Christmas Marathon: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

NightmareBeforeXmasDVDBoxarA Tim Burton Classic.  I wasn’t really sure if I should have put this with Halloween or with Christmas, but seeing as I didn’t get a chance to see it during Halloween. I decided to put it into my Christmas marathon.  I’m a huge Tim Burton fan so if there was a movie for every event in my life to see one, I would put one in.  Although, do I really  need a reason to put a Tim Burton movie in the Blu-ray player? Honestly, not really.

So for Christmas, we have this beautiful flick:


Director: Henry Selick

Writer: Tim Burton (story)

Cast: Danny Elfman, Catherine O’Hara, Chris Sarandon, Ken Page

This sets in Halloweenland.  Halloween has just passed and everyone’s job there is to be scary to the max during Halloween.  Jack Skellington, the Pumpking King is tired of always hearing screams, instead he wants to look for something different.  That night, he walked with Zero, his ghost dog, in the forest and he walks up to trees with different doors on them.  One of the doors shaped like a Christmas tree attracts him and he falls into a colourful bright town which he learns is called Christmas Town.  This is where Santa Claus lives with his elves and prepare for Christmas.  He discovers all their traditions and tries to bring it back to Halloweentown and be the new Santa Claus.  If you haven’t seen it, then you’ll just have to watch it to see what happens.

This movie is filled with songs and music.  The stop-action animation is absolutely stunning.  The concept and the story is amazingly fun and entertaining.  You wouldn’t expect any less from a story thought up by Tim Burton and his stories.  Who else would think of bring Halloween and Christmas together? Actually, as I was watching it this time around, its the first time after I finished reading through a book about Tim Burton’s art/concept art that I bought from the Tim Burton exhibit a few years back, I appreciated this even more.  Jack Skellington’s expressions had so much variety.  The characters all had such detail.  Its a beautiful movie in general.  I just love everything about it. The voices, the music, the story, everything is so perfect.

I own the Collector’s Edition of this movie so with it, there was also a reading of the original poem from Tim Burton and it was based on.  That was narrated by Christopher Lee and supported with Tim Burton’s art in the background.  That was really fun to watch.

Whether you choose to watch this for Halloween or Christmas, its a must see.

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