Fantasia Festival 2020: You Cannot Kill David Arquette (2020)

You Cannot Kill David Arquette (2020)

Director: David Darg, Price James

Actor David Arquette attempts a rocky return to the sport that stalled his promising Hollywood career. – IMDB

You Cannot Kill David Arquette doesn’t seem like the typical film that I’d review here. First, I have minimal knowledge and interest with professional wrestling and never quite understood the appeal and second, let’s face it, documentaries aren’t exactly what I usually watch over here. But, David Arquette is an interesting focus point to talk about and especially in terms of his career or what he says caused its stall for the past decade. From the moment, you start up You Cannot Kill David Arquette, its an intense moment with wrestler Ken Anderson being angry about Arquette winning the WCW title in 2000 and it goes straight to wrestling fans making videos on Youtube about the sour taste it has left behind up to the present.

While David Arquette (to myself) is best known in his Scream role which stands out the most, the documentary gives us a layout of how his career started and what lead him to the point of winning the title to promote an upcoming film. However, the approach here is two-fold. On one hand, its about David Arquette as a person, a celebrity and a wrestling fan who is looking to get the rightful respect from a community that he love. On the other hand, its about a deep dive into the hard path of being a wrestler and how there are no shortcuts, no matter who you are. Its a look at his life behind the scenes from his home situation, both his physical and mental issues that he has to deal with and its what leads him on this rather unsuitable personal journey. There are interviews with his wife, his ex-wife and his family like Patricia Arquette that talks about him as a person and this seemingly ridiculous and unreasonable choice which is one that feels like its not good for his current physical situation. However, much like the title of this documentary, You Cannot Kill David Arquette is really about him taking control of his life in some ways. Its a look at David Arquette and also a reality check to show respect for the wrestling profession and the immense training that goes into it as well as the show that it is.

Call this a little education for myself and a look at this personal journey for David Arquette as he decides to make a rather dangerous decision after recovering from a heart attack to train to be a professional wrestler going from backyard matches to Mexico to a death match and more. That death match was some intense stuff. This journey is rather heart pounding and a heart wrenching in reality. For someone who had zero knowledge or interest in wrestling and didn’t particularly have a huge research of David Arquette, it definitely was an experience and makes you appreciate the professional wrestling sport a little more for what it is and understand it while also having this newfound respect for David Arquette since as crazy as the decision is at his physical state and age, its a courageous decision. Eye-opening and engaging; You Cannot Kill David Arquette is an awesome documentary.