Rain, Pruning, House Party and Moving Forward!

Its been pretty crazy over here with rain all through Grand Prix weekend.  This year, I skipped the festivities downtown mostly because its a bit busy.  Bad timing and all, right? The tough day on Friday really took away all my energy.  I needed to just recharge and gear up for the house party at my place!

Missing the sunny weather last week which let my wild roses (?) bloom :)

Missing the sunny weather last week which let my wild roses (?) bloom 🙂

I’ve been working on saving money so I don’t do a lot of going out gatherings with my friends especially because they live on the other side of town and with roadwork popping up again and not too many events, its a pain to actually get there when there is something going on.  Plus, there is always traffic and in winter, just crazy roads.  Either way, this “reunion” in the form of house parties is going to be a potluck and a lot of my friends are able to make it so its going to be awesome! Drinking, eating and catching up! What better way to hang out, right? Maybe a movie marathon? But we never do that! We’ve done in home karaoke though but I never want to do the whole set up anymore because its a bit crazy to carry my 32 inch TV to the basement and reconfigure everything to my laptop.

And the beautiful irises too!

And the beautiful irises too!

Either way, I’m taking a break right now from all the cleaning and wait time between cooking to write this up! I promise a post about it in the beginning of next week! Recipes and whatnot..I’m cooking, since we already have a lot of desserts…Wish me lots of luck on that and that I don’t flip out 😉


Just to say that today has been pretty good in a way.  I learned (or re-learned) that pruning trees takes away all the anger, loathing and stress in my body that was making me really depressed.   I only managed to have time to get a bit of the front yard plants pruned above and below.  Still have a lot to go but I have to wait till it actually stops raining…maybe tomorrow 😉


Plus, I managed to get my first out of three units done on my TESL certificate and I started the Unit 2 this morning 🙂 Its moving forward!

This post is really going nowhere but its just me writing away and rambling on.  Sometimes, a girl just has to do that! At least I made up with adding some pictures of flowers from my garden.  Here’s another one just to make this a more beautiful post 😉


One of my friends has dropped by with a ton of food from some friends who are busy and can only drop by nearer to the beginning of the party.  So off I go to gear up the oven for all the awesome food 🙂

Have an awesome and wonderful Saturday!!

By the way, any suggestions for chocolate desserts for Father’s Day? I’m trying to figure out what to make for my boyfriend’s dad! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Rain, Pruning, House Party and Moving Forward!

  1. Such pretty flowers in your garden! I agree. Pruning is where its at. I need a bonsai tree to prune. Every since I watched the original Karate Kid, I’ve always wanted a Bonsai tree. 🙂


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