Music Obsessions: Set It Off, R3HAB & KSHMR, Wintergatan Marble Machine!

Music Obsessions is back to normal programming!

Man, these past few months have been so hard not getting a intermission for Music Obsessions with just whatever music. There’s so much fantastic music that I’ve been listening to on repeat. And it was very much needed since real life (aka work) has gone completely out of control.  Work suddenly went abnormally busy.  Overtime and late week nights has drained me so much. Seeing as the pop music charts have been also super depressing, I’ve been resorting to my trusty Youtube list for some good music. Most of the time, it hasn’t failed me.

I’m done with writing! Enjoy and have fun!  🙂

Set it Off – The Haunting

Easily the song I’m most obsessed with on this list.  The style, the video, the attitude: I love it all so much! 🙂 Try listening (and singing super loud) to this after a long day of work, it gets all that anger out. Haha!

Karate – R3HAB & KSHMR

It seems like KSHMR just popped out of nowhere since the Tiesto collab for Secrets.  In the last few months, a few videos came out and while its rare to find electronic music with the same artist that are great consistently, KSHMR has done that. This and the one a little later in the list are two collabs with R3HAB that are fantastic with great beats!

Set It Off – Duality

I feel like Set it Off music should have a warning on it.  Beware of getting it stuck in your head for days and humming it at the weirdest times. Yeah, Duality pops in my head all the time. Same goes for Ancient History, a little later in the list also 😉

Strong – R3HAB & KSHMR

Set It Off- Ancient History

Finally for some awesome mad music scientist…


If you head over to watch the How It Works videos, its pretty amazing.  While they think its still flawed and lots of work to improve, the concept of putting this together takes huge commitment and to actually make music out of here just blows my mind.

Happy Sunday! Hopefully you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! 🙂