Movies and Tea #24 – Seven

The next episode of Movies and Tea is here. Season 5 focused on David Fincher continues as we look at Seven, a thriller probably doesn’t need a whole lot of introduction. Head on over to listen to the episode on Movies and Tea Blog and let us know your thoughts of the film over there!

Movies and Tea

Our David Fincher season continues with Seven the thriller which would bring Fincher back to directing feature films having sworn off returning to direct another feature film in the aftermath of the Alien 3. It would however be the script for Seven which would tempt him back. Not only would the film give Fincher a chance for redemption, but to bring to the screen one of the most original thrillers in years as two detectives attempt to track down an elusive serial killer commiting murders based around the seven deadly sins.

We dive into the making of the film and try to find out what the lasting appeal of the film has been that makes it still so infinatly rewatchable.

Further Viewing

Silence of the Lambs
Gone Baby Gone
One Hour Photo

Music on this episode

Howard Shore – Linoleum
Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare
David Bowie –…

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