Weekly Writing Challenge: I Wish I Were…

I wish I were visiting the world of Little Big Planet.

Have you ever seen it? Heard of it?

Little Big Planet, the original game won the Best Game of the Year a few years back in 2008. I’m really bad at video games.  If you tell me to use one analog stick to change camera angles and the other one to run and then somewhere else I need to shoot, this is not going to happen and that game will literally take me 10 years to finish.  Honestly, I’d just give up eventually.

On the other hand, Little Big Planet is fun,  simple and cute.  This game is about imagination and creativity.  You can look at Sack Boy, the protagonist in this game and the character we play. He runs out and saves the worlds except these worlds are just full of wonder. The names they give to the levels to the other characters you interact with, the costumes and accessories Sack Boy can have.  The creatures they design, the storyline, the dialogue, every single character is interpreted very detailed but yet gives you nothing too heavy but just enough difficulty to make you want to continue to challenge yourself.  I love these types of game, its like a 3D version of Mario but in a sack world.

Its pretty amazing because you go through this game and you have to collect little stickers that unlock more goodies. You collect little outfits and accessories to change Sackboy‘s appearance to match the world that he’s in.  You can make Sackboy change his expressions and flail his arms all around, move his head around with your controller.  Some of the concepts and ideas in this game is out of the world and just simply things I wouldn’t have thought about at all.  I just finished Little Big Planet 2 and his mission is to save Craft World from the Negativatron.  What is Craft World? Its where our creativity and imaginations are stored.

From left: Larry da Vinci, Victoria von Bathysphere, Clive Handforth, Avalon Centrifuge, Dr. Higginbotham, Eve Silva Paragorica

We go to save the other planets and we start by joining the Alliance, which is something like the Knights of Templar scenario, lead by Larry da Vinci.  After that, we enter into the empire of Victoria von Bathysphere who creates the delicious goodies in Craftworld and also is the ones who introduce the Sackbots into the game.  When we’ve helped her clean her empire, we head off to find Clive Handforth and his Factory of A Better Tomorrow that makes the “most accurate calendars in all the land” and is also the builder of spaceships.  When we get him out of his mess, we head off and meet Avalon Centrifuge who is the a self-centred and proud in the spotlight type of guy.  He owns a spaceship which needs to be repaired by an imprisoned doctor.  This brings us to rescue him and we meet Eve Silva Paragorica who runs the Asylum there and holds the doctor, Dr. Higginbotham.  Dr. Higginbotham, who is capable of fixing the spaceship, is all being treated for “space crazies”.  This makes it just so funny because he says the most random things but yet, he is the link to Sackboy and all the other leaders here between the success of saving CraftWorld.


I guess to a certain extent, what I’m saying is that I wish I were infinitely creative and imaginative, especially with NaNoWriMo starting up today.  The ideas have to come flowing in really fast and I’m not even sure where my plot is going to go in the long run.  This post is not about NaNoWriMo but I just finished Little Big Planet 2 and the ending quote is the quote I have written on top of the notebook for where I’ll write my NaNoWriMo on the go.

“Do not take lightly your hopes,  your idea, your fantasies.  

Let them grow.  Nurture them.

Then your wildest imaginings will soon trip the dream fantastic, soaring into the Wonderplane,

and spreading into something altogether…magnificent.  

And perhaps you’ll see them again, next time you visit Little Big Planet.”- Little Big Planet 2

This is what we’re doing here, right? We live for our hopes, by our ideas and think about our fantasties.  We want to reach for them and hope that they grow. We want to improve everyday.  Now that was the perfect charge for NaNoWriMo and for that I wish I were visiting the brilliant world of Little Big Planet and Craft World.

Have you played Little Big Planet, either first or second or both? Did you enjoy it?

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