The Dead of Winter (Short Story) by Anthony Renfro (Plus Sunday Promotion)

Next up, we’re looking at a short story by Anthony Renfro, one of our own bloggers.  If you’ve been around here for a while, I’ve reviewed a few of his short stories and his novel, AWOL. His short story today is called The Dead of Winter. Thanks to him for sending me a copy of the story and including the information for this mini review. 🙂

Promotion: This Sunday, this story and all of Anthony’s zombie stories will be free. Head over and grab a copy! 🙂 

Let’s check it out!

The Dead of Winter
by: Anthony Renfro

The Dead of Winter


A short story about an apocalyptic nightmare in a crisp frozen landscape filled with winter and living corpses.Two men try to find safety in this dead world. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping to find warmth and shelter. Hoping not to become food for the zombies.

The Opening (Excerpt)

Eric surveyed the road ahead and behind him. The world was filled with death. The highway was littered with silent, rusting cars sitting on rotting tires, waiting on drivers who were never going to drive them again. Ripped apart, torn open and partially eaten corpses littered the ground in various forms of decay. The corpses ranged from children to elderly adults. The zombies had done a number on them when they went into their “feeding frenzy.” The bodies that weren’t on the ground or pulled from their cars were still seated, and most of them still strapped into their seat belts, like they were still driving to whatever destination they had been going to before the world fell into death’s harsh embrace.

Eric breathed in deep and felt the cold air settle into his lungs. Bitter winter winds whipped at his face and tore at his clothes, trying to get inside the protective layers. Flakes of snow fell from the sky, nothing more than flurries.

“It’s something,” Eric replied, looking down at the white and grey cat in its carrier. He then put his eyes back on the man sitting with his back against a car.

Mini Review

The Dead of Winter is a well-paced short story. Eric is a good character in companion with his cat during a zombie apocalypse. While some of the events are predictable, there is a creative twist to what happens. Its a good quick read.



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