Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week’s photo challenge is about perspective: post a photo which is not what it seems to be. Make sure you share what the photo actually is of in its caption!  For those who are looking for an extra bit of challenge, show us two photos, each one showing a different angle or interpretation of the same subject. – Weekly Photo Challenge

I love to do zooms or take different angles of the same thing, especially with a lot of architecture.  Okay, I just love to take pictures of whatever.  If something catches my eye wherever, I’ll probably walk around and take multiple shots. Thats just how I am!

When I first saw this challenge theme, the first place that popped in my head was my visit to Parc Safari around my area.  They are extremely famous for their glass tunnel that goes through the living quarters of the lions and the tigers. Tigers are my absolute favorite because I’m one of them, since I’m born in the year of the tiger and all 🙂 But I like cats of all sorts in general!

Parc Safari

Lions from afar near the glass tunnel

Parc Safari

Right under the sleeping lioness in the tunnel

Parc Safari

Pacing Tiger on the glass tunnel from afar


Parc Safari

Pacing tiger from the glass tunnel

Another place I love to go take pictures at is the St. Joseph’s Oratory.

St. Joseph's Oratory

St Joseph’s Oratory from the bottom of the hill

St. Joseph's Oratory

The cross on top from the side paths

Only a few comparisons from different angles of the same area! 🙂

Here’s my take on this Weekly Photo Challenge! Check out other perspectives HERE!

Trip to the Zoo

On the fourth day of my trip, we went to the zoo, Zoo Sauvage de St-Felicien.  It was definitely a big zoo with lots of animals.  The zoo layout was formed based on different regions, there was  Arctic, Mixed Forest, Mountain, Mongolia, Asia, Mini Farm, and Nature Trail Park.

So we can see these animals: (first row) Fox, Wolverine, Przewalski Horse; (second row) Polar Bear, Demoiselle Crane, Bald Eagle, Grizzly Bear (last row) Japanese Macaque (feel bad for the one who lost that camera)

What made this zoo special was its caged train ride which lasted about an hour to drive along paths right next to certain animal habitats and showed us the evolution of civilization in the region and the significance of the Borealis Forest.

On the top you can see what its like to look out from the caged train and after that is one of the settings.  The following are some of the animals on the trail, they were really close so I rarely had to use any zoom.  First row has the baby prairie dogs and the adult prairie dog.  They were all over the plains area.  After that in the second row is the reindeer, musk ox and black bear.

Another highlight was the fact that they had feedings for most of the animals there which allowed everyone to see a lot of the animals come out of hiding so we could understand a bit more about each of them as well.  We didn’t see all the feedings but we did go to a good few animals.

The feedings we caught was for Japanese Macaque, followed by the next one with the Amur Tigers.  These are just the males though, the female is with her newborn cubs and could only be seen on live camera inside their resting area, since the baby tiger cubs were just born in early June.  After in the second row, we can see the Lynx patiently waiting for food, then the cougars and finally, we saw the Polar bear feeding.  The polar bear had just jumped off the boulder into the water to get the fish and shaking himself afterwards.

This zoo was so amazing.  I would definitely consider going again especially since the ticket also included two short movies.  One of them is a documentary and the other was a multisensory movie which was quite fun and entertaining.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Some animals let us see the simple form of being together: playing together, nurturing together, etc.  When we put them into a zoo, different animals reveal how they interact with each other.  Together they build us an image of how they live each day.

Below are a few photos of pictures I took at Toronto Zoo from early April:

A parent’s need to be together with their baby as a form of protection and nurturing

Playing together

And play together…

Flamingos resting/sleeping together as a flock