The most challenging part of this was definitely the Runner Lunge with Push-ups.  I couldn’t walk up the stairs the next day at work and well, the ladies restroom is a floor down.  The most energetic had to be side lunges and well, the last circuit in whole was the toughest, as I felt my ab working the most for all three moves.

Moving on…next up was the new Tone it Up workout.  I haven’t found any that has been really awesome but this new Love Your Total Body Workout was pretty fantastic.  I did it to the video but to make it easier, I’ll just post up the rundown of the workout.


Goodness, that workout looks so long.  It actually took about 15-17 minutes. Its because of their double duty moves that I love doing Tone it Up workouts a lot.  It makes it so much more efficient and poses a different challenge.  The ones that really appeal to me here is the Lunge Rows with waistline press, Cross Tummy Tuck with glute kickback, and Chaturanga.  This one is a circuit workout in a way also.  Its actually the first time I’ve seen it from TIU and it was on eof the best ones that I’ve done from them.

I look forward to see more of their workouts if they structure it out like this 🙂 Now to the last one that I just did earlier this afternoon.  This time, I went back to my first workout site that I used to do workouts from: Pumps and Iron.  I love the workouts because its always kick-ass and so much fun to do, and well, usually comes with a lot of cursing in my mind.  This one was called Bodyweight Abs Workout.


Seeing as I forgot I did an abs workout earlier this week, and I’m doing the abs and squats challenge, this one was pretty crazy.  Can I just say that side plank cross crunches are SO hard.  I almost face planted a few times.  Oh, and oh I hate the boat pose.  Its so tough, but its also the reason why I know I need to work on it more. The most energy consuming of this was the plank jacks with jump.  The new one was the bear planks/tucks.  That was a bit weird but I think I figured that out and I figured how to engage my abs and could feel it.  For this one, I almost stopped after two rounds but I figured that I had to push myself so I did a third one.

I have to say this week I really kicked some butt.  Probably had to do with the fact that I started tracking my physical look with pictures in a more organized fashion so that I could track my progress a bit better.  I hadn’t intended on posting any of it but I’ll post up today’s since it also shows my awesome new workout tank top from Tribesports that I had ordered for Christmas and finally managed to get it picked up.  No action shots this week but I had to share this one.  The design is so comfortable and feels so great!

Tribesports tank

Front view

Tribesports tank

Back view

The back is the best part, but the whole thing is so well-thought out and just so comfortable. I love their gear 🙂

Now this is how I felt in terms of workout motivation:

sore tired

Yeah! I’m going to keep up this spirit! 🙂

Onto Week 45 with lots of energy and motivation!!!


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