Where There’s Smoke (short story) by Jodi Picoult

Its been ages since I last read a Jodi Picoult book. It must be My Sister’s Keeper and that was before book reviews here so imagine that. I do have another book that I probably will read later this year that’s been sitting on my book shelf for some time, but today, we’re looking at short story by Jodi Picoult called Where There’s Smoke. Its definitely a change in pace from the past while’s books. I needed a little palette cleanser and this felt like it would do the job.

Let’s check it out!

Where There’s Smoke
by: Jodi Picoult

where there's smoke

Even as a child, Serenity Jones knew she possessed unusual psychic gifts. Now, decades later, she’s an acclaimed medium and host of her own widely viewed TV show, where she delivers messages to the living from loved ones who have passed. Lately, though, her efforts to boost ratings and garner fame have compromised her clairvoyant instincts. When Serenity books a young war widow to appear as a guest, the episode quickly unravels, stirring up a troubling controversy. And as she tries to undo the damage—to both her reputation and her show—Serenity finds that pride comes at a high price.-Goodreads

 Where There’s Smoke is  an introduction to a character for a novel Jodi Picoult released called Leave Time which is with the same main character as this one, Serenity Jones. I’ve never read Leaving Time before so I don’t know how the character actually turns out or what she does. It would intrigued me however to see what this character is all about.

Right off the bat, Where There’s Smoke sets the tone of the story rather quickly.  Its also a more refined writing style and one that I definitely enjoy. Serenity Jones is a flawed character and maybe even has moments where I dislike her decisions. But I do acknowledge that on a full-length novel scale, her character would have huge room for development and that is what the best characters are based on and if the cards are played right.

This short story was a decent read. Serenity Jones is a psychic and this gives it a paranormal twist. The story itself is probably nothing unheard of and could have used a little more focus and depth. However, I believe the concept behind this novel was the psychic case being the background but rather learning who Serenity Jones is as a person, a psychic and a TV figure is the goal. It is a short story in the end and it only sets a stage as it is also a prequel. Where There’s Smoke is a short story of about forty pages so it would dive straight into spoilers if I write anymore.

Overall, Where There’s Smoke is an enjoyable short story. It spends most of the time letting us learn who Serenity Jones is and how she works while telling us a small slice of mishaps that occurs in her world also. It left me wondering how the novel Leaving Time is and what it is about after getting a taste of it.

Have you read Where There’s Smoke and/or Leaving Time? Are you a fan of Jodi Picoult?