Dreamhack Montreal 2019: Day 1 Recap

Hey everyone! The last few days have been a mini hiatus on my part. Its just a mesh of things that has hindered the posts over here. The first of course is what I’m sharing here.

This past weekend was the Dreamhack Montreal event! If you aren’t following Game Warp, I did coverage for it with still one more post to go!

The next is that, after Dreamhack, I got caught up in some heavy rain and unfortunately has caught a cold, being plagued by a pretty bad cough so I’m not exactly in the right mindset to write too much. I’ll be taking most of my concentration on wrapping up the Dreamhack coverage over at Game Warp.

This is the Day 1 recap. Day 2 and Overview is also live already with an indie game zone recap coming up soon (hopefully tomorrow)! Enjoy! Things will be back on track gradually this week!

Game Warp

Dreamhack Montreal 2019 is around the corner again. Like last year, its retained its location at Olympic Stadium for this weekend, September 6 to 8. Since its a LAN party, the 3 days passes get to stay 24 hours. The expo opens until 8pm while the festival hours open until midnight, all this applies except for Sunday which is the last day open. You can find all the info HERE.

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Friday is the first day of the event! With a little of issues, it became a full day event of coverage, which is great. There was time to take a look at the expo hall and other events going on. Indie Game Zone recap will be done in a separate post as Day 1 didn’t quite get around to everything yet.

At the first look at the event, it has changed a little with some new game tournaments as…

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‘Layers of Fear’ Announcement Trailer is Pants-Wetting Horror Game Goodness

Amazing games are happening in February after a pretty slow January! The trailers are amazing and lots of highly potential games are being released. Two really great games released this week but one that is coming out next week that I’ve seen some gameplay for is Layers of Fear.

Head on over and check out my Game Break to see how awesome it looks like its going to be and its features!

That Moment In.com

When you think horror in video games, you might leap straight for the shuffling undead or vengeful ghosts. You might think of chainsaw wielding psychopaths or madmen in asylums. You’ve probably never thought about an artist. Well that’s about to change. Watch the launch trailer, and if you manage to make it through without running away screaming for your mommy, read on about this new indie horror surprise.

Developed by Bloober Team SA, Layers of Fear is a first person psychedelic horror game set in a Victorian mansion with classic art and a chilling, haunting story. It has it all. As the player, we dive into the mind of an insane painter as we explore his dwelling. The canvas we always come back to will slowly be filled in and painted as his haunting past is revealed bit by bit to help complete the masterpiece he has always longed to create…

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‘Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector’ Review: Cat Collecting Has Never Been More Fun

Check out my Gaming review of a cute little kitty collector called Neko Atsume. The pictures are mostly from my own game except for the big yard up there. I also recently updated mine but its doesn’t look like that 😉 I’ll insert the picture below 🙂

neko atsume

That Moment In.com

Developed by Hit-Point in 2014, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a simple game. The goal is to fill your yard with cats. Its essentially a cat watching game. As the player, your task is to put out food and go back to refill it when its empty. You lay out toys and play-things for the cats. What happens next? You sit back and wait. In the real world, you turn off the application and go about your normal life. When you have a moment, drop by again and voila! There are cats sitting in your yard playing with a rubber ball or rolling around a ball of yarn, maybe they are scratching on the scratching post or maybe they are taking a lovely nap.

This game is simple and yet what makes it better is that there are various features to it. One of the main ones is that the…

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New Horror Video Game ‘Rides With Strangers’ Will Have You Never Leaving The House

A new Game Break is here! Rides With Strangers is a Kickstarter project offering an experience of the vulnerability of being a hitchhiker.

Head over to That Moment In to check it out! There’s a few days left of the Kickstarter campaign.

That Moment In.com

A new concept demo for a Kickstarter gaming project called ‘Rides With Strangers’ will make you tremble in fear. You play as Elora, a young girl freshly graduated from university with an outstanding grade and much promise heading for a job interview across state. However, when her car breaks down on the way, and the towing company can’t get to her until the morning, the option left is to hitchhike throughout the night to her destination.

The gameplay starts with flagging down a car and deciding whether you want to go in or not. In the car, Elora has the choice of picking the right answer to appeal to the driver pushing danger aside. You need to toggle with a sketch meter and increasing the speed of the drive by pressing the speed limit signs. There are some shocking noises and cues that will make you doubt the driver next to you…

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Geometry Dash Meltdown Video Game Review: Finger Tapping Mayhem

I’m on top of my game (no pun intended). Geometry Dash Meltdown just got released on December 19th with 3 levels and I managed to complete them miraculously. Check out my little review! 🙂

That Moment In.com

Have you heard of Geometry Dash? Of course you have. You’re probably playing it right now. Well, if you beat it and/or are craving more of this insanely additive mobile game, then good news, it’s time to get those fingers rapping one more time.

Geometry Dash Meltdown is the follow-up, from RobTop, to the one-button platform rhythm based game called Geometry Dash. It was recently released on December 19th, 2015 right before Christmas offering the mobile game users with 3 free levels:

  • The Seven Seas
  • Viking Arena
  • Airborne Robots

Geometry Dash was a game that has proven to be extremely challenging and many would associate it with potential rage quit games. However, I am quite different. I prefer simple gameplays like this one. It is a challenge in itself to react fast, plan ahead and enjoy the energetic music playing in the background that builds throughout the level but…

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Game Break: Unravel Teases A Beautiful Experience Unlike Any Other

Check out the next Game Break post I wrote over at That Moment In for a video about the inspiration for Unravel that was just released for possibly the game I’ve only recently heard about but highly anticipate. Love, nature and puzzles are my absolutely favorite sort of game.

Have you heard of Unravel?

That Moment In.com

What if a video game was not about shooting and aliens and explosions, but instead, about love? The develops over at Coldwood Interactive posed this question and came up with a new game that tasks players with doing something a little different, and to think about games as way to connect in ways we might never have before.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.25.23 PM

Coldwood Creative Director Martin Sahlin is the main inspiration behind the main character of a puzzle adventure game coming out February 9th called Unravel.  What is Unravel you may ask? We play as a little yarn character simply called Yarny who takes us on an adventure through many different nature scenes collecting the memories and helping reconnect a long lost family. While its about the past for the family, we also learn and connect with Yarny in his present adventures.

Yarny unravels during this big journey through various natural environments inspired…

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Game Break: The Bug Butcher Teaser Trailer is Glorious Chaos

Check out my first post for a new series called Game Break featuring notable gaming news. The teaser trailer for The Bug Butcher got released and the game has a ton of elements that truly appeal to me and seems to be creative, cute and nostalgic simultaneously.

What do you think of The Bug Butcher? Do these shoot ’em up arcade games interest you?

That Moment In.com

Do you like side-scrolling, blaster fun? Do you like cheeky humor mixed with lots and lots of fiery explosions? Do you like gameplay with chaos coming from every direction? Well read on, fellow gamer, ’cause this is one you’re gonna want to play.

The Bug Butcher (available on early access since July 2015) is an independent game developed by an Austrian company Awfully Nice Studios helmed by two guys, Creative Director Till Aschwanden and Programming Director Rainer Zoettl.  Among the thousands of indie game titles on Steam, The Bug Butcher will stand out as an adorably animated, 2D side-scrolling shoot ‘em up set in a distant planet. We play as Harry, a gun-toting exterminator extraordinaire who gets sent to a futuristic lab where the scientists are dwindling in numbers due to bug contamination.  His mission is complete when the lab is fully decontaminated. Harry attacks the bugs of various sizes shooting upwards. He can…

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Game Review: Elite Beat Agents (2006) for Nintendo DS

Check out my review of Elite Beat Agents for Nintendo DS over at That Moment In! 🙂

That Moment In.com

The Rundown: Are you in a snag? Have you hit your breaking point? Just scream for help! That’s when an elite government agency lead by Commander Kahn dispatches his three agents to motivate and encourage you to overcome those obstacles through their song and dance. It doesn’t matter if you are the lost puppy or the desert-stranded popstars or even a pirate trying to find the treasure, they will be there for you. There will be a time when you can turn around and help them when music-hating aliens invade Earth and it’s up to you to back them up.

Impressions: I’m a huge fan of Musical games.  Something about them are upbeat and fun. They are also really simple and the best way to relax even when you have to try and try and try to pass a level. Its pretty much based on a quick reaction time to…

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We Want to Play Street Fighter 5 Now: Here’s the Character Reveal Trailer

Check out the next Want to Play It Now from me and David over at That Moment In. We take a look at the trailer launched last week for Street Fighter V with the opening cinematic sequence and 16 character reveals and share what makes us want to play it. 🙂

That Moment In.com

The Rundown: The fifth numbered game in the hugely popular fighting game from Capcom, Street Fighter 5 will feature 16 characters at launch, including four new ones, though more will be released during the game’s first year. These will be available through in-game money earned by gameplay ranking or purchased outright with real-world currency. Utilizing the Unreal Engine 4, the game will feature cross-platform play between Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows only and will have a storyline related to the newly-developed miniseries Street Fighter: Resurrection, a webseries scheduled for March of 2016.

The Gameplay: Continuing the same side-scrolling fighting gameplay of the franchise, characters use a variety of attacks and special abilities related to each character to try and knockout their opponent. This includes building the EX gauge earn during combat that can be used to for special moves or combinations known as Critical Arts. Introduced in…

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That Want To Play it Now in the DiRT Rally Console Trailer

I joined David this week over at That Moment In for a little That Want To Play It Now for the DiRT Rally Console Trailer. Check out what our reactions are and why we can’t wait to give this game a go when it launches 🙂

If you missed it, last week we also did one on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer Trailer.

That Moment In.com

The Rundown: The next game in the long-running Colin McRae racing series, DiRT Rally once again features a vast collection of vehicles and environments, where players combine tarmac and off-road races involving single and multiplayer contests. Utilizing a dynamic weather system, this latest version concentrates on extreme realism, offering the player 17 cars and 36 stages from real-world locations.

The Gameplay: The real draw for the DiRT and Colin Rae games has always been the depth and customization as much as the attention to detail in the vehicles and the roads they drive on. It’s the driving conditions that change due to time and weather that make the challenge so great and stages replayable. Boasting a brand new physics engine that is said to best replicate the real driving condition, DiRT Rally looks to be the new king of the hill in racing.

Want To Play It Now…

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