Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

This week, share a photo that says “adventure.” It could be an image of someone setting off on an epic journey, a photo you took on an adventure of your own, or something more metaphoric that represents a personal or psychological adventure. – The Daily Post

On my weekend getaway with my boyfriend last month, our first stop was a location called Caverne Trou de la Fee where other than exploring cave and trekking on hiking trails, the other activity people could go experience was ziplining over the water area.  The zip line 350 metres long and 50 metres high.  As much as I’m a newbie in this whole zip lining business and I truly love the adrenaline rush, my fear of heights would never allow me to do these adventurous acts.  However, we walked past people that did do it and here’s a few shots of them 🙂

Trou de la Fee

Preparing for ziplining

Trou de la Fee

In the middle of the zipline

Trou de la Fee

In the middle over the water – zoomed in

Adventures are fantastic.  It can just be defying what we love or exploring something new. Everyday can be an adventure, of course, some are more extreme than others, just like this extremely high zip line adventure for their participants 🙂

What do you think of when you think of adventure?