New Segment: Wine Recap – January & February 2018

Welcome to a new segment! I’m trying to up the food and drinks content here, which is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. So here we are – a (hopefully) monthly wine recap. My husband and I love to get new wines and try it out so it feels like a waste to not share it with everyone as well. Wine doesn’t just stop there, if we happen to try out some new drinks like cocktails or beers or liqueurs, then I’ll share it as well.

Wine Recap

With that said, we are not professional or anything so its just really how we felt about it as we learn to appreciate wines and log what we’ve tried. There probably won’t be any fancy terms and we won’t know enough to talk a lot of depth about it. If you are looking for something much more professional than myself, you should definitely check out Wine Wankers.

Being a big fan of lighter wines, I’ve always been a fan of Riesling and Moscato varieties and with that said, completely coincidentally, this one has a lot of moscato wines.


Banrock Station Moscato 2016

Banrock Station Moscato

Producer: BRL Hardy
Alcohol Content: 6%
Location: South Australia
Taste Tag: Fruity and Sweet

Banrock Station was my pick for this time. My husband had never tasted a Moscato before. When we first cracked open the bottle, the scent was actual quite dry and soury. However, once we aired it out a little and took our first sip, it actually tasted very light and sweet. Its one of the smoothest Moscato wines that I’ve tasted.

Hardy’s Stamp Riesling Gewurztraminer 2016

Hardy's Stamp Riesling

Producer: BRL Hardy
Alcohol Content: 11.5%
Location: South Australia
Taste tag: Fruity and Sweet

Next up is coincidentally from the same producer, which we didn’t know until now, as I was doing the research on it. I’m a big fan of Riesling wines. They usually are quite good and has that perfect balance of not being too dry and just sweet enough with a lovely texture. I can’t say that Hardy’s Stamp is my favorite wine. Its pretty good. Its a little drier than I would expect and the initial taste definitely tastes less appealing than after a few sips.

Jacob’s Creek Moscato 2017

jacob's creek moscato

Producer: Premium Wine Brands
Alcohol content: 7.5%
Location: South Australia
Taste Tag: Fruity and Sweet

We’ve heard about Jacob’s Creek a lot but never actually had tasted any of the wines. Seeing a Moscato on a random trip to the SAQ sparked the interest to pick it up. Its not quite as sweet as Banrock Station however, Jacob’s Creek Moscato is absolutely a lovely wine as well. Its very delicate and light. In many ways, it actually tastes lighter in alcohol than Banrock Station, which it isn’t as this one has 1.5% more alcohol content.

Castella del Poggio Moscato d’Asti 2016

Producer: Castello del Poggio
Alcohol content: 5%
Location: Italy
Taste Tag: Fruity and Sweet

You may recognize this wine from our Battle of Ingredients 2018 Chinese New Year Edition. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find it here.

One of our friends is the wine provider for the evening. For the evening, he brought a wine that his father in law (I think) introduced to him recently. Its an Italian wine originated from Asti and is also a Moscato. With that said, this one is neck to neck with Banrock Station’s taste. In fact, to taste two spectacular Moscatos over the course of the month  has been wonderful. This one is sweet and light and even our friend who doesn’t drink much wine enjoyed it a lot as well.

That wraps up the first log or wine recap (whatever you want to call it).
Its nice and simple. Honestly, I would have just rated it out of thumbs up or down but I like to ramble and write. 
With that said, I’m still working on the structure of these recaps. 
If you have any wines to suggest, feel free to. Do note that I can’t drink red wines (allergies).


New Brunswick/PEI Vacation Haul!

Sorry for the later than usual post, if you don’t follow up Game Warp Podcast, we got our first media pass ever and its for Montreal Comiccon and basically, that took up the entire weekend and I managed to get everything ready, except for today’s  post expecting to be at home to get it done, except everything piled up and on top of that, I was exhausted from the last two days so between doing stuff, I was just napping on and off.

Without further ado, let’s get back on track. As we hit the midpoint of the vacation recap and now that we’ve given our family their souvenirs earlier today, here is our haul!

Saint John’s City Market 


Taking a walk in the city market to pick up some fruits for the road, we came across this RCMP Santa Christmas decoration and the two suncatchers. I fell in love with the hummingbird one and we chose the butterfly  for my mother-in-law. The Santa decoration is for my father-in-law as he has a fantastic collection of santas.

Alcool NB Liquor

NB Liquor

NB Liquor

So why two pictures? Because I simply forgot about this bottle until afterwards, as we only found it as we cleaned the car. We were trying to find wines from New Brunswick but the second picture with Jost Vineyards is the only one from New Brunswick. The others are all from Nova Scotia, however, we wanted to get wines that we don’t get in the province of Quebec so we are still trying out the wines and ciders.

PEI Liquor

PEI Liquor

I have this thing about visiting the provincial liquor stores, mostly because our own usually doesn’t carry alcohol products from other products. With that say, my husband found a honey wheat Ale which is from Prince Edward Island and we found a wine as well.

That’s it for the haul!

A short and sweet one! Nothing really much! However, fitting for such a late post!
Things get back to normal tomorrow.

Festival des Vendanges 2016 (Magog, Quebec)

Summer is slowly coming to an end. This past weekend started cooling down a little with some breezes finally making its way into Montreal. Saturday was still a pretty humid day as we waited for the rain to get here but it is perfect for a small road trip out from Montreal, about an hour and a half approximately to the annual Festival des Vendanges 2016. Vendanges means harvest. This festival features a lot of local Quebec business. We had a lovely deal on Tuango for a discount on the “Prolonged Discovery Package” which had 40 coupons to taste what we wanted. We tasted mostly wines and ice ciders and you’ll see it in this post. On the other hand, we also ended up picking up some of them as well and you’ll see which ones at the end as well. However, it wasn’t just wine tasting. They also have local cheeses, baked goods, a variety of oil, balsamic vinegar, foie gras, jams, spices, tea and much more.

Let’s check it out! 🙂

First of all, let’s look at the crowd and imagine how much heat was generated in this tent alone…it was a little crazy.

Festival des Vendanges Festival des Vendanges

And they had these little basins to rinse out your tasting glasses.

Festival des Vendanges

Outside in other tents had restaurant terraces, seminars and little talks on different stuff.

Festival des Vendanges

Now lets get back to what we tasted. Just saying, I might have missed out a few because I walked away without a picture…

Vignoble de l’Orpailleur

Festival des Vendanges

On the left is an aperitif wine and the right is an ice cider by this winery. This was our first stop and it was so amazing. The wine had this hint of brandy/cognac sort of taste and when they described it to have a vanilla and spice aroma, it actually did. We’ve fallen prey to many bad descriptions on wine bottles but this one by the lady helping us with the tasting was spot on. Loved it! 🙂

Vignoble Chemin de la Riviere

Rosé, 2015

I’m a huge fan of Rosé wines. I’m always looking to find some really good ones. My husband encouraged me to try out this one. This one is pretty dry and the aftertaste was not exactly one I enjoyed. However, if you do like dry wines, this might be a good choice.

Domaine & Vins Gélinas

Festival des Vendanges 2016

Another ice cider next: this one was also really good. It had an original taste. The best ice ciders create a nice balance between the acid and sweet taste. This one does a super good job. I guess that is why its a Signature one. 😉

La Roche des Brises Vineyard

Festival des Vendanges

My husband tried this one. The distinct part of this is that it is a red ice wine. Its pretty original considering most are like apple juice colors because its either made by apples or pears. This one turned out to be very distinct in taste. The red texture made us wonder whether it was made with blackcurrants. There are actually a few of these at this festival.

Vignoble Morou

Festival des Vendanges 2016

Another try here for the next Rosé wine by Vignoble Morou called Le Rose des Vents. So…what to say? Remember the last one, I said it was dry. Well, this one was extra dry but, it had a very pleasant aftertaste. I guess pros and cons, right? I guess I’d drink this one much better since the aftertaste lingers much longer.

Vignoble d’Oka

Festival des Vendanges 2016

We tried the Ice Cider at the far left and the Rose Ice.

This place had really interesting sorts of wine. I kind of regret that I didn’t try the Rouge Berry Fruit Wine because that probably is my sort of thing. We tried the Rose Ice one and that one was on the dry side as well but it wasn’t quite as strong as the other ones. This is supposed to be served with ice and I didn’t have that so I wonder if it makes a difference. However, the ice cider blew our minds because it had this spice sort of smoothness to it.

Vergers Petit et Fils

Festival des Vendanges 2016

This ice cider from Verger Petit & Fils is pretty awesome. I think this one wins on the balance they create. It is more on the sweet side but has this nice acidity to it that makes it very nice.

Domaine Cartier-Potelle

Festival des Vendanges

Another ice cider added to our tasting! This one is pretty good. Not quite as distinct as the previous ones.

Domaine Le Grand Saint Charles (Vignoble & Cidrerie)

Festival des Vendanges 2016

A catchy logo, a nicely drawn out label for the bottle and an ice cider that wowed us. We both tried it and it just resonated in our minds. Its rare to meet a wine that not only has a really nice appearance but also has such a delicious taste. Unfortunately, this is one that we didn’t buy as you will see later because we didn’t have any cash on us and they didn’t take credit card, not to mention the line-up for the tastings was super long and there was just one guy super busy. Maybe we’ll visit the winery or check if we can get it on location if its not too far away.

That marks the end of the tastings! And for the haul…

Festival des Vendanges

We just came back from vacation or else we’d have bought almost all the ice ciders that we tasted but these ones won our hearts in the end, along with the last one that I couldn’t get at that moment. The tasting glasses came with the tickets so that is pretty cool. I actually already two from the year before last when I went to Le Grand Degustation. Actually this event was so fun that my husband is considering going to this year’s. That would be pretty cool.

Overall, Festival des Vendanges was tons of fun! Our Tuango coupon actually includes a deal for the coupon book as well as a discount on the entrance tickets.  I’ll be tell you all about the adventures to the different locations from restaurants to tastings and activities. It’ll be fun! It is valid for two years so tons of stuff to fill up our weekends gradually.

Vacation post tomorrow! Remember to drop by! 🙂

La Face Cachee de la Pomme: Guided Visit and Ice Cider Tasting!

Summer is when all the activities start happening. Its why we’re having more little day trip and stuff. I guess that’s the best opening for going on this little guided visit and Ice Cider Tasting to La Face Cachee de la Pomme in the Magog/Eastern Townships area of the province of Quebec. This was redeeming a Groupon deal that I had bought last year but we never ended up going until now.

La Face Cachee de la Pomme

I love La Face Cachee de la Pomme ice ciders a lot. Its my must-buy at the Salon des Metiers d’Arts  during the Christmas season.  I talk about my haul for the last two years already. Its just great gifts and nice for Christmas and New Year’s parties. Now, I’m going far away from the main point of this!

The guided visit and ice cider tasting! Let’s go!

I have no pictures from the guided tour but it was extremely informative to get how it all works. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed and it was super cold in some of the places. I only thought about it on the way there but then it was a hot day so I was in shorts and tank top. I guess it was my fault. Still, the place is incredibly impressive. The process is really intricate.

La Face Cachee de la Pomme


The tasting took a good bit of time with four types of local cheeses to match with nine products. I’ll have a nice little gallery  under and talk about it later. It’ll be in the order we tasted.

Here’s hoping that these pictures are correct. They should be from memory but regardless, below is the list of them and some thoughts:

  1. Bulle de Neige Rose: One of the few here that I haven’t tasted before. I’m not a huge fan usually of sparkling wine in general with a few exceptions. I do like rose wine so this had a fair shot of being something I’d like. However, it was okay. I found it a little dry for my taste but it wasn’t bothersome at all. I would drink it if it was offered and it can probably be an acquired taste.
  2. Neige Methode Traditionnelle: This one was definitely better than the Rose. Its still something like a bubbly but it was a much smoother taste.
  3. Neige Inspiration: If I remember correctly, the way it was described was a mix of the Winter Harvest and Autumn Harvest Ice Cider. Autumn Harvest seems to not exist anymore but I do remember that it was a product before but then I don’t trust my memory all that much. I do remember thinking that if there was a mix of the harvests, it would be an interesting combination and voila! Here we have it! Inspiration is a decent ice cider. I liked it quite a bit but then it has a little bit of a taste that I can’t grasp which I’m not sure how I enjoy past one glass.
  4. Degel: My husband and I had Degel once when we went to the one super fancy restaurant we went to before and I remember not being so impressed with it but its either my tastes have changed or its been improved significantly because Degel was the surprising find! I liked this one a lot!
  5. Neige Premiere: Now we’re heading into the ice ciders I’ve tasted. Neige Premiere is really good. One of my favorite ice ciders ever! But..that was before I tasted the next one…
  6. Neige Reserve: I get Reserve and Premiere every single year because its just so great. Its absolutely awesome! The taste is the perfect balance between sweet and tart and the acidity from the apples.
  7. Neige Winter Harvest: I remember when I tasted this one at the Salon before Christmas, that it was described in some way like a more exotic experience. This one has a very different taste. Probably more exotic and more fruity. I still like this one quite a bit.
  8. Neige Noir: We’re heading into the hard liqueur bit here. I think the best way to describe Neige Noir is that its like a Cognac. Its why we love to mix it. According to our guide, the last year’s batch was like maple syrup whereas this year’s batch will have maple syrup and adding hints of hazelnuts. That has us excited because we love maple syrup and hazelnuts.  Its more pricey but its really worth a try.
  9. Gin de Neige: Ending this off with the strongest of the products and also one I haven’t tasted before. Honestly, I’m not a Gin person mostly because it smells super strong and its not something I enjoy because it would just knock me out in a sip. Its not far from how I felt after I drank this. It burnt down my throat and then made me a little dizzy for a few moments.

Luckily, ending the tasting with Gin de Neige was too much for me, but it was also offset with some Ice Cider Sorbet.

Ice Cider Sorbet

This is a sweet idea on top of it tasting amazing. I believe this was with the Crackling Ice Cider. I’m going to try and make some of this.

That was the end of the tasting and tour! Time for some shopping and picture taking! The decor is something to admire also. The interior design is beautiful and actually a funny bit was that a former employee dropped by for a tasting or something with friends and they beelined for the washroom because apparently its super pretty so of course, we checked that out also. It is done really nice. Look at it!

La Face Cachee de la Pomme

Outside Decor and Plants

La Face Cachee de la Pomme

La Face Cachee de la Pomme

Haul & Gift Bag(with Groupon)

La Face Cachee de la Pomme

The gift bag is with the Groupon deal. It has a 375ml bottle of Neige Method Traditionnelle, Sample bottle of Gin de Neige, two wine glasses with the Neige logo along with a recipe for Sangria Verde (using Degel) and what I assume is the place that provides the cheese samples. I’m sure we’ll be hunting down some of the cheeses because my husband can’t stop talking about two of the four cheeses.

After that is the haul!

La Face Cachee de la Pomme

La Face Cachee de la Pomme

To wrap this up is our little haul. Its a little cheaper to buy from the main facilities of La Face Cachee de la Pomme than in the SAQ (our wine distribution stores). We ended up getting our faves and because we had a decent purchase, we got a little coupon for our next purchase.

Overall..this was really fun! I’ve always wanted to do wine routes and I figured this would be a nice way to see if my husband would like to in the future and he had a lot of fun also. I think maybe we might plan for a wine route next year or something.

That was the end of the visit and time to go home!

Have you gone on wine routes? Have you tasted ice cider?

The Key to Relaxing :)

I’m a bit late with this random life update post that I almost didn’t want to put one together. By the way, if you don’t want to read anytime, scroll down to the bottom, I have a special message 🙂

Nothing really happened actually, which is quite a miracle and honestly, a relief.  I needed some down time from running around.  We managed to finally start painting and for me, it was a totally new experience as I’ve always been pampered and my mom used to do all the painting at my place.  I gotta love her to bits: an awesome cook, a lovely home painter and just wonderful.  Sure, my mom and me, we have our cranky days and she loves to piss me off when I’m in my time of the month and it usually ignites some form of argument but I’m starting to feel the best friend in her coming back slowly. But of course, things never quite last in the happy zone these days and I’m feeling pressured with something else that I’m not quite ready to discuss here just yet.

I really don’t have much to share about the past week.  I’m even in much of a mood to ramble on about stuff.

You know what I think about when I’m in these moods?

One thing is TV and I went ahead and continued on watching Season 2 of Psych.


And happily finished it last night and after getting in a few movies so that I have content for the following week, I will move on later this week to Season 3 hopefully 🙂 Honestly, Psych is not as awesome as The Mentalist, Lie to Me  and shows with the same sort of investigation through hyper-observation. It does have that easy-going silly fun that works for me because it offers a lot of laugh out loud moments that I realized I appreciated a lot more in Season 2.  I look forward to catching up with Season 3 🙂  What series are you watching now?

What goes well with TV aside from food, which I already posted about HERE, is some drinks! While I went to shop for my weekend dinner and food for the following week, this bottle caught my eye.

CID Tranquil Cider

I have no idea what Still Cider is but what caught my eye was when I was looking at the description in the back, it showed that it was made by Pinnacle which is a popular ice wine producer here. I’ve always liked their products so I figured I’d give this a shot 🙂 Turns out its pretty strong but it tasted decent also.  Its not my favorite but I managed to grow to increasingly like it. It could also be that I was getting a tad tipsy.  Who knows, right? I love exploring new wines once in a while although I’m usually more of a cocktail person.

That leads me to my Sunday night drink.  Work the next day also meant that I couldn’t drink as much as the previous night.  I was surfing Pinterest (again!) and found this recipe called Sex in the Driveway.  LOL! That was seriously my reaction.  I’ve heard of Sex on the Beach but c’mon! Really? Sex in the Driveway?!? Anyways, here’s what it looks like:

Cocktail Sex in the Driveway

Sex in the Driveway

I had a bit of improvisation but the actual recipe is: 1 oz peach schnapps, 1 oz blue curacao, 2 oz vodka and fill with sprite. I don’t own peach schnapps so we used apricot brandy instead and my boyfriend had to improvise because my glass was taller than the normal size.  Either way, it turned out good.  The apricot brandy overrides a lot of the other tastes so it tasted a lot like apricot and was very perfumed with it but I also love it a lot so it didn’t bother me 🙂 Its a pretty good drink and I love vodka based cocktails so this was right up my alley.  But then, I wonder because I swapped out the peach schnapps does the location of where the sex occurred change? Just joking! Being a tad silly..haha!

What cocktail do you like? How about wine?

Now that we have our thirst quenched, my third way to de-stress is one I’m trying to overcome: Shopping.  Except now, I’m trying to resist online shopping.  I’ve been doing rather well, except I really was in need of some clothes so I took advantage of an online sale. And then add a trip to Walmart to damage my wallet a little more…at least I didn’t feel too guilty because everything was awesome.  Since I said that I wouldn’t do a selfie, I just caught the front of the shirt and not my face.

First up from La Senza is my ROAR sleep wear. I love tigers. What more can I say? 🙂

La Senza Tiger sleep wear

I love La Senza stuff but its just so pricey.  Thank goodness this was on special and had my size left in stock.  Then, in the same package, I had a few other stuff but as a filler I got this very meaningless headband but maybe for Halloween eventually, it’ll be useful.

La Senza Hairband

Cat ears hair band

I wore them on and off during the weekend.  I like to channel my inner feline/tiger/cat self.  After all, my boyfriend calls me kitty as a nickname.  It could be because I like to meow randomly.  Scratch that about no selfie, but just one because I don’t know how to take a hair band without my face.

Moving on from that, I also got a cute shirt at Walmart which totally defines me.

Fighting for Cupcakes Marvel

Fight for Cupcakes!

C’mon! You add Marvel and cupcakes and I’m in! I guess the only way to one up this would be to add a cute tiger with a cupcake…

Now that we’re done with clothes and accessories, I’d like to bring your attention to this super cool car trunk art that I saw.  I don’t know what you call it but this car we were behind at a red light had the COOLEST picture on it ever!

I don’t know this car and if the owner of that car does find the way to my site and doesn’t like their car shown, feel free to tell me and I’d gladly remove it. Just in case anyone gets offended by it.  I should probably blank out the license plate, right? Still, I’m am quite impressed with this.

One of the best things of this weekend is that the weather FINALLY is warming up. We had a pretty clear Saturday which was great because I managed to start my walker to runner training that I talked about HERE! On the same day I also started the Beach Body Challenge and as of today, I’m going to do Day 4 and I honestly want to punch someone because who puts 50 burpees and 50 leg raises in one go.  Either way, for the run, this is my land of jogging: the neighborhood bike path 🙂


Not looking very green and alive right now but it will come 🙂 We did have abnormal warm weather yesterday.  I’m ready for the heat! Although at my office, its feeling extremely sauna-like everyday. Since then, its pretty much been raining. Hopefully it’ll stop soon so that I can go out for another run 🙂

This post was full of randomness so I guess to wrap it all up, I’d like to end with steering you all to check out a post I’m pretty proud of on my newly established blog (that I really should spend more time on) for the last Weekly Writing Challenge.  I’ll find my comfort zone there soon, just like I kind of have here! You can check it out HERE! Its only a fifty word “story”.

Blogging has been my breath of fresh air, even in all my versatility and lack of direction and spontaneity.  Its all about keeping things positive and even without any milestones or whatnot, I’d love to just share this quote to end this off!

thank you


Maybe I’ve been feeling extremely mushy or its just me being extremely thankful, I don’t know but all I know is that without this blog, I wouldn’t have had the courage to do many of the things I’ve been working on of late.  You all are my inspiration and I thank all of you for dropping by and following, commenting and just writing up all those wonderful blogs you own 🙂 You all are awesome! Its keeps me motivated each day to know that there are such wonderful people scattered across the world that I’ve been acquainted with here in this blogosphere!

Happy Tuesday, my friends!

Friends, Family and Celebration!

I took a day off from posting yesterday to deal with some of my own stuff.  It was good.  I let that overwhelming feeling all come out in the form of tears.  Usually that can be quite therapeutic as well.  Its not resolved but at least a lot of hidden emotional stress has been released and I’m seeing things in a much different light with the help of my wonderful boyfriend.

This really brought up my mood and it still is doing it.

I’m a N’Sync fan.  What can I say? Jason Chen is a pretty good Youtube artist and this was a fun cover 🙂

Last weekend the Labour day weekend and on Sunday we went to my boyfriend’s friend’s place and met a bunch of their friends.  We were supposed to go to the Festi-Biere, a beer festival.  The weather was pretty fantastic but with my boyfriend’s new schedule, we only made it for the barbecue at night.  His friend is a very awesome person and he has a beautiful house in a nice quiet part of the suburbs.  At any new events, being an introvert, I usually do well with alcoholic beverage and he made this one for me:

Sour Puss, Lemon Liquor and juice

Sour Puss, Lemon Liquor and juice

Afterwards, I learned that he was previously employed as a bartender and so this drink was the real deal, half alcohol and half juice.  Being the lightweight that I am, it had me loose really quick 🙂

By the end of the night, we all sat around the outdoors fireplace and chatted a bit.


Nice, peaceful, fun and relaxing night with friends is always a great thing.

On Friday, I met up with one of my longest friends. I think its almost 20 years that we’ve known each other. Even though we do hang out once in a while, its amazing to see how we both have changed so much.  I’ve probably posted about the restaurant Les 3 Brasseurs but they make a kick-ass Sangria.

Les 3 Brasseurs Sangria

Red Sangria at Les 3 Brasseurs

She recently moved in with her fiance, who is a friend because he is also part of my dragonboat team.  I went over to check out the place and it was pretty nice.  While we waited, I had my whole workoutholic mode breakout and had to go down to check out their fantastic gym facilities.

Workout in dress pants!

Workout in dress pants! *excuse the blur*

I’m doing these two 30 day challenges over at Tribesports.  I’m amazed that I’ve already passed Day 6 and today is Day 7 which I still need to do later in the day.  I posted about that HERE, maybe you want to join me!

When her fiance finally got home, we ended up sitting down to drink some white wine. Its this sweet White wine called Aufkellerein.  Its pretty awesome.


Glass of White Wine 🙂

Yesterday (Saturday) was the quiet time for me.  I sat around and didn’t really feel like I did much except play the very addicting Facebook game Criminal Case, put together the project I’m working on (hopefully I’ll get that done today), and after watching so many movies, I decided to start this series on Thursday night and I’m totally hooked.

dollhouse tv

I know, I know.  All of you have probably seen it.  I’m still catching up with a whole bunch of stuff.  I really like it though. Did you like Dollhouse? Have you seen it?

The highlight of yesterday had to be the celebration dinner for my boyfriend’s parent’s 40 years of marriage.  Thats a big deal (to me).  They’ve gone through a lot together and it was a pretty happy moment.  They had wanted a dinner at a buffet called Jardin Tiki.

Jardin Tiki

Jardin Tiki

Lets say the front door is underwhelming.  At least they had some pretty nice decor.

Jardin Tiki

A giant dragon hanging from the ceiling!

And they had a pond with fishes and turtles right underneath that.  That was the Chinese part, then we walk in and its all Hawaiian mixed with African.  Showing Canada’s multiculturalism at its best.  Of course, we all ordered drinks and I was good and took a 7-up.  A bunch of people took these cool drinks including my boyfriend, his sister and her son.

My boyfriend, her sister and her son with their Aku Aku Coconut drinks

My boyfriend, her sister and her son with their Aku Aku Coconut drinks

After the drinks came, we went out to have food.  I’m not much of a buffet person and most of Montreal buffets aren’t really too good.  Plus, I can’t take outside Chinese food so I tried a bit of most of things and it was okay.  A bit salty for some stuff, especially the soy sauce fried rice (at least thats what it looked like).

My plate!

My plate!

My boyfriend's dessert plate with Eclairs

My boyfriend’s dessert plate with Eclairs

The best part was probably the Red Bean Sesame Balls.  Super delicious! 🙂

We actually had booked for the interior area with a band and dance floor where all the celebrations were so these guys started playing music and the kids kept going out to dance. Then, the singer calls out to the stars of the night at each table and we came to our table and my future in-laws.  They were asked to go out for a dance to Unchained Melody.  So sweet 🙂 Then there was a lot of dancing where my boyfriend’s mom asked him to go dance and then the kids with their adults, parents, and my future mother in laws sisters and their husbands.

40 years married and still very much in love :)

40 years married and still very much in love 🙂

My boyfriend and his mom

My boyfriend and his mom

The general dance floor, a lot of from our table

The general dance floor, a lot of from our table

I love these celebrations.  It makes me remember that long love really lasts a long time and I love family events 🙂

To go with that mood, there’s been this really cute (kind of sappy) song that I heard.  Its Chinese so you probably won’t understand the majority of it but the video is a bit dorky funny and I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Its called something like Loving Her Madly. Its by Alex To, Gary Chaw, Victor Wong, A Niu.

I translated the chorus: When I do something wrong, then I say I’m sorry. Even if I’m not the one thats wrong. Anything that she wants and wants to do is okay with me,  Oh…even if I can’t afford it. Have to learn to back off, learn to be stupid, thats okay with me, Can’t help it, can’t help it, can’t help it, Have to say I love you (chinese version), say I love you…

Thats a bit of the princess syndrome style. Here’s a good idea of what they mean.

Funny stuff!

Happy Sunday! 🙂