Reviving an Old Segment: Weekly Workouts!

I took a little bit of time to get this revived mostly because when I do these segments its really to get myself back on track.  Its been hard to even find an ounce of time and energy to.  The last few weeks I’ve managed to get 2 workouts in.  I believe that I’ve gotten myself back into the state of mind.

Winter is coming around.  Holidays are around the corner.  And a whole lot of sitting inside at home is going to happen since outdoors activities happen once the weather gets cooler and colder.

For a reviving workout, I’ll share a few workouts that I may have already shared but some of you are new here, so it’ll be fresh 🙂

I won’t be doing everyday updates on the weekly but rather just workouts I’ve done. Or some things I join in: campaigns or whatnot.

Its been a few weeks of sporadic working out and I’ve actually revisited a few workouts and tried some new ones. Lets get moving! 🙂

1) Pop Sugar’s 30 minutes Capoeira Workout

2) Pop Sugar’s Do-Anywhere Circuit

Popsugar do anywhere circuit


3) Tribesports: The Core Workout


Tribesports The Core Workout

4) Pop Sugar Yoga Workout

5) Pop Sugar Fire Up the Core Circuit Workout

fire up the core circuit workout

I think 5 is enough. Right now, most of these are repeat training ones.  I love the Capoeira one but I always get really close to injuring my shoulder so I know that I need to work on that.  Strengthening my hamstrings and my shoulders are a must at this stage.

I’m looking at some 30 day challenges right now but can’t decide which yet.  I need to get back into the Tribesports community and to get back on track with this working out thing 🙂 So far, I’m balancing between body weights, strength training (with weights), adding some cardio and yoga to balance it all out.  Most of my cardio is from either jogging in place or playing DDR (on higher intensity).  As you can see, PopSugar is my new fave workout site.  It has so many challenging but refreshing workouts.  I hold true that I love the circuit workouts.  Those ones are fantastic: intense and the next day, your body tells you that it was a good one.

challenge change

I’m excited to get back into it.  Consider this a pre-workout segment.  The official first week is right now. Another update on Sunday or Monday  (hopefully, regularly)! 🙂

All in A Week(end)’s Work (plus some blogging help please)!

I have no idea how to title these things anymore.

My highlights of the week are so similar that they really don’t have any titles.  Maybe I’ll just give it a segment name, once I figure out something witty and fun 🙂

Moving right into  this past was a short work week because of Labor Day weekend and the weekend came incredibly fast with a few little fun things!

1) Completing Nike Training Club program on Saturday night

nike training club

Its been hard to get back on this whole working out routine.  The first was the hardest of the program where I felt my body didn’t belong to me.  I could barely do push-ups anymore and every move was a mega chore.  By this last week, I was able to pull off a good bit of burpees, push-ups, even figured out the whole plank row deal once and for all.  I’ve sweated buckets and buckets of sweat over the last few weeks and although I did the Getting Lean (Intermediate without running) program and I’m not sure I got that lean but it sure did make me feel absolutely fantastic 🙂

Now its back to one or two weeks of self-disciplined workouts.  If I can keep it up for a month thats great, if not, I’m jumping back into Nike Training Club for the Getting Toned program.

2) ARROW Season 1

arrow cast

Montreal Comiccon is this coming weekend and for that, I went on the mission to binge-watch Arrow Season 1. Arrow is amazing.  I love the main character but everyone else is fantastic.  Its absolutely fun to watch and I’m pretty sure I’ll be done in a night or two at the pace I’m going 🙂 I’m going to admit that I love watch Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen doing those crazy workouts (shirtless of course), I also love the rest of the cast. Everyone is just so awesome! 🙂

I think the CW dishes out the most series that I like. Its pretty amazing!

3) After Work Adventures: RedBall Project

RedBall Project

 Through the RedBall Project I utilize my opportunity as an artist to be a catalyst for new encounters within the everyday. Through the magnetic, playful, and charismatic nature of the RedBall the work is able to access the imagination embedded in all of us. On the surface, the experience seems to be about the ball itself as an object, but the true power of the project is what it can create for those who experience it. It opens a doorway to imagine what if?…That invitation to engage, to collectively imagine, is the true essence of the RedBall Project. The larger arc of the project is how each city responds to that invitation and, over time, what the developing story reveals about our individual and cultural imagination.Kurt Perschke 

RedBall Project is travelling the world to spark imagination.  Has it landed in your city yet? You can check it out: HERE

4) After Work Adventures: Fountain House

Fountain House

Fountain House is a temporary exhibit on the streets on Montreal.  Its built on the concept of water flowing throughout and the idea to celebrate drinking water.

The Fountain House is first and foremost a space open to the public, like a park. Inside, at the centre, there is a basin with water flowing in it. Why did we choose to celebrate drinking water, a public good that might seem rather mundane? Precisely because we take it for granted, and we tend to forget the previous generations that built the infrastructure that now allows us to benefit from this resource.- Quartier des Spectacles

Its open to the public till October 26th.  It has water flowing down the center, the plants on the side grow (I presume), and they have stairs to go up where you can look out into downtown around us.  I love water so this was a pretty sweet concept.

5) Getting out right in time


On Friday evening, the sky went dark shortly I left work.  Taking my time, I’m walking to the bus terminus, hoping that it doesn’t rain.  And then it does.  I feel the first drop and then the drops come a lot faster right when I spot where I am and dash up the stairs to the OACI building, which is part of the underground passages in Montreal.  As I went in, I got out of the rain right in time.  Another 10 seconds and I would’ve been completely soaked.  Yay to perfect timing or should I say, being at the right place at the right time 🙂

6) Saturday: Friend’s Birthday Brunch and Shopping Ventures

Saturday was one of my very good friend’s birthday.  He’s almost like my brother and we hang out quite a bit.  For his birthday, I usually offer to take him out for a meal, this year it was at this brunch place in Old Montreal that he’s been talking about forever called Le Cartet

That was possibly the best brunch I’ve had ever.  For one, the coming in the cast iron pan made it so delicious and a very unique experience.  Plus, everything was cooked in duck fat which just melts in your mouth.  Except it also means, I probably won’t eat this all the time, for my health’s sake.

After that, he wanted to go shopping so we went on a little venture around town and ended up in Mountain Equipment Coop out across town since that one is gigantic.  I managed to get my boyfriend and I a new hiking backpack and got myself a yoga brick because I’m not flexible and to avoid injuries. One of the few purchases that day, along with a few movies: The Shining, Moon, Weird Science.

A very fantastic day with good company and nice chats! Hanging out with friends is really quite awesome! 🙂

7) Sunday Gardening 1: Fern 


Everything deserves a chance.  With that in mind, I decided to give my fern a second chance.  It was looking monstrously huge and just totally out of control.  I gave it a little trimming and pruning.  Took some branches out (dead and alive), shrunk its size and gave it some structure and voila! I think its looking pretty nice! 🙂

8) Sunday Gardening: Autumn Flowers

Autumn Chrysanthemum

I haven’t quite finished with fixing up the side area in the front yard but I pulled out the frustrating vine plant and now the area is completely clean after I cut a part of the tall stems that are done blooming.  Things are starting to look good.  This week, Rona had a fantastic sale on Autumn Chrysanthemums so I thought it’d look nice in that spot. After a lot of pulling and cutting and shovelling, these two got planted and ready.  The one on the right is coral and the left is orange chrysanthemums 🙂

I can’t wait to see them bloom!

Now to end this off, there are a few highlights which I’m going to give an update for some coming blogging stuff!

  • I have drafted a general list of movies that I’d like to watch for Halloween marathon but I’d also like to give you all a chance to choose what you’d like to see so I’ll be putting together a small poll soon.
  • The original plan to do recommendations month in September is not happening as I want to continue to put extra focus on books so BRING ON MORE INDEPENDENT WRITERS! 
  • Pinterest Therapy session coming up!
  • I owed you all a review showing my new movie crush. That did not happen last week unfortunately since I’m shifting my schedule a little, but it will go up in the next few days 🙂
  • Following that, I’ve been thinking of making a new segment either for Crush of the Week (or something along those lines), highlighting an actor (or sometimes actresses). Maybe it’ll be a monthly basis.  It really depends how impressed I am with what I’m watching. Is that a yes or no for you?

To recap, a few questions this week:

Do you know where to find online yoga routines?  Have you seen Arrow? Have you started fall gardening yet and what are your favorite autumn flowers?

What do you think about a new segment for sexy actors or beautiful actresses? 

Thats all for today! Happy Monday! 🙂

Week 13: Warm Weather = More Cardio

Switching in more cardio is the goal this week! Changes are what matters and without cardio, I won’t slim down and tone up at the same time.  It’ll be nice to get rid of that disgusting belly fat.  My problem area in all these years which barely ever leaves me.  It makes me self-conscious all the time.  Although, in general, I am self-conscious but thats just how I am…Anyways, lets start off this week! I’m motivated and ready to go!


Today’s plan is the Surfer’s Paradise..AGAIN! I know I know…but Tone It Up girls seem to think its worth it.  I’m starting to believe them actually.  Its really helped because each time I do it, I get just a bit quicker and each move is more solid and smooth.  Its pretty nice.  Two rounds of those make up one full workout.  After that, my boyfriend and I went out for a 1 mile walk around the neighborhood.


New Workout day! I always look forward to the new workouts because it switches things up.  This week’s is all about the abs and arms.  I love doing those parts.  This workout is called Pura Vida Workout!

This workout kicked me seriously in the ass! I wanted to cry while I was doing the Spider Monkey Pushups.  I was already suffering in the first round…imagine at the 3rd one.  I always knew I had weak triceps but doing this was just ridiculous.  My boyfriend suggested to do two days of triceps.  Thats a decent idea. Although that means veering away from TIU workouts..which could be refreshing, but then to me, I’m doing triceps every single day.  Either way, a very decent exercise for arms and abs! I may have cried in pain but its short and efficient burst!


Thailand Tush day! One full workout a day? These girls are taking it easy for us! Despite that, its starting to feel a bit tiring.  I did 2 rounds of this and went for an extra long walk with my boyfriend. Double the usual that we’ve been doing and it felt good.


I had intended on making Friday my day off but my motivation was getting low and frankly, a bit bored.  Maybe its the non-stop rainy weather that will continue on till next week apparently, or just needing some change in life.  I don’t know, but that low was a sign that grumpy me needed a day off so we went to do grocery shopping and actual shopping for dress pants for work.  Fun stuff, right?


The rain can keep falling but I have to find that energy to keep going.  Especially since the weekend workouts seemed distant with the big house party at my place to welcome “summer” and see everyone after our winter hibernation (at least for me).  Saving means sacrifices.  I did the Sunseeker Workout.

I love this workout.  Although my mind wasn’t totally there because of work-related issues.  Still, it was nice to workout and just move around.


I spent Saturday running around doing groceries and getting the Father’s Day gift then cleaning the house and followed by cooking for my potluck reunion house party at my place.  Unless you counted my sudden desire to go out and destress by trimming trees (which I already talked about), there really wasn’t much exercise.  Oh wait, does running around before dinner making sure everything was done and heated correctly plus making sure NO ONE burns down my house exercising, I’d say I did a good hour of that 😉 No worries! Everything is intact at my place!


I’m serious…I feel bad that I didn’t do much on Sunday.  I spent it cleaning up the remainder of the house and returning it to pre-party setup.  I trimmed the tree which is exercise.  At night we went for a good evening walk.

This week I really took it easy.  One of the reasons is that it has been a bit tough.  As of something that happened on Friday, I’ve been reflecting on life a lot and I’m probably going to post about it.  Its been hard getting myself out of this mental rut.  Working out usually helps but I haven’t had time to schedule it in, however drinking also helped me get my mind off it but thats just a short-term escape.  Either way, I’ll talk about it more in another post.  This week there was only one new workout and that Pura Vida workout on Tuesday kicked my ass and I loved it! I’m going to get it down one day and it won’t own me.  However, if you haven’t been following my previous workouts, Sunseeker Workout is one of my faves! So check that out if you want a good full body workout 😉

Oh right, I probably won’t get in 100 miles by summer but as of this week, I am tallied at 56.5 miles out of 100. Past the 50% mark but this week, hopefully weather will get better and I’ll get even more cardio in.  Its been tough getting cardio into my life but this week, I managed to up it for 3 days until the rain hit and so on so forth 😉