Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Solitary is being alone or without companion, something along those lines.  I find it hard to be solitary sometimes but then at times, its a refreshing experience. When its for self-reflection or “me” time is it still considered being in solitude? I think so.  I actually think in general animals are the expert at it, especially those in their natural habitats or have already adapted to the environment around them.

A woodpecker in the quiet of the woods just pecking away and trying to build his new home! I’m serious his pecking sound radiated from where I stood.  There was a few other birdwatchers next to me and we were all just quietly standing at the bottom of a few trees further and just admiring its beauty, scared to bother it.

A porcupine sleeping in its tree despite all its audience (in Biodome).  I guess it is used to it and just enjoys the little time it creates for itself.

A beaver is by itself  (also at Biodome) and enjoying a little swim in the water(upper picture)

While on the bottom at the Zoo Sauvage St Felicien, we had the inside view of a beaver alone in its dam (the 2nd picture above)

This lion called “Boomer” was transported to Granby Zoo when he had run away from its reserve in Maniwaki and was captured again.

It was quarantined there after it was captured.  I guess it ended up having a home there as it was there when I went in 2009.

I always thought he looked so sad sitting there, seeming like he wanted to get out and just be outside in nature but its claimed that he is domesticated.