Hamburger Cupcakes!

My Father’s Day baking project this year was Hamburger Cupcakes!

Summer is around the corner and my boyfriend and his dad love the grill.  Last week, when my best friend brought this up to me, I knew I had to try it 🙂

Hamburger cupcakes!

Hamburger cupcakes!

To find the original recipe, please follow this link:

Prepare for these to take a good amount of time to make however, they are composed of the simplest form of baking as in using baking mixes.  I haven’t used mixes in a long time but seeing as I had an afternoon to prepare for it, I felt it was the best choice.  I used Duncan Hines baking mixes for the moist yellow cake and fudge brownies.  The original chose Betty Crocker and Pillsbury instead.  I don’t have those available here so I used what I could find and improvised 🙂

Hamburger cupcakes inside

Hamburger cupcakes inside

The hardest part was making the right color icing and decorating it.  This was possibly the best control I’ve had and it still looks a bit weird.  But, when you put the top on it, aside from having very pastel colored condiments, they do look quite like burgers, right?

20130616_185055I ended up making 12 Hamburger Cupcakes and a piles of “fries” from sugar cookies.  I somehow forgot to take pictures of them.  I used the President’s Choice Sugar Cookie mix.  They are quite delicious 🙂 It would make for the whole Happy Meal concept but dessert style!

I had 24 cupcakes so guess what I did with the rest? I used the remaining icing (which I used as they recommended Duncan Hines Home-style Creamy Vanilla Icing) and decorated some cupcakes!

20130616_190022I was pretty happy with the results and everyone loved it! It seems to be a very creative and sweet hit. 🙂

Its an awesome hit! If you get the chance, maybe you can whip it up for a barbecue party or next year’s Father’s day? Whatever you want, this is just so fun to make.  Time-consuming but very fun! 🙂

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

My Father, The Artist!

Today’s Father’s Day! I had a gap of not celebrating it in between my father’s passing in late 2006 till after I met my boyfriend in 2008.  Today we’ll be heading over to bring some baked goods (which I need to do after I get this written and posted up). I’ve been thinking about it all week as to how to write about my father.  I’ve already written a very deep post about how the passing of my father has impacted me in December last year (you can read that HERE if you’d like).  As much as I’m still learning to let go, there isn’t a day I don’t think about my father.  Today I’d like to share a little about him because I was always so proud of him.

My fave Valentine's card to him and a picture of my dad and baby me :)

My fave Valentine’s card to him and a picture of my dad and baby me 🙂

My dad was amazing (as are most fathers, when we think about it).  He was smart and devoted to his very complicated work as an actuary for 30 years.  He was an amazing scholar but gave up finishing his PhD because he was bored.  He was hardworking and mega committed.

Even when he was very busy, he would find time to hone his artistic talents.  I remember him taking me to his  Chinese painting classes.  My dad may not be a worldwide famous artist but he was in my heart.  A lot of the art hanging on our walls was his work.  He focused mostly on Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy.  I can still remember the days when he patiently sat down with me and taught me how to do Chinese Calligraphy.  All the the energy to teach me the tricks in mastering the stroke.

My dad's painting

My dad’s painting

My favorite is that painting of  bird. He always did amazing with flowers.  The best one he did is now with my Aunt in Hong Kong but we have one thats very pretty also!


My dad wasn’t only crafty with Chinese painting but he love all art.  I remember going to the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal every year on museum day.  There were times that we’d talk about how he feels and what not.  I may not be able to draw past stick people but I always was up to learning more about my dad’s interests.  At home, he would take newspaper clippings of animals and sketch them right on the spot. Just like this one…


Or he would love to sketch our Siamese Cat and later came back to liven up the picture with the hunt of a mouse.  Isn’t it adorable?


My dad’s art didn’t end there. He sang Cantonese Opera and even if I wasn’t a huge fan of it, I was at every single performance he did.  After so many days, months, years of listening to him practice and practice and perfect his skills, he was one of my favorite Cantonese opera singers and he always lit up the stage when he performed.  Even when I would tell him to let me sleep when he was practicing at midnight because I had an exam the next day, I still loved hearing him.

My dad's performance in 2003

My dad’s performance in 2003

He was one of the reasons that I stopped putting time into the Hollywood movies.  For a few years, there was no time but seeing movies was my time with my dad. We watched lots of movies together.  If he was alive, I’d have put together a movie marathon and sat through the Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, The English Patient, Moonstruck, and probably wrapped it up with the Blu-ray version of Phantom of the Opera live performance (because thats his favorite and I’d have saved up to bring him to see it live one day). I’d have baked him some chocolate eclairs and Mille-feuilles desserts because those are his favorites.  I don’t have the chance to do that anymore but every once in a while, when I do/see something that reminds of my dad or that he’d like, I will still have him in my thoughts.

My dad taught me a lot of things with his actions.  I was happy to hear his passion and feel his hard-work and it motivated me.  Whatever it was, my dad may not have been perfect but to me, I will always be proud of who he was, the things he’s accomplished and miss him every single day.

Happy Father’s Day to you all! I know many of you are fathers and fathers to be! Have a great day with the family!

Rain, Pruning, House Party and Moving Forward!

Its been pretty crazy over here with rain all through Grand Prix weekend.  This year, I skipped the festivities downtown mostly because its a bit busy.  Bad timing and all, right? The tough day on Friday really took away all my energy.  I needed to just recharge and gear up for the house party at my place!

Missing the sunny weather last week which let my wild roses (?) bloom :)

Missing the sunny weather last week which let my wild roses (?) bloom 🙂

I’ve been working on saving money so I don’t do a lot of going out gatherings with my friends especially because they live on the other side of town and with roadwork popping up again and not too many events, its a pain to actually get there when there is something going on.  Plus, there is always traffic and in winter, just crazy roads.  Either way, this “reunion” in the form of house parties is going to be a potluck and a lot of my friends are able to make it so its going to be awesome! Drinking, eating and catching up! What better way to hang out, right? Maybe a movie marathon? But we never do that! We’ve done in home karaoke though but I never want to do the whole set up anymore because its a bit crazy to carry my 32 inch TV to the basement and reconfigure everything to my laptop.

And the beautiful irises too!

And the beautiful irises too!

Either way, I’m taking a break right now from all the cleaning and wait time between cooking to write this up! I promise a post about it in the beginning of next week! Recipes and whatnot..I’m cooking, since we already have a lot of desserts…Wish me lots of luck on that and that I don’t flip out 😉


Just to say that today has been pretty good in a way.  I learned (or re-learned) that pruning trees takes away all the anger, loathing and stress in my body that was making me really depressed.   I only managed to have time to get a bit of the front yard plants pruned above and below.  Still have a lot to go but I have to wait till it actually stops raining…maybe tomorrow 😉


Plus, I managed to get my first out of three units done on my TESL certificate and I started the Unit 2 this morning 🙂 Its moving forward!

This post is really going nowhere but its just me writing away and rambling on.  Sometimes, a girl just has to do that! At least I made up with adding some pictures of flowers from my garden.  Here’s another one just to make this a more beautiful post 😉


One of my friends has dropped by with a ton of food from some friends who are busy and can only drop by nearer to the beginning of the party.  So off I go to gear up the oven for all the awesome food 🙂

Have an awesome and wonderful Saturday!!

By the way, any suggestions for chocolate desserts for Father’s Day? I’m trying to figure out what to make for my boyfriend’s dad! 🙂